Rogancy™ and ShadoWere

  • Inkubbus Sukkubus - Dark Mother

  • L'ame Immortelle - Echoes

  • For those of you who are wondering how Rogancy™ and ShadoWere met up and exactly how they are connected then wonder no more. That is the tale told on this page

    Shado had been on a quest into the far corners of the umbra on behest of his newly found totem and had grown very weak in his trials. He had traveled deep into the heart of the abyss and into places few Garou had seen. With the abyss not far behind him, he was set upon by the minions of the dark lord from the realm of which he had narrowly escaped from. From the realm where he had claimed his newfound totem and gifts. ShadoWere let fourth a great roar and with his klaive in one hand and Bjioranak in the other he charged into the fray singing for a warrior's death which was not to be. He vanquished them all to the last not without sustaining substantial injury to himself that all his gifts and Garou healing ability could not heal.

    The young garou crawled and clawed his way to a stream there and fortunately the light of Luna shone brightly onto it. He reached fourth into the reflection and pulled himself home. There he lay next to a stream awaiting death next to Gaia.

    Then he heard the footsteps nearing him. Along the path way out there in the middle of nowhere came the figure of a man. ShadoWere sniffed the air. No, this was a man no more. This was a vampire. Shado could do nothing but grip his klaive tightly. He was too weak to even move.

    The vampire neared the place where the young Garou lay and barely noticed him there in the night. Had he been any less aware he might have passed him by. Curiosity getting the better of him, he cautiously approached the wounded garou. "Well what have we here? You appear to be wounded my friend!", noted the Vampire.

    "A leech is no friend of mine." spat Shado at the vampire.

    "Come now, you are hurt, and I may be able to help you. My name is Rogancy, and I have many herbs that I can use to try to tend to your wounds if you will let me, something I learned from my Rom days, besides by the looks of you, I'd say you don't have many options. I promise to be on my best behavior."

    ShadoWere knew that Rogancy was right. He didn't have much longer if nothing was done, so he allowed the Ravnos to tend to him although he watched him like a hawk. Rogancy plied his healing to the garou, but nothing seemed to work. The wounds were like nothing that Rogancy had encountered before.

    Suddenly there was a rustling from the brush around them. Out stepped three more figures. Their glare at the Ravnos spoke their intentions towards him. Their feral appearance and demeanor betrayed them as Gangrel, a clan that shared no love for Ravnos even if they had common allies in the gypsies. Rogancy backed up, stumbling on the near lifeless ShadoWere and fell beside him.

    Shado watched and knew the end was near for the both of them. The three would make easy work on the one obviously weaker vampire who had tried to help him. With him gone, even if the other vampires weren't interested enough in finishing him off, he would be a goner. Instinctively, not knowing what he was doing, ShadoWere reached out and grabbed hold of Rogancy's arm and invoked a gift he hadn't known he had, Embrace of the Shaded Soul.

    The garou's body turned into shadow and it swirled about the Ravnos and converged upon his forehead where the shadows seemed to disappear. The Gangrel all seemed confused by this, but determined not to let the Ravnos get away they stepped foreward to block off his escape. Rogancy knew his unlife was in danger and he had to act fast, but before he could even summon the most minute chimerstry illusion he started to feel rather dizzy. His vision blurred as the Gangrel were almost upon him. Then it happened.

    Rogancy stared in shock as shadows sprouted from his body and he was suddenly engulfed in them. Where the vampire once stood was now a vortex of shadows spinning about and pulling more shadows into it from the surrounding night. As the shadows slowly flowed into the vortex, the vortex seemed to ebb and swell. Soon the vortex was about twelve feet tall. It started to pull in and shape itself into a blurred form. The vortex started to slow gradually revealing more and more of the blurred figure as it did so. Soon it had stopped entirely revealing a massive crinos garou where the vortex once stood. He was a massive garou with a full black coat of fur except for the white fur, which looks like a scar across his left eye, and the jagged one across his chest. Where the Ravnos, then the vortex once stood was now the ShadoWere.

    ShadoWere looked himself over quickly and realized that he felt great. He didn't know what he had done, or if it could be undone. All he knew was that somehow he had joined himself with a vampire, and that left a sour taste in his mouth. He knew there were worse vampires out there though, like the three in front of him now, but that was little consolation to him. He did know that the survival of both of them depended on his acting now though.

    The Gangrel stared in disbelief at what had just happened before them, but the sight of a twelve foot crinos who looked none too happy to see them drove them into action, but little good would it do them against a garou armed with a warhammer and klaive as charged and as angry as this one was. Shado made short work of them.

    With the vampires unmoving about him, the ShadoWere sat down to rest, feeling weary and drained. The shadows blurred about him and once more the Ravnos sat where the garou warrior once was. He surveyed the carnage and noticed that one of the Gangrel still had his head and actually appeared to be alive. He approached the weakened Gangrel and kneeled down beside him, almost cradling the shilmulo. "Stupid Gaje, now your fate will be as you sought for me" With that said, Rogancy bit into his neck and drank deeply of what vitae the vampire had left. The warmth and power of the blood was nearly intoxicating and Rogancy felt great. "Ah, now that I have a full stomach I should be on my way!"

    Rogancy continued on the path he was originally traveling and headed off into the night.