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Rogancy was first an actual character before I ever came to the White Wolf site many years ago. I first went into White Wolf in around 1994 (I went there whenever I got the chance to but it was only when I was visiting either of my parents), but I only got regular access in May of 1998 and have been in there regularly ever since. I will start off with my actual character background on Rogancy and after that I will add another paragraph about how he is in White Wolf, and believe me there is a difference…

Rogancy was born somewhere between the late medieval to early renaissance times. He was born into the lupine family of gypsies. He is a tall slender and fairly well built man with black hair and brown eyes. He is a fairly attractive man and was ever the ladies man (in traditional stereotypical gypsy manner). His favorite pastimes were seducing noble’s daughters and fleecing them and their families alike. He wasn’t as good of a thief as most gypsies were known to be, but he was rather rowdy to make up for it.

Rogancy met his sire when one evening another gypsy kumpania met up with theirs and as is custom a party ensued. He was about to take advantage of the extra company to find someone to *AHEM* spend some quality time with when he noticed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen sitting back from the fire and everyone else as well. He noticed she was eyeing him up also. He walked over to her and started to talk with her for a bit and invited her for a stroll. She accepted and they went off together. Her name was Sinyara Dukurst. In their conversation she asked him what he thought about living forever. Rogancy thought about it and told Sinyara that he would love it. He thought the possibilities could be endless! After a bit more conversation and a bit more time they found a nice secluded spot and sat down next to each other. It was then that they kissed and that she embraced him into the Ravnos clan of vampires. He then left his friends and his old family behind and joined his new family. After a time he and Sinyara fell in love and everything was going perfect, but Sinyara decided it was time for Rogancy to see the vampire society on his own. Sadly he left her and went out to explore the world on his own.

He had a lot of small adventures in his travels, but one that would have future repercussions was a run in he had with a Toreador Primogen in one of the cities in France he had stopped in. I will summarize it here to keep it brief. Rogancy seduced a noble’s daughter and fed off of her. He had neglected to check in with the prince though and had been seen by the Toreador Primogen. He ended up having a scuffle with him and in the end the Primogen ran off to get others to help him with the Ravnos. Well Rogancy wasn’t stupid so he got the hell out of there as fast as he could. He later found out that the Toreador had gotten stripped of his status for running from a lowly Ravnos and would most likely be seeking revenge for that.

After a time Rogancy returned to Sinyara and everything was well once again. Until one day when they were sleeping he was awoke by a lot of noise outside his Vardo. The noise was immediately followed by Sinyara’s screaming. Rogancy was powerless to do anything since the sun was still up, and he could not go out to save her. All he could do was lay there and listen to her screams and wait. This was a source of nightmares for him, which he has yet to rid himself of. As soon as the sun went down he bolted from the wagon only to find her ashes to greet him. He stood over the ashes for a time and before he left he spotted her necklace in the ashes. He took it and has worn it ever since to remind him of his one true love. The human survivors that witnessed the attack pointed him in the direction of the attackers.

He followed their trail all the way to Versailles. He was met by another vampire as soon as he entered the city who told him that he should see the prince, and he was only more than happy to go. He told the prince what had transpired and asked for his permission to kill the men that had taken his sire from him. The prince told him that he knew what had happened and that unfortunately he had found a use for them and he had better not harm them.

Rogancy left the audience with the prince and the vampire that had met him at the gate offered him lodging for the day. Rogancy accepted, but before he decided to retire he said he wanted to take a walk to clear his head. He then sneaked into the rooms of the men that had killed Sinyara and found that they all wore strange symbols on necklaces. Rogancy stole one of them to find out more about them later. After that he went back to the other vampires home and rested for the day. He left Versailles and journeyed for a while and then ended up going into a long and troubled torpor.

Later on after many years when he came out or torpor in the present day he found out that those symbols were worn by members of the Society of Leopold. He also found out that the prince of Versailles had been known to use them as pawns to be rid of his adversaries or anyone he saw as an obstacle to him. Rogancy vowed that he would get even with him one day…

Now for how Rogancy is in the chats. Rogancy is pretty much me. In the Meeting Place I Rogancy is nothing like what he is when I play him in a game. I just like using that name and I combined the name with a few other things. His main gimmick in WW is his portals which are a combination of the portals used by his namesake (Rogansei from Vampire Hunter D) and the portals used by a Marvel comic book character called Devilslayer. He is able to transport himself and others through them and is also able to take objects out of them or put them into them. I just explained the whole thing off by saying he was a demigod/Ravnos mix *G*

Here is a song by the Cruxshadow off the Succubus Club CD made for the Ravnos!