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  • MonkeyBoy is an easy character to tell the origins of. He was born in the Meeting Place in the White Wolf chat rooms. It was all because of a very very evil man……Chichiri. If you ever get a chance to read this Chi, Curse your black heart! *LOL* OK so Rogancy was in WW chatting with a bunch of people and it must have gotten slow or something or Chi got bored and he ended up turning Rogancy into a monkey. Now this was a bit traumatic for Rogancy because he couldn’t talk and everyone knows that Rog loves to talk. He could only try to communicate through gestures and pantomimes. As if this wasn’t bad enough some people tried to eat poor little MonkeyBoy as well. It seems that a lot of people see a poor innocent little monkey running around WW and decided that they wanted to be cruel to it. Indeed if it weren’t for a few valiant protectors then MonkeyBoy, or Rogancy for that matter, would have been no more. After a while Khaos figured out that this little monkey was Rogancy and forced the evil Chi to turn him back. Unfortunately though the damage had been done already. Rogancy began to doubt his reality and his sanity. The trauma of not being able to talk and being constantly pursued for one reason or another had weakened his fragile mind. After that he was highly susceptible to becoming MonkeyBoy for various reasons. If he was put under too much stress (any kind but female types are really good at it though), if he was forced to remember and dwell on the fact of how he was/could be a monkey, or if he was just reminded too much of monkeys he was at risk of becoming MonkeyBoy once again. So if you see a little monkey running around White Wolf’s The Meeting Place, please be kind…….