December 25, 2005 I put up My Work Schedule here in the humor section. I got this one in an email foreward.

September 18, 2005 Well I said that the Wicked Moon picture galleries would not be a permanent part of the site, and after almost two years, I took it down. I moved the page once because of a request. Apparently the webmaster of Wicked Moon was abusing the page by using it to make fun of the people on it. I was recently informed that someone gave him the new URL. It was requested that I just remove the page entirely, so I did.

September 11, 2005 I changed the menus, so they are all java menus now as opposed to the old links setup. It was a little time consuming, but I think it looks a lot better now.

July 30, 2005 I put up several new "Who am I?" tests I've stumbled upon recently. I've done a few modifications and other stuff here and there that I've neglected to mention. the biggest thing is that I changed the "Who am I?" test pages so there aren't as many results on one page, so it will load quicker for those of you with slower connections.

February 2, 2005 I put up three new tests on the "Who am I?" page. They're nothing spectacular. Maybe soon I might rearrange that page so there aren't so many tests on each page....

January 30, 2005 I put up a game I found last night called Clubby the Seal. It's a cute little game that's kinda fun.

January 23, 2005 I added four more games to the games page. Ahaman Psychic, Asteroids, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Tetris are the new editions there. I hope you enjoy them all. Later on I added three more games. El Emigrante, Whack a Diglett, and Celebremon are all games I had saved long ago and just found on my comp while going through some old stuff.

January 22, 2005 I added two new games on the games page. One isn't really a game, but I don't know what else to call it. It's a psychic flash program. The other one is a flash game of penguin baseball. Both of them are definitely worth checking out.

January 8, 2005 I put up another game called "Fishy!" in the games section. It's simple but fun.

May 5, 2004 I added a ton of pics to the Inspirational Pictures page in the humor section.

February 14, 2004 I added a puzzle game on the games page. It's one of a musical artist named Poe. Haven't heard much of her lately, but she was a good one, and it's a fun and unique puzzle game.

January 20, 2004 I put up a Love Hina game. I'm gonna put up tips and cheats for it later. For now you'll all just have to wing it!

January 9, 2004 I changed my error 404 page. I know most of you didn't even realize I had one (Yeah, I'm that good! heh, either that or the way this site is put together is just that easy....) but if you want to look at them (the new page has a flash treat on it) you can see the old one here, and you can see the new one here.

January 4, 2004 I completely changed the layout of the website without closing it down like I previously thought (I did it all in one sitting!). Instead of displaying all the links in the directories of every page, I changed it so that there are now categories to chose from. Once you click on a category, you will then be taken to a page with the links for said category in its directory. The contents for that page will show up in the directory right below the bottom link (which is currently the "Humor" link). Just look at the bottom of the directory, and you will see that new links have showed up. Also, I up up a new page. I made it in mid December, but I just got around to putting it up now. It's "Ten Years Of Terror", and it's commemorating my online presence and use of the name "Rogancy" for ten years now. It can be found under the "My White Wolf Characters And Related Stuff" category. You can also click Here.

January 1, 2004 I added a simple splash page, and soon I am going to be closing the site down for a little reconstruction. It might not be down too long. It depends on how ambitious I feel.

December 21, 2003 As of December 15, I have a new domain. This place is now officially rogancy.com! It feels good to have my own name as the domain name. Today I finally got around to changing all the URLs for each page, so that they all display the URL properly. I had to do that with the way that Angelfire's hosting works. The old URLs still work, but I did it for vanity's sake hehe.

September 14, 2003 I have been adding a lot more of those fun little "Which character are you from..." tests here lately. I've forgotten to mention them in the updtes page, but I have been adding some occasionally. I recently found a couple of sites that had a lot of them, so you might have fun with those.

June 15, 2003 I changed the layout of the wallpaper page. I changed the picture formats from bitmaps to jpegs. I did this so you can now view the images in their larger sizes quicker, as well as the fact that it saves me a lot of space. Also, when you click on a picture it opens it in a new window, so you don't have to keep hitting the back button when you look at the pics. I hope that you all like the new layout and format of the pics.

April 1, 2003 I've added about 10 new games to the game page. I'm finding a lot of interesting stuff nowadays. Check out the game page for something that will keep you occupied for a while.

March 26, 2003 Ok, I've neglected my updates page for the last few additions to my site, so here's a summary of what's new. I've added a TON of new wallpapers (All made by me from anime pictures I've found elsewhere) to the Ravnotic Studios section of the site. I've also added a few more games to the games section. These were all done in the last nine days. I know it's not that long since my last update, but with all I've done I should have posted an update here sooner. It slipped my mind though.

March 17, 2003 Happy St. Paddy's Day! I created a game page, and I moved SimGirl to it. Right now there isn't a whole lot there, but I'll be filling it up as time moves on.

February 28, 2003 I added another banner as well as two of my own that I made today. Nothing too special, but I thought it would be fun to make a banner for myself.

February 26, 2003 I added another wallpaper that I made from InuYasha

February 16, 2003 I decided to reverse this page, so the newest stuff was on the top. I thought that would be easier than making people scroll down all the way to the bottom to find out if there is any new content, especially if I keep adding stuff.

February 16, 2003 I put up another AMV (Kinda) It was fun to make and interesting to try. The end results were funny. It's the He-man intro with my voice.

January 30-February 1, 2003 I have unleashed "Ravnotic Studios" onto the world. Its main focus is the display of my AMVs (Anime Music Videos). I made the main part of that section, put up some videos that have been awaiting display, and put up some wallpaper that I have made out of anime pics and pics from a very good online comic Polymer City Chronicles. If you haven't already, then check it out! I found it just after Christmas, and read through the whole archive in two days *G* I couldn't stop reading it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Ravnotic Studios.

January 9, 2003 I put all the banners on their own page, just to make things a little neater. Like this place isn't a chaotic little place anyway. Still I like to be able to just go down the line and look at all the pretty little banners. And a note to everyone. All the banners here are ones I put up because I like the site. I don't make money ANYWHERE on this site. If I think of a way or decide to change that I'll make a retraction. Anyway, just check the sites out. They're better than this little place *G*

November 10, 2002 I added a page I got as an attachment on the Wicked Moon Forum. It's a cute page. I hope you like it.

November 5, 2002 I put up a couple of pages of pictures for the people at the Wicked Moon Forum. If you want to check them out, I'll post the links here since it may or may not be a permanent part of the site. Enjoy while they are there.

October 9, 2002 I added more content to the hidden area of my site. Pics and a bit of writing. Those of you that have found it and have the passwords....enjoy

October 9, 2002 I put up a page that was actually a guestbook for a site I made as an April Fool's joke on a guy I work with/graduated with. The site got taken down, but the guestbook was on Bravenet, and just recently I managed to get into that and save it so I could have a copy as a remembrance of the joke. It went over very well. *G*

October 3, 2002 I added a game called Simgirl. It's a fun and addicting game, but be warned, it is an adult oriented game. If you are easily offended or under legal age to view adult content in your area, do not play to game. It also has a disclaimer on the beginning of the game. I found that one on the net. It appears that the people responsible for making that one are no longer going to add on to it. Too bad. I thought it was really fun. If they would do everything they had planned to it, they could have had something there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On September 1, 2002 I added a new page for online tests that decide which character you are from anime or other movies and stuff.

May 9, 2002 I got rid of the MP3s and put up players so that the mood musik could more readily be used for just that....mood music. It now has a player for each song on each page. It looks a little ugly, but I think that itís utility more than makes up for it. No real download since I made it streaming. I hope you all like it. That is if anyone is actually bothering to read this stuff.

April 6, 2002 I am now officially paying for my site and I am now rid of those damn popups on the Angelfire portions of my site! Now it's just the Bravenet sections like the guestbook and the forum that have ads on them! I also added this update page. Today I feel like hinting around here. The parody page that I mentioned moving on the 30th of March is STILL on this site. I have made a hidden section of this website that has only one link to it. If you find the link then you'll find the hidden section (there isn't exactly a whole lot there yet) where there is two parts, a password protected half, and a non password protected half *G* I'm having fun making a mess of this place. I know it's not exactly a labyrinth, but I kinda wish it would be. I'm sure people would complain though, but it would be funny if someone actually had to use some complex thinking, algebraic mapping skills, and star charts just to navigate a site laid out like my twisted little mind *G* Anyway, just let me know if you find the hidden parts, and if you have any suggestions for anything cool to put there other than the parody pics I have there and all that *L*

March 30, 2002 I added a forum here, and that cute little tell a friend thingie. I moved the parody page, so if you're interested in that one, you'll have to talk to me about it *LOL* Don't want TOO many people seeing that one since I'm about to announce my page elsewhere! Anyway, I hope you like the changes I've been making here. I know I forgot to announce the WW color portal and all, but I'm sure you'll all forgive me since I posted about it in the Yahoo club. Anyway, once again, enjoy!

Feb. 2, 2002 I made another new page. This one is The Parody. Only look at it if you don't mind seeing me shirtless, and only read the stuff below it if you don't mind seeing the reason I decided to actually make fun of someone and explain it in a bit of detail. Enjoy!

OK, I decided to have some fun and I added some mood musik for each page. That's if you want to take the time and download it before you read the pages. I thought it would be cute and I just figured out how to do that through some careful work (OK, so I was just messing around, but it worked, didn't it?) I hope you like it! The songs are some non-standard stuff and all, so it could be interesting!

Iíve added an update page so people could check for new content easier. I hope that this will help people that actually like to periodically check this place out.