The Hidden Lair of the Ravnos

Ok, Now you did it.....You found my secret cache o' stuff here. I hope you're happy now *G* It probably wasn't all that hard for some of you, but I thought I'd make it a little bit more of a challenge to find since I have pics of myself up there, and I don't know as I want just anybody to see those since they aren't the most flattering and they're of me mocking someone which I don't normally do. If you found this just by chance, congratulations! Now keep it to yourself and just smile *G* I'll probably periodically add a few goodies here. Check back every now and then to see. It could be interesting. Another thing for fun here, email me and let me know you found this page, ok? I think that could be fun. Maybe I'll compile a list of who all found it and when. That could be something else I could post in this part. Anyway, enjoy what's here for now!

OK, Now I've added password protection for some of the pages I don't want just anyone to see. A Ravnos has to have some secrets after all.....if you want a password, click to link below to email me and I might give you one *G*



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