The Old Nite

Here are a few screen captures of The Old Nite. Currently he is the top ranked player on Runescape. I plan to beat him in ranking one day....I just thought it was cool that I saw him since there are so many servers and so many places to be. The chance of just running into someone isn't really on your side. This is what he looks like anyway.

As an update, last I knew, he wasn't the top dog anymore. I haven't played for a while, or done anything else online really, but maybe one day....

I met him again another day in RS2. I thought it was pretty cool to actually bump into him by chance a second time. What I found even cooler was that he actually talked to me. I didn't say anything first, he just talked to me. First is a few picks of him, and then later is pics of the conversation I took screen shots of. I was gonna separate the two, but I think you can tell the RSC pics from the RS2 pics.