Wallpapers by Rogancy™

These are all wallpapers I have made from various anime, online comics, or other images. They're not in any particular order. They're not organised by anything other than the order I made them in. The pictures should be pretty good in the quality department. I've recently redone this page, so the pics will open in a new window and you'll have to right click on the picture and select "set as background" or however your computer might handle that. Alternatively you might just save the picture to your hard drive, use a photo editing program to change the pic to a bitmap file, then stick it in your windows folder. Then you're good to go. I modified this page so you could preview the image as a .jpeg (quicker loading) in its larger size. Also, it saves me on space since bitmaps are larger in size than jpegs. The thumbs are a little blurrier, but the pics are still good. Anyway, enjoy.

I may make wallpapers by request if you have some pictures you want combined/made into wallpaper. I may make a second page for requested wallpaper if I get (m)any requests.

Just to make it a little clearer, I have no artistic skill at all. The only thing I am able to do is toy with already existing pictures made by others. That is what all these wallpapers are, just pictures I found online somewhere and edited into something kinda cool looking with Paint Shop Pro 5. Most of the time I edit more than one picture together like the first few InuYasha pics, while others were when I felt like playing around and experimenting with some of the other effects like the bunny and cat girls.







Sheeri 1

Sheeri 2

Sheeri 3

Sheeri 4

Sheeri 5

Sheeri 6

Sheeri 7

Sheeri 8

Sheeri 9

Sheeri 10

Sheeri 11

Sheeri 12

Sheeri 13

Sheeri 14

Miroku 2


Ayame 2


Bunny Girl

Cat Girl

Cat Girl 2

Cat Girl 3

Elf With Dragon

Some Anime Girl

Sheeri 15

Rogancy (My Namesake)

Vampire Hunter D

Anime Girls

Angelic Layer


Deadman 2

Yura Of The Hair

Vampire Hunter Miroku