On this page you will find some games to kill some time on. I'll gradually put them up here when I find some that are interesting. They're mostly gonna be put up here as is, but as with the Hangman game, some of them will be modified to make them more appropriate for this site. To play a game, simply click on the picture. When you're done, depending on which game you're playing, click on the links below to exit. If there aren't any links, just hit back on your browser window.


Love Hina sim date RPG

I found this one online a few days ago along with a bunch of other games. I might put a few more of them up later on. I'll write more about this one later along with some tips and tricks. I just wanted to put this one up quick.


1. naruhaseyes - be naru
2. eva4hidden - an EVA4 secret
3. theincredibleyou - Items, stats to the max
4. allyourmoves - Have all moves
5. rainbowsrgood - dressup shinobu
6. randomamv - see AMV credits
7. sofarsogood - See insane conversations
8. moneygrowsontrees - gives lots of money
9. motokoismotoko - Dressup Motoko
10. hellissprings - hell is the springs
11. smashwatermelons - Dressup mutsumi
12. crazygirlmot - every picture of motoko is of her in the springs


I found this one online one night while I was looking at a few flash sites. It's on a whole bunch of them. Somebody made it in hopes of making it into a full scale game, but needed help to fully develop it. They never found somebody to help with animation sequences for endings and stuff, so the game died before it was fully produced. It's still kinda fun though.


OK, now this one I found on an anime site. It was located with a bunch of other games which ended up being Sailor Moon related, so I changed the little head pictures below the game to make it more site oriented to this site. I also changed the words and phrases, and I'm still adding more words so it's not as repetitive. A lot of the words and phrases will be Ravnos/Gypsy/Vampire realated. There will be other words too, but I jsut thought I would warn people in case they thought something in the game wasn't a real word or something.


A lot of you might already know about this one, but I thought it was worth listing anyway. This one used to be simply a game where you got people to go to a URL. Every time someone went there that representing you biting them, thus gaining blood from them. Now it's more of a game, but it still begins the same. Now you walk around on a map, and can do more than just gain blood. You can get powers and do other stuff. For a stat/ranking page for this game, click here.

Go know you want to....


This one is off of the Homestar Runner website. It's a game that's pretty simplistic, but if you's seen the movie clip in Strongbad's email page you'll really get a kick out of it. To see the Homestar runner page go here.


This one can be a little difficult. I can't consistantly win this one, but I CAN win it...

Ganguro Girl

This one I found on a German site. It looks to me to be a newer version of SimGirl. Whoever did this one made it a bit more advanced. I didn't play a lot of it. The beginning part where you determine your attributes takes a while to get through since you have so many points to allocate, but I imagine that the gameplay should be similiar after that.

All Out

This one is pretty much like the game "Lights Out". The objective is to get all the lights turned out. Fun, but annoying at the same time.


This is a game of Chess. It's simple enough. The computer can be a tough opponent though.


Now this is a fun little strategy game. The goal is to get more of your gems on the board than the computer or a human opponent does. When you place a gem (either by jumping over an opponent piece or placing another one right next to yours) it turns any gem touching yours into one of yours. I like this one.

Traffic Jam

In this game, you have to try to move the car across the board. There are cars in your way, so you have to move them in the process. It can be a bit hard to do on later levels. Still, it's a fun game.

Unreveal Tournament

I don't know how to describe this one. It's more of an adult game. Move your square using the arrow keys to run over a square on the board. The square you run over adds on as a tail to your first one and so on. You can't hit the walls or your own tail as you progress. Also for every so many squares you pick up, the picture loses a piece of clothing.

Where's The Diamond

This one is very simple. It's like the classic cup trick. Keep your eye on the cup with the diamond under it. Then choose which cup you think it's under.


I got Pacman from . It's ummmm Pacman. If I have to explain it, then you shouldn't even be on this page.....

Space Invaders

Another one from . I always used to love Space Invaders. This is about the best recreation of it I've seen.


Still another from . This one is amusing for a little bit, but it's still Simon.


Another one from . Asteroids was a fun game in its time. This is a very faithful rendition of the arcade version.


Another one from . This one is close to the original, but it's a little bit easier. Still, it can be fun if you're bored.


Another one from . Here is one that everyone should already know how to play.

Poe Puzzle

I got this puzzle off of the Poe website. I found it while browsing some music websites. I haven't heard much of her for a while now, and here site doesn't appear to be maintained much, but to check it out click here or here.


I found this one online the other day while randomly surfing around looking at flash and humor sites. It's on a couple of sites so far. This one is rather simple, but fun at the same time. You are a little fish ,and your objective is to eat fish smaller than you while avoiding being eaten by fish that are bigger than you. The more fish you eat, the more you grow, the bigger fish you can eat. See that tiny orange fish in the center of the above picture? That's you *LOL* Have fun!

Penguin Baseball

I found this one while looking at a site with lots of funny videos on it. There were a couple of flash items on there as well. In this one you click on the yeti once to ready him, then once again to swing. It takes a little practice to get it down.

The Flash Mind Reader

OK, now this one is a little creepy. It's not a game, but it's fun and interesting. I haven't figured it out yet, but it works pretty good. It only missed twice on me so far. Considering how many times I've tried it and what the probability must be for those kind of odds, I know there has to be a trick to it. If you figure it out, please email me what it is! (Next day update: I woke up a while ago and looked at it again. I got it figured out *LOL*)

Shaman Psychic

This one is the same as the Psychic mind reader. Same trick, but it's a newer version. This one came from the same site as the Psychic mind reader.

El Emigrante

This one is cute. You are an immigrant on a bike. You have to avoid the cops. To do this you simply move your pointer around on the screen.

Whack A Diglett

Same concept as whack a mole, but this one is Pokemon oriented.


This is kind of like a Pokemon battle, but the pokemon and trainers are celebrities. Can you beat them and become the Celebremon master?

Clubby the Seal

In this game you are a seal trying to make it past eskimos and other hazards. You have to club them and collect what they drop. You can trade their clothing for power ups at the end of the levels.