My White Wolf Characters And Related Stuff

Some of my online personalities/personas.

On this page, you will find mainly stuff about my old online characters I used in the White Wolf html chatrooms. I don't really go there a whole lot anymore, but if/when I do, these are the names you would see. The names with links are the names I used regularly and came up with stories/backgrounds about. The list is just something I threw together with the list feature to show a lits of both major and minor names I've used over the years. A lot of the times I used to use different characters as a means to express the mood I was in at the time I went into the chat. Different moods meant different ways of acting, so in a way, it was a way I could express that without having to tell everyone. It was also a good way to have fun and didn't always mean I was in a given mood. Sound confusing? It wasn't really if you were chatting in there. You'll also find a link to a color portal I made to get different colors and actually go into the White Wolf Chats, in particular the one I used to frequent, "The Meeting Place". Other than that, I'll put up anything I feel is White Wolf Related on this page as well. The above picture isn't really White Wolf related. It's Deadman, and old DC comics character. I just like the picture and the character, but the underlying feel of the comic would fit into the scheme of the White Wolf games. Regardless, I just wanted to put it there, so deal hehe.