Ravnotic Studios

Hello Everyone. Welcome to Ravnotic Studios. This is the page where I focus on anime music videos. This is something I've found interesting and fun for a while now. I have tons of AMVs saved to my hard drive at this point, and for a while I have played around with a few video-editing programs in attempts to make my own. My earliest attempt was in making one based on "Serial Experiments Lain" using "Burn" by the Cure off of the Crow soundtrack. It wasn't the best I've seen, but it was a learning experience. On the links below you can either return to (or check out) my main page, see my AMVs I've posted so far, or later on check out websites with other peoples AMVs.

For those of you that don't know what an AMV is, here is an explanation. An AMV (Anime Music Video) is a video made by someone using video editing programs on their computer to splice together video from an anime (Japanese animation) and a song (usually by a popular artist or anything else fitting or amusing). The intent of the creator is to make something that is amusing, inspiring, or makes some kind of point.

There are some key elements to a good AMV. I am only an amateur, so don't expect too much from mine. The obvious first (in my opinion) is actually how well the video is edited, meaning quality. Is it just chopped up and spit out into a big sequence? Is it cut in the right places, or are there spots where it's jerky and just doesn't look right. The video and the music should fit together in some way whether it is amusing or have some other reason why they work together. Another is timing or how in sync with the video is the audio (song). I've seen some that were so well put together that every line was represented by an action in the video. In some cases every movement of a characters mouth was accompanied by a word in a song. It's something beautiful to see, but unfortunately, you won't see much of that on this page for a while. Yes, you will see a few remote instances, but I admit that they are only lucky accidents. Nice, but lucky accidents.

With that being said, I'll post the videos on the next page and you can all hopefully enjoy them. All AMVs on this site are made by me. I don't have the space to post everyone else’s. Maybe if a special request arises I may, but it will be noted if that happens. If you have any comments, I'd like to hear what you have to say. If you click on the link to my main site, I have a guestbook there. Feel free to post something.