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I would do this for free- Melvin Franklin would whisper that to friends about singing.This site is dedicated to the most wonderful group of guys in the world. I dedicated this page to my friends David Ruffin,Eddie Kendricks,Paul Williams,and Melvin Franklin, May you all rest in peace. I don't think no one has gotten over there love affair with The Tempts; I know I haven't-Stevie Wonder

Meet The Temptations

The Temptations have filled our hearts for more than 30 years. Their voices were angelic in a way. I mean people got really. I'm telling you, people got redeemed. I mean they got religion listening to The Tempts. It was such a spiritual thing. They could outsing, outdance and outdress every other group in the business. They were the temptin' Temptations, the essence of cool in the '60s and the most successful R&B group of all time. The Temptations has been a big part of our lives. There was no other group who could sing,dress, and move like them. There one of the most loved Male Group of all time. All five members were so different but what brought them together was there love for music. All members standing over 6' feet tall which gave them the name "Tall,Talented, and Terrific". There harmony was elegant and breathtaking. Eddie Kendricks is the greatest falsetto, has the sweetest smile, and he was repsonsible for dress and style. He stole our hearts with "The Way You Do The Things You Do" his wonderful falsetto voice could sing a bird to sleep. Eddie Kendricks was the person who picked out there stage outfits. Eddie Kendricks and the group knew how to dress, so that added style and class to the group. Eddie Kendricks smile and voice made women faint for him. His voice was higher,better,and crystal clear then any other Falsetto. He influenced a lot of todays' Falsettos. His personality was shy and quiet, he wasn't very outgoing, he would rather spend nights at home or with a few friends. He loved "quiet" things. He wasn't a easy person to open up to anyone, He didn't get too close to people and he didn't trust people but when he did get friends he kept them. David Ruffin the raspy, poignant preacher, the mercurial "X" factor. He took our breath away with "My Girl". David Ruffin was the ultimate outgoing, wild, crazy, fun-loving guy,he always was "The Life of the Party","The Cream of the Crop",he knew how to have a good time. He loved attention whether it was onstage or offstage. David Ruffin voice was the cry of a heart that's known too much pain, yet still can't make itself give up on love. David Ruffin charisma and sass made him "The Most Top and Loved Temptation of All Time". Melvin Franklin was the loveable spokesman,the ultimate "people person", with a big heart, a big smile that would light up a room, and a heart of gold. amazed us with his big bass voice and no one could ever take Melvin's place in The Temptations. Melvin loved life and everything it had to offer, people caught him saying all the time "I would do this for free", meaning he would sing for free if it came down to it. He loved his Music Career and tried to make the best of it. Paul Williams a baritone with a taste for the blues, the tempts first and best choreographer, their soul, he was the "Soul" of the Temptations and he was the "BackBone" that kept the group up and together. Paul was a loyal person, with a big heart, one of the most respectful people ever. He was a loving person. He spoke his mind when it was needed. Paul loved the group and wanted the best for it. If Paul wouldn't of became a singer,he would of became a big FootBall Player, because that was one of his dreams and he could really play. He taught the group how to dance, when they didn't know how to dance, he would constantly say "When can't just stand there and sing, We Got To Move, We Got To Sell Sex". He knew what he was talking about. Paul was a marvelous dancer, with moves you couldn't believe. Paul Williams blending supper club sophistication and juke joint soul, testifying love's agonies with unbowed grace and elegant cool. Otis Williams, the founder, the heart of the group, he kept the group together for almost 40 years, and he got his dream to be in the best group ever. Otis kept the group together and came down hard when it was necessary because he didn't want his group breaking up over petty stuff. For Otis it was a time to play and a time to work. He had a cool and serious personality,he didn't take much stuff from people. The Temptations will always be remembered for their great harmony and Wonderful Showmanship.

The Temptin' Temptations

They were a rhythm and blues sensation, five singers who created a sound and style that redefined the boundaries of popular osng. But there was price to be paid for their meteoric rise, and when the pressures of staying in the spotlight became too great to bear, egos flared, giving rise to rivalries that threatened to tear them apart forever. But through ti all, from tragedy to triumph, THE TEMPTATIONS forged a musical legacy that brought a country together and audiences to their feet

Rest In Peace

They left this world, but there music and spirits still lives with us. They left us with Music that will last an eternity. They was born alone but left this world with thousands and thousands of fans who they kept for over 30 years. David Ruffin was born January 18, 1941 in Meridian,Mississippi and died June 1, 1991 in Detroit, Michigan. Eddie Kendricks was born December 17,1939 in Union Springs, Alabama and died on 10/5/92 in Birmingham,Alabama. Paul Williams was born on July 2,1939 in Birmingham,Alabama, and died August 17,1973 in Detroit,Michigan. Melvin Franklin was born October 12,1942 in Montgomery,Alabama and died in Los Angeles on Febuary 23,1995. These wonderful guys left each other and went in there opposite directions, but they always made a vow that they will always stay together, and I'm sure there together now in harmonay and peace. May David Ruffin,Paul Williams,Eddie Kendricks,and Melvin Franklin rest in peace. You can't find a group of guys like that in a million years. EVERYTIME YOU LOOK AT THE STARS AT NIGHT, LOOK CLOSELY AND YOU CAN SEE THERE FACES SPARKLING. SAYING THANK YOU FOR BEING A FAN.