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June 12, 2010

It has been almost two years since I have updated this page, time does fly when you live life to the fullest! This past September I embarked on another journey to take me closer to my dreams. I have taken a job at a local design studio for a shapewear company. I was hired as a part-time Sample Sewer, but was told that they would put me on a design track and if I possesed the skills I would eventually work my way up to being a designer. It was challenging to learn how to sew super stretchy knit fabrics. Seam allowances are so tiny they don't leave room for error. Not to mention the fabric is so slippery. In February I began working with the Patternmaker while I continued sewing a few hours a week. After a couple of weeks I was asked to work only as the Assistant Patternmaker! Yay!

I am still taking classes and should earn my A.F.A. in Fashion by Spring of 2011. The flat patternmaking and draping classes I have already taken have worked to my advantage. It is true that you learn the theories in school, however, each place has it's own methods of doing things. I am excited to use the skills I have learned, and am looking forward to learning more skills and techniques in classes in the upcoming fall semester.

Though my children are almost grown I still try to spend quality family time with them and my husband. I am very involved with costuming local community and high school theater productions. This enables me to spend time with my two younger sons who are involved with the theater as well. Unfortunately between caring for my family, school and costuming local community productions I have not been able to dedicate time to the creation of new garments to sell. I still have quite a bit of back stock in my studio that I would like to sell. I am not sure when or where this will take place but if you are looking for something let me know. I will continue to offer my Patchwork Expressions book as I am dedicated to passing on the knowlege I have learned to others.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about purchasing my back stock in bulk or by the piece, with questions about the book or sewing in general or just to say hi! If you aren't on the email list you may wish to join as I will post to it when I list items on ebay.

Peace, Elise

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