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Demonstration Against the Upcoming Laws
Regarding the Breeding and Owning of Dogs

(H)onterecht is an independent action-committee aiming at an equal treatment for all dogs disregarding which breed, including cross-breeds.

Maarsbergen March 4th 2001
Unanimous decision taken to demonstrate against government plans to add more breeds to the present “Regulation Aggressive Animals” law (further to be called RAD; as in Dutch), better known as the Pittbull law.

This demonstration will be supported by: Dutch Kennel Club, Union for the protection of dogs, Pet Ambulance Rotterdam and Free dogs the Hague.

Purpose of demonstration and explanation of our motivations
Through this demonstration (H)onterecht wants to show its displease with regards to the already present RAD, and especially against the planned addition of the American Staffordshire Terrier, Mastino Napoletano, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentino as well as all dogs which resemble these four or are cross-breeds from at least one of these breeds to this law. Besides that (H)onterecht is determined of the fact that the present law does not work because:

  • The expansion of the law will create a change of problems instead of solving them as persons with bad intentions will move towards other (new) breeds or don’t have registered dogs.
  • The real creators of dog bites have never been taken action against.
  • Many situations (48 %) fall outside the RAD as they are outside the law, being at persons or companies own properties.

(H)onterecht also aims at presenting other and far more effective solutions to solve or at least minimize the public problem of dog attacks and bites. A construction of laws designed for this purpose and with a set-up dog lovers can live with can be designed and is already fully functional in several other countries. The basis of this idea will be supported with examples and studies in the set of documents we created. This will be handed over at the Binnenhof (house of politicians) during the demonstration on march 13th to the members of the permanent committee of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries (LNV) handling this matter.

Details of Demonstration
The Demonstration will take place upcoming March 13th in the Hague. Place of gathering will be the Malieveld. Expected numbers of persons to demonstrate will be very high as a result of advertising, widely spread emails and a high number of Internet visits to our sites. All participants are therefore being requested not to bring any own dogs. This is not only our idea, but a restriction given to us by the police. The presence of both the writing as well as the viewing press will be highly appreciated.

Route of the Demonstration
At plus minus 13:30 hours we will meet at the Malieveld. At 14:00 hours we will start walking, planning to stop 30 minutes later when our arrival at the Binnenhof will take place. We will by then have passed through the Korte Voorhout, Toernooiveld, Korte vijverberg and Plein.

At the Binnenhof we will hand over our set of documents to the chairman of the permanent chamber committee of LNV, Mr. De Jong. The Dutch Kennel Club will hand over all signatures which have been mutually collected by both ourselves as well as themselves. After this there is time for a short press-conference. After the handing over and the press conference we will start walking again. In the direction were we came from, to stop at our initial starting point, the Malieveld.

Further Information
Action Committee (H)onterecht
Fax: +31 23 5400564
Web Site
Contact persons for the Press:
Rosita Compagner; +31 317 414844/418775
Marike Litmaath; +31 30 6047276