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as reported by Pierre Mensah and translated by Dieta Decker

Hamburg, den 18.1.02

Dear Mr Rehaag,

Mrs Birgit Münds, Fuhlsbüttelerstrasse 97, 22305 Hamburg has come to see me and told me that her dog has been taken away and put into the Harburg Hall.

Sheila is a crossbreed, whose mother, a Rottweiler bitch, I know very well. She was mated with a Labrador and the owners were very surprised at the size of the litter. They asked me to help finding them homes. Mrs Münds bought one of the pups, called Sheila .

Sheila was "classed" as a Dogo-Argentino-Cross by my colleague Dr. Müller, Dangersen Dorf 2, 21244 Buchholz, Ortsteil Dangersen on 17.11.00.

A certain Mr Sagel on the Dog Control Service decided Sheila was a Pitbull-Mix.

When Mrs Münds visited the Government Vet Schroter, Council Office Wandsbek, he found Sheila to be a Rottweiler-Labrador-Cross, similar judgements came from the Hamburg Animal Protecion Agency Representative Mr Poggendorf, to the effect that Sheila is neither Category I or II as per the Hamburg Dogs Act, as she was a Labrador type.

In the meantime Sheila was seen by the "Commission of Independent Experts", instituted by BAGS to decide on her breed.

The vets Dr. Gramm, Dr. Weber, Dr. Löcken found on 27.11.01 "without dissent," that Sheila was in all probability an Am-Staff-Terrier/or Pitbull cross.

I herewith ask you to hand Sheila back to her owner Mrs Münds within 24 hours of receipt of this letter

The so called "experts" called by BAGS are vet Dr. Müller, whom I have already reported to the police for wrongful declarations in his official capacity. Colleage Dr. Müller has already outed himself has a "hardliner" regarding the Dogs Act.

I very much doubt his competence as Government Vet in this matter and suspect that he has completely misunderstood his job as vet.

Mr Sagel, member of the Dog Control Service, allows himself to give phaenotypical judgements on dogs.

I am asking myself since when the town of Hamburg employs people with questionable education or qualification as "experts?"

Our cleaner is looking for a job as brain surgeon, perhaps the AK Barmbek has a place going for her?

The group of experts called by BAGS, i.e. by Dr. Brehm, the County Vet, address Krempenhege 1, 22397 Hamburg: Ingrid Weber, former practicing vet in Hamburg, Hudtwalckerstrasse 29, not to be confused with colleague Elke Weber, Hamburg, vet Ute Gramm, whose address we are still trying to find, retired vet Dr. Hans Löcken, Am Sandberg 2 a, 21224 Rosengarten have "classed" Sheila as AM.Staff-Terrier or Pitbull cross on 27.11.00.

As far as I know other members of the group of experts are Dr. Adolph Hövermann, retired vet, former president of the Vets' Chamber Hamburg, address Eichenbusch 28 , 21465 Reinbek and Mrs Feddersen - Petersen, Kiel, who is obviously never invited to a breed decision.

I have to tell you regarding this matter, that the "experts" listed above obviously dance to the tune of those who pay them without having the necessary qualifications, and, even worse they are guilty of ruthless action in the name of an irresponsible and inhumane policy.

The Dog Act, which was pushed through by the Runde government, and its unspeakable consequences is based on stupid assumptions, at least as far as the scientific group of vets in Germany is concerned, they also though are based on the fact, that cowardly, uncaring or slavishly obedient County Vets and vets are putting this unspeacable Act, which is far away from the realms of common sense, into practice against their better knowledge.

As for the matter of Sheila, the dog belonging to Mrs Münds,I have had to take note that you, Mr Rehaag, laughed at Mrs Münds, whose husband is ill with cancer, and made fun of her when she told you about her unbearable sorrow.

I have realised that the matter "Dogs Act and its consequences" is running wildly off course with you, as well.

Your personal fight for power is working against fairness, humanity, animal protection in any case; the work against politeness and against any bearable culture in Germany.

The methods used by the Runde administration and the deeds done to keep you in power and which are your responsibility when it comes to the Dogs Act are so repugnant, that a multitude of those close to animals are left standing breathless.

The current problem: people full of sorrow are rarely able to be very articulate, as you should know.

I am therefore asking you again to hand the dog Sheila back to her owner within 24 hours of receipt of this letter.

After that I am forced to take legal proceedings against you and the people listed above in the full light of the public.

I am pretty sure that you and Mr Schill won't be relevant "at the street corner" any more.

Let me tell you a little secret: many thousands of voters in this town haven't voted for Mr Schill and his party, because he/they are so nice. You are aware, aren't you, that they really just wanted rid of the Runde administration?

Enough is enough!

Dirk Schrader