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Applause! Applause! Applause!

DogHolocaust List thanks Martin Collcutt for sharing these pictures
and salutes all of the volunteers who took the time to host the stand for
Domino Dogs in an ongoing effort to educate the public about the ills of BSL.

Domino Members Wendy Clewley (kneeling), Anne Griffin (right)and Linda McGregor with her Bull Terrier, Florence, speaking with a visitor to the Domino stand
An unexpected and very welcome visit to the stand by EU Member of Parliament Roger Helmer. He is shown chatting to Domino member / DogHolocaust co-owner Anne Griffin.

Domino was overjoyed to find when they arrived for set-up on Wednesday, that their position this year was in Hall 2 on one of the main thoroughfares between Halls 1 and 3. It was a good-sized stand with three sides to dress, which meant the material could be spaced out to best advantage.

There was some interesting new material including the K.C. report of the visit to the European Parliament of Caroline Kisko, Phil Buckley and Harald Wiegand of Domino Dogs Deutschland. The pictures of various assistance dogs, including S.A.R. Beauceron (Category 2 dogs in some states) searching rubble for survivors, were particularly poignant in the light of recent events.

On Thursday the President of the German V.D.H. visited the stand and discussed with Domino members the situation in Germany, what appropriate actions they could take in support of dog owners and also told how Harald Wiegand of DDD is continuing to press the case for support of the "Punish the Deed NOT the Breed" campaign. On Saturday Cathie Dettmar of the well known Joker Bull Terriers visited and told of their legal case against the "fighting dogs" laws. She told how she, Rudi and their kennel helpers, all had to carry special I.D. cards whenever they leave their premises with any of their dogs. Imagine the scene, you have a sudden crisis, you need to rush your dog to the vet, but you dare not leave without the I.D. card for fear you will be arrested and your dogs confiscated.

Another visitor on Saturday, from Canada, told us how one of the recent pieces of proposed legislation had been halted because it gave the S.P.C.A the right of entry to a home, without warrant, at any time.

It was really gratifying to find so many more people visiting the stand that either knew about or had at least heard of the spread of B.S.L. Many non-dog owners, offered their support, took away leaflets to distribute locally, signed the guest book, made donations and promised continuing support. At the end of the four days there were over 400 signatures from many countries, which, bearing in mind probably only 1 in 4 signed, will give you an idea of the strength of feeling out there.

One thing many people were surprised to hear was that Domino is entirely supported by donations. From preparing and printing the leaflets, (27,000 to date), preparing and producing all the exhibition material, launching, running and maintaining the web site, to all the day-to-day expenses, everything is funded by donation. The costs for exhibition stand space at K.C. events is donated by the K.C., who also, at the request of Domino group, manage the Treasury, the Secretariat and offer Domino full support. We are in fact under the umbrella of the K.C. This was a decision taken at our first meeting, in order that, like Caesarís wife we could be seen to be honest to paraphrase the old saying.

Florence, the Bull Terrier, demonstrates the 40cm height restriction as indicated by the red ribbon on the board behind her.
In addition to receiving Domino stand visitors Wendy and her Staffordshire Bull Terrier PAT (Pets As Therapy) Dog, Tammy (shown above ready to dish out licks and kisses) were involved in giving demonstrations of the KC 'Good Citizen Dog Scheme' on the final day at Crufts.

On the subject of funds, the U.K. Showdogs list members were tremendous in giving donations, and that brings to mind a very serious question. The Halls were packed with Trade Stands, all making a living (some good some not so good) from dogs. If every Trade Stand holder donated one half of one percent of their net profits to Domino, we could continue our Public Information campaign without the constant concern over costs. Logically, if the current Breeds under threat in various Countries are wiped out, the irresponsible users and abusers will move on to other Breeds, and so on, until few will be left. Where then will these traders get their living? Surely, if not for any other reason than economics, support for Domino has to make good sense.

However, in closing, it was good to know that so many people are determined to continue making every effort to stop the abomination of B.S.L. and the abuse of Civil Liberties which accompanies it, wherever it raises itís head, by whatever means are legally to hand.

Special thanks must go to ALL those who have supported Domino.

Anybody wishing to send donations please make payable to

K C Domino and address to:

Domino Fund
K.C. 1 Clarges Street
Picadilly, LONDON W1Y 8AB

Wendy's Staffordshire Bull Terrier PAT Tammy getting a much loved belly rub! Tammy has achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze awards under the GCD Scheme.
Rosie (Subaron Sapphire Senorita), another PAT
Staffordshire Bull Terrier visiting the Domino
Stand. She also won Reserve Bitch CC in her breed at Crufts 2001.

Domino Stand Manager Mike Reed
Mike poses with Daisy, a Karabash PAT dog

DH-List co-owner Catrin Walker is welcomed to the Domino stand by Mike
Catrin kindly came along to the final day at Crufts to
help us raise public awareness about the unfairness of
Breed Specific Legislation

As one of the DogHolocaust owners, Catrin works tirelessly to fight BSL.
This is Sheila Reed (who is also Mike's wife!)

Mike and Sheila design, set up and manage the Domino stand
Daisy with her owner Eddie Hawkins who kindly brought
her along to help during the final day at Crufts

Daisy is one of the thousands of dogs that regularly
visit hospices, schools and hospitals in her role as a
PAT Dog to provide comfort and therapy to people in need.
Over the four days of Crufts the Domino Stand was a
huge success with thousands of people coming along to
show their support and take away information about the
fight against BSL.