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Informations-Website über die gegenwärtige Situation von Hunden und Hundehaltern in DeutschlandGegen Diskriminierung von Hunden und Hundehaltern in Deutschland und Kategorisierung in Klassen
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  • a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life (Merriam-Webster)
  • total destruction; wholesale or mass destruction of any kind (Encarta)

Site updated October 24, 2004

*****The latest tragedy in Germany*****


Read a Letter from Hamburg Veterinarian Dirk Schrader to
(Hamburg) Senators Rehaag and Schill

On 26 June 2000, an American Staffordshire Terrier and an American Pit Bull Terrier jumped over a fence into a Hamburg, Germany schoolyard and before the dogs could be controlled, Volkan Kaja, a six-year-old boy, was killed while other children watched. The dogs that committed the atrocity had been trained to fight by their criminal owner. Because of previous aggressive behavior the animals were already under mandate to be muzzled and leashed while in public. An autopsy revealed that the dog that killed Volkan had not eaten in three days and drugs were found in his body. This hideous tragedy, perpetuated by a human criminal, could so easily have been avoided. It is impossible to find sense in a senseless situation.

Germany's knee jerk reaction was tantamount to closing the barn door after the horse was gone. Politicians termed a broad group of purebred dogs as "fighting" breeds or "devil dogs" and began passing legislation to permit widespread breed extermination. The mass hysteria, constantly reinforced and fed by the media and politicians, resulted in incredible, merciless, draconian laws that were to take effect immediately. The worldwide dog community mourned the loss of the child, but at the same time it was recognized that the banning and mass killing of innocent breeds was not the answer.

On 9 July 2000, in response to a quickly approaching deadline (at which time Germany was to begin euthanizing innocent pets) dee dee Andersson of the United States, Anne Griffin of the United Kingdom and Catherine Walker of Austria joined together to found the DogHolocaust International Mailing List. They had a clear goal - stop breed specific laws (BSL) from being written or enforced. DogHolocaust evolved and became a strong statement for anti-breed-specific legislation. DogHolocaust is totally independent of any other organization and welcomes responsible input from dog registry services around the globe or responsible media articles pertinent to the battle against BSL. From its inception the DogHolocaust effort has never wavered from its mission. Rational letter writing, petition signing and friendly demonstrations of protest are encouraged. DogHolocaust is earning and will continue to earn respect and cooperation in the worldwide dog community and from those persons in positions to effect quality changes in legislation that would, indeed, punish the deed and NOT the breed.


*******UPDATE ON TRIAL!!! *******

Join us in our efforts to battle against all Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).
DogHolocaust owners invite visitors to consider:

If pit bulls, Staffies and Am Staffs are trained by criminals (happening right now) to make
them perform as "weapons" and if those breeds are banned then what can we reasonably expect
to happen next? Criminals are not going to go away and illegal drugs and illegal dog
fighting are lucrative businesses. So, what will criminals do when all the bull
breeds are gone? Will they next train the molossers - the mastiffs: English, Neo, DBX,
etc? And... when the molossers, too, are legislated into extermination, what breeds
are next? Goldens? Newfs? Danes? Pointers? Standard Poodles? What is YOUR breed?


Wake up before all your rights to own or breed a dog of YOUR choice are legislated away.

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Let everyone know how you feel
about this unethical treatment of our beloved best friends!

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The Laws
Press Release of Proposed North-Rhine-Westphalia Law  
Proposed Portugal Dangerous Dog Laws to be Voted in December
Press release of the new Hessen law
The Brandenburg Edict
Draft of Federal Law on Import and Breeding
Regulations for Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia July 2000

Wording from the German Breed Ban Legislation.

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NRW Police bite statistics for the last 9 years

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Protest/Demonstration in Düsseldorf/Germany, July 22, 2000  

News From Berlin in December
Dr. Hans Mosser's Report from the Hamburg Death Camp
Translation of the results of an actual temperament test
Pictures of dogs in Unna shelter
The Olpe animal shelter incident

Comments from dog owners in Germany

Other information
Press release from the Kennel Club - 10/2002   
Press release from the Kennel Club - 02/2002   
Press release from the Kennel Club - 10/2001   
Press release from the Kennel Club - 06/2001   
Press release from the Kennel Club - 05/2001   
Press release from the Kennel Club - 11/2000
Press release from the Kennel Club - 8/2000
Addresses of people and agencies you can write letters to
Words from Germany

Deutsch (some info for our German speaking friends)

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