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Sources,Credits, and Acknowledgments

1840,1850, 1860, 1870 etc. Sevier and Cocke County Tennessee

Sevier County Marriage Records

Database of James Robert Shults Jr.

Place Names of the Smokies by Allen R. Coggins

Hiking Trail of the Great Smoky Mountains by Kenneth Wise

Rod`s Guide to the Smokies Website

Roamin & Restin by Wiley Oakley: Oakley, W. 1947. Restin'. Mountain Press. Gatlinburg, TN. 62p.

KEYWORDS: biography history #575 Oakley, W. 1970. Restin' with the Roamin' Man of the Smoky Mountains. Brazos Press. Maryville, TN. 72p. *
KEYWORDS: biography history #1726

Lucinda Oakley, Jerry Weir, John Lee Ramsey, Allen Ramsey (see Allen at Ramsey`s Barbershop in Sevierville, Tn.)

Ray Phillips

Bettie Ramsey Tanana

Ramsey Genforum

Smoky Kin Website

Family Stories that were handed down from generation to generation.

Wanda Fisher, see Wanda at the Sevier County Genealogy Library

Smoky Mountain Clans by Donald Reagan

Cocke County and Its People by ?

GSMNP and Its Resources

Death Certificates, Cemetery Records etc.

W. Acree (retired park ranger)

Photo of Ramsey Cascades by 1998 Chuck Summers

Photo of Ramsey Prong by Roy Sullivan

And many helpful and generous ancestors and family members

Sevier County Tn Genweb