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1618 Robert Oakley aged 19 years in the William & Thomas..... ADVENTURES OF PURSE & PERSON VIRGINIA 1607-1625 pp 22.

1623 FLOURDIRN HUNDRED....The Living in Virginia....Robert Oakley....pp 172.

1649-1650 Christopher Oakley (one of the settlers to MD) Anne Arundel county...SEVENTEENTH CENTURY ISLE OF WRIGHT COUNTY, VA...Boddie, John Bennett.

14 August 1662 William & Margaret Overed of Nomeine appointed Thomas Oakley, carpenter, our attorney to acknowledge 250 acres unto Daniel Hutt.

20 August 1662 Thomas Oakley, attorney of Margaret Overed...WESTMORELAND, VA RECORDS 1661-1664...Dorman, John Frederick, 1972.

1663 Samuel Davis, n.s. Carolina river, 1663...Head rights: Georgef Oakley, Hen:...VIRGINIA COLONISTS (from Old Volume 5, S.I.O. Richmond, Va)...THE COUNTY COURT NOTE-BOOK....Ljungstedt,Milnor.

17 November 1664 Land Grants..."certificate is this Day granted unto Richard Hill Jr. for four hundred & fifty acres of Land due p: Rights underwritten viz: Sisly Okely"

18 February 1667/8 Land Grants... "certificate is this Day granted unto Henry Smith for one thousand five hundred acres of Land due p: Rights underwritten viz: James Oakley...VIRGINIA COUNCIL pp 80, 107, and 53.

1680 Francis Oakley...St Michaels Parish Register...Barbadoes...6 acres...pp 457

3 March 1690/1 Deed...Dan`ll Swillivant of Par of Farnham in County of Rappa to John Trapley (Tarpley) of same parish & county, for " one young negro man" and 17808 lb tobacco, 398 acres "it being part of a Tract of Land granted to my father Dennis Swillevant deceased, being at head of Tatoskey Creek, and adj "Land of Mr. John Newton Sold him by me", near the plantation of Fran Elmore. Wit: John Oakley Jr.

1691 VIRGINIA WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS pp 317 Mathew Oakley Henrico 1691 inv

John Oakley Accomac 1727 inv

John Oakley Henrico 1754 inv

27 March 1691 Martha Oakly inventory taken at house of Mrs. Temperance Botts...pp 223 COLONIAL WILLS OF HENRICO COUNTY, VA 1654-1737...Weisiger, Benjamin.

20 October 1691 Pettsoe P. adjoining his own land and W. Brilking. Head right: Robert Croper, John Cramp, William Oakley, Mary Willoe...RECORDS OF COLONIAL WILLS OF HENRICO COUNTY VIRGINIA...Mason, Polly Cary, 1946

23 April 1694 Deed...Thos: Dusin & Susanna his wife of Richmond county, to Wm Norris of Northumberland county, blacksmith, 100 acres in Richmond county on the branches of Touskey. Adjs land said Dusin now lives on, the line of Wm Mathews, the 'Line of John Oakley formerly belonging to Thos:Madison" the line of Wm Richardson, etc. The consideration of two thousand pds of Tobacco in Cask to the said Tho: Dusin in hand by the said Wm Norris unto hereby constitue & apppint his Loving friend John Tavener his attorney to acknowledge these presents " in due form of Lew"...VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS...v1 & v16 Beverly Fleet.

1 June 1694 Deed.."Wm Norris & Elizabeth his wife of the county of Northumberland Planter", for a valuable consideration, 50 acres in Farnham Parish Richmond co., being part of land purchased of Tho: Dusin by above said Norris, Adjs land of Tho: Dusin, land of Wm Norris, the line of Mr John Oakley, land of Wm Richardson, etc.

19 November 1697 Will... John Oakely bequeathed 100 acres to Susanna Peorey who m. Samuel Steele...MARRIAGES OF RICHMOND COUNTY , VA...King, George Harrison.,

January 1713 Richard Oakly granted administration with will for Eusebius King of Bristol, Prince George Co., VA....ENGLISH ESTATES OF AMERICAN COLONISTS...1700-1799...Coldham, Peter Wilson

14 April 172- Mary Oakley m. George Heath New Kent county, VA...1680-1787...Colonial Dames of America, 1966.

1727 John Oakley inventory Accomac county, VA...VA WILLS & ADMINISTRATION 1632-1800...Torrance, Clayton.

1721-1786 Thomas Oakley for keeping Honour Moore....Thomas Oakley 275...Thomas Oakley for cash 7....Thomas Oakley for Lucy Gills...Thomas for his trouble & charge with Ruth Brooks 284....Francis Oakley 14 months maintaining to Lucy Yates...THE VESTRY BOOK OF BLISLAND PARISH NEW KENT & JAMES CITY COUNTIES, VA 1721-1786...Chamberlayne, C.G., 1935

1738 Thomas Oakley welfare of Ann & John Gouch, poor orphans

1748 Ann Gough Oakley against Thomas Oakley...COLONIAL CAROLINE...A HISTORY OF CAROLINE COUNTY, VA ..Campbell, T.E.

1 November 1739 Thomas Oakley...1600 acres...Henrico co...EXECUTIVE JOURNALS OF THE COUNCIL OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA...v5 pp 49-50.

November 1742 Adriana Oakley wife of Samuel Dunn probate of William Harding bachelor ENGLISH ESTATES OF AMERICAN COLONISTS 1700-1799...Coldham, Peter Wilson.

14 February 1744 John Oakley m. Anne Gordon...ST PAUL`S REGISTER...Nivklin,John.

4 November 1748 A claim of Thomas Oakley Jr. for the fame service...JOURNALS OF THE HOUSE OF BURGESS OF VA 1742-1749...Mcilwaine, H.R.

2 September 1748 John Oakley deed to John Pleasant 336 acres on Gilley`s Creek pp 1027. May 1754 John Oakley to Jacob Valentine Deed pp 2083-2087. 7 May 1759 Thomas Oakley admr & co. vs Jacob Valentine pp 2083-2087. 7 May 1764 John Oakley & wife Martha Deed to James Valentine pp 2081. THE VALENTINE PAPERS (Henrico county,VA)...Pleasants-Hardy.

3 September 1754 John Oakley inventory appraised by Richard Williamson, James Sllen, Alexander Robertson pp 366.

3 September 1754 Thomas Oakley, orphan of John Oakley, Churchwardens of Henrico Parish pp 225... COLONIAL WILLS OF HENRICO COUNTY, VA...Weisiger, Benjamin B.

1754 John Oakley inventory Henrico county, Va...VIRGINIA WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS 1632-1800..Torrence, Clayton, 1978.

28 April 1755 William Oakley; adm his estate granted Jemima Oakly his widow Prince Wm County...THE COUNTY COURT NOTE-BOOK...Ljungstedt, Milnor.

1756-57 Mr Lawrence Washington, of Alexandria, VA, is in possesion of a memorandum book kept by Washington partly in 1756-57, while in command at Fort Winchester, and partly at a later date. Besides a number of memoranda, covering thirty-three pages there is a list of the artificers employed on the works around Winchester, and a portion of the drafts from Bedford, Culpeper, Fairfax, King George, Prince William & Stafford counties. In 1757 Washington wrote in this book a number of memoranda for example: A Roll of the Artifercers employed on the works around Winchester, Under the Command of Captain William Peachy...Benjamin Okley. VA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE v2 pp 20-202.

17 August 1759 Ann Oakley as pr. accot...CULPEPER COUNTY, VA WILL BOOK A 1749-1770...Dorman, John Frederick, 1956.

1763 Benjamin Oakley...Hanover county...33 acres...VA TITHABLES FROM BURNED RECORDS COUNTIES:BUCKINGHAM, GLOUCESTER, HANOVER, JAMES CITY and STAFFORD...Woodson, Robert T.,1970.

27 September 1765 Thomas Oakley mentioned in Estate of Samuel Jordan. October 1765 William Oakley & Isham Freeman, poor orpans, Churchwardens of Henrico Parish...pp 527. November 1768 John Oakley, Sec, of will of James Whitlow presented by Edward Whitlow, one of the executors, proved by Thomas Williams & Richard Whitlow, witness James Whitlow...pp 371...COLONIAL WILLS OF HENRICO COUNTY, VA...Weisiger, Benjamin B.

28 October 1769 Thomas Oakley witness of will of Edward Robertson...WILL BOOK 2X OF AMELIA COUNTY, VA 1761-1771...McConnaughey, Gibson Jefferson.

1730-1773 John Oakley vestry...ANNUALS OF HENRICO PARISH...Moore, J. Staunton.

30 August 1777 Henry county, to-wit: I do Hereby Certify that the following Persons hath taken and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity as Directed by an act of general assembly, Intituled an act to oblige the free male Inhabitants of this State above Certain age to give assurance of allegiance to the same and for other purposes. A True Copy of the Original List of Names of these that have taken the State Oath before me the subsriber ___in 1777, August 30...Benjamin Oakly...VA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE pp 14-15.

7 March 1778 Henry county, VA...A List under hand & seal of those that haith Taken the State Oath before me since January 1778....James Oakley..signed Thomas Hamilton. 19 April 1778 A Captain & 2 Subs to set immediately to enquire unto the nature of a dispute between Sergeant Oakley & John Love a soldier in Captain Paynes Eo. & to report their opion of the proceedings.REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORD.

11 June 1779 Dorsey Pentecost, Yohogania county, VA to Charles Records Wit: Ralph Bowker, Thomas Bailey, Joseph Oakley...THE VA GENEALOGIST ESTATES AND DEEDS RECORDS OF YOHOGANIA COUNTY...pp 135.

15 March 1780 George Oakley m. Susannah Carney Louden county

John A. VAUGHT was the s/o James VAUGHT (b ca 1783) & Mary 'Polly' OAKLEY (b Shenandoah Co, VA - d bef 1850 Rutherford Co, TN...James VAUGHT & Mary OAKLEY were m 13 Aug 1804 Shenandoah Co, VA, Mary (OAKLEY) VAUGHT (above) was the d/o George E. OAKLEY I (1760 Shenandoah Co, VA - 9 Sep 1824 Wilson Co, TN) & Susannah CARNEY (1758 Lounden Co, VA - ca 1845 Wilson Co, TN)...Geo OAKLEY & Susannah CARNEY m 15 Mar 1780 Lounden Co, VA.

4 February 1781 William Oakley m. Mildred Sullivan...THE REGISTER OF ST PAUL`S PARISH 1715-1798...Nicklin, John Bailey Calvert.

George Oakley Louden
James Oakley Henry
Thomas Oakley Henry
Henry Oakley Culpeper
Erasmus Oakley Cumberland

1790 Oakley, Oakly, Okeley, Okely...average size of family 5.9...Heads of families 70....A CENTURY OF POPULATION GROWTH...Gov Printing, 1909.

8 March 1790 Judy Oakley (f. John Oakley) m. Bernard Wright in Henrico county

13 December 1792 Joseph Chandler of Rockingham co, NC to Thomas Oakley of Henry county for the sum of one hundred fifty pounds sells land that Joseph Chandler bought of George Hairston on Marrowbone Creek, joins Henry Mayse and Mckeans, contains 250 acres..ABSTRACTS OF DEED BOOKS HENRY COUNTY, VA , Adams Lela C., 1979...pp 41-42.

25 October 1792 John Oakley m. Miss Mary Mansfield...WM & MARY QUARTERLY..Norfolk county

28 December 1795 Consent: Elizabeth Oakley m. Reuben Jenkins Cumberland county

3 February 1796 William Oakley m. Sarah Goodman...SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VA MARRIAGE BONDS Gilreath, Amelia C.

23 March 1796 Milley Oakley (f. Thomas Oakley) m. James Evans...MARRIAGE BONDS HENRY COUNTY,VA 1778-1799..Mcdonald, Douglas.


7 November 1798 Polly Oakley m. Jonas Capheart...MARRIAGES OF HENRICO COUNTY, VA 1680-1808...Lindsay, Lela C.,1979

1798-1859 Virginia Post Offices...Oakley, Mechlanburg,1833-1859...pp81.

17 October 1798 Richard Oakley of Henry county to George Hairston of the same the sum of Fifty pounds sells 434 acres on Matrimony Creek joins Sams Mill, the Bold Branch...

25 November 1799 Thomas Oakley juror...Bk 6 pp 102-103...ABSTRACTS OF DEED BOOKS HENRY COUNTY, VA ..Adams, Lela C.,1979

1799 Alexandria Census John Oakley & wife;brick maker;1 HS. Bd:Henry Somers,brick maker..THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST...pp165

1774-1791 Benjamin Oakley #8635 Land Survey...MASTER INDEX VA SURVEYS & GRANTS..Smith,Joan E. Brookes.

1800 John Oakley (Alexandria);Erasmus & Shadrack (Cumberland)

3 November 1800 Anne Oakley (dau of George Oakley) m. William Hopkins...SHENANDOAH CO VA MARRIAGE BONDS...Gilbreath, Amelia.

22 May 1802 Daniel Oakley m. Jacomine West..Wm & Mary Quarterly v9, 1929.

15 November 1803 Philip Oakely m. Mary (dau Jepthey Parker)..VA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE.

13 August 1804 Polly Oakley (dau of George Oakley) m. James Vaught...SHENANDOAH CO VA MARRIAGE BONDS..Gilbreath, Amelia.

19 December 1805 William Oakley m. Catherine Waters (dau of Shelah)..SHENANDOAH CO VA MARRIAGE BONDS...Gilbreath, Amelia.

1810 CENSUS Daniel & John (Norfolk);Shedrack (Cumberland);John Sr & Phil (Isle of Wight);James (New Kent); William (Culpeper)...INDEX TO THE 1810 CENSUS OF, Elizabeth Perry, 1980

1810 Supplement to the Census Tax list..Henry county, Virginia white tithables slaves horses Thomas Oakley 3 0 4
WilliamOakley 2 0 4
John Oakley 1 0 1

1810 James Oakley 2-1-0-0-1
RECORDS OF NEW KENT CO VA...Daughters of American Revolution

14 January 1811 William Oakley m. Milley Quarles in Henry county

25 July 1811 Patsy Jones Oakley (f. John Oakley) m. Peter Heifer in Henrico County

19 December 1811 Polly Oakley m. Bartlett Woodward in Henrico co.

1813 A list of Non-Commissioned Officers & Soldiers of the Illinois Regiment, and the Western Army, Under the Command of General Rogers Clark...John Oakley,gunner, entitled to land for the war...REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS..Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus, 1936.

1 August 1817 Massie Oakley m. Jonas Leagrean in Henrico co

1818 Erasmus Oakley..Sergeant..200 acres..pension records of VA soldiers No 670..THE VA GAZETTE..Wulfeck, Dorothy,1961.
George Oakley..State Line...REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS..Brumbaugh,Gail Gaius Marcus,1936.

3 June 1818 Eliza Oakley (dau of John Oakley) m. Alexander Robinson in Henrico county

1820 William (Culpeper); Erasmus & Shadrack (Cumberland); John (Henrico); John Jr. & John Sr, Thomas Jr & Thomas Sr (Henry); Mary (New Kent; Jacky (Norfolk);..INDEX TO THE 1820 CENSUS OF VA Felldin, Jeanne Robey.

29 November 1820 Martha Oakley m. Thomas Alderson (surety; Erasmus Oakley) MARRIAGE RECORDS 1749-1840 CUMBERLAND COUNTY, VA..Elliott, Katherine B.

November 1825 William Smith Oakley, Southwark, Surrey...adm for widow Susan Oakley at NY..English Estates of AMERICA SETTLERS 1800-1858..Coldham, Peter.

27 October 1823 Martha Oakley m. John Winfrey (surety: Shedrack Oakley)...MARRIAGE RECORDS 1749-1840 CUMBERLAN COUNTY, VA..Elliott, Katherine B.

19 October 1825 Sarah Oakley m. Malachias Read in Henrico county

1830 Shed,John,Roda (Cumberland;Anstis,John,Thomas Jr.,Thomas L (Henry); Fleming (New Kent);Phillip,William(Henrico);Samuel(Norfolk);William (Madison)...VA 1830 CENSUS INDEX..Jackson, Ronald Vern.

10 January 1831 Willie Oakley (dau of John & Winey Oakley) m. Ewell Varnum in Henry county


Thomas Oakley

The progenitor of the Oakley families in Sevier County, Tennessee was Thomas Oakley. Thomas Oakley was born 1777 in Granville County , North Carolina according to the 1850 Federal Census of Caswell County, North Carolina. No data has been found on his parents.

It is strongly believed that this Thomas Oakley was named for his grandfather, Thomas Oakley who died before 8 May 1773 (date of inventory) in Granville, North Carolina.

Thomas Oakley was married 2 Aug. 1803 in Person County, North Carolina to Parthenia Van Hook, daughter of ________. Parthenia was born circa 1777/1784 in Caswell County, North Carolina and died circa 1820 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Thomas Oakley and his wife Parthenia Van Hook were listed in the 1810 Federal Census of Person County, North Carolina. There were four children (Leonard Henderson, Nathan, Susannah and Biddy) born between late 1803 and early 1810.

His wife Parthenia Van Hook died prior to 1820. Thomas Oakley was listed with five sons and three daughters in the 1820 Federal Census of Caswell County, North Carolina. Her burial place has not been located.

After Parthenia`s death, Thomas Oakley was married 16 November 1820 in Caswell County, North Carolina to Elizabeth Crossix (no data on her parents). Elizabeth was born 1793 in Ireland and died after July 1856 (date of Thomas Oakley`s will probated) in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Thomas Oakley and his wife Elizabeth Crossix were listed in the 1830,1840 and 1850 Federal Census of Caswell County, North Carolina.

Thomas Oakley wrote a will on 3 January 1851. This will was probated in July Court 1856 of Caswell County, North Carolina. It is transcribed as follows:

The State of North Carolina, Caswell County, January the 3rd day 1851

No all men that I Thomas Oakly being in sound state of mind but Calling to mind the frail time of this life it being appointed Once to all men to die do make ordain this last Will and testament

I do give to my wife Elizabeth my negro woman Selid Ann and above all of heirs during her life and widowhood to have and to hold as her own

I also give to my wife, Elizabeth an equal portion of my estate with all the rest of my heirs to hold during life or widowhood

On the day that she should decease or marry I bequeath all the property or estate she may have to be equally divided among my bodily heirs

(I) further give and bequeath the remainder of my estate to be equally divided among my bodily heirs to have and hold during their lives and then go to their offspring

In the event that any of my bodily heirs died without bodily heirs their part is to return back to (be) equally divided among all of my bodily heirs who may be living

I do further appoint my son Ruffin Oakley my sole executor to take any course or use any means for the recovery of my land all things belonging to me, that I loffully (sic) Could do myself wear I personally present

This signed Sealed with my hand on the day and date above written

Jno Pollard (Jurat)
Zephanals Roberts (Jurat)
James C Roberts (Jurat)

Thomas Oakley (Seal)

We the undersigned agreed and bind our self to comply with the said Will and Testament whereunto we annex our names Her
Elizabeth X Oakley
Henderson Oakley
Thos P Oakley
Ruffin Oakley
Biddy X Oakley
Sarah Oakley
Arrena Oakley
Cornelia F Oakley
Martha Oakley
Nathan Oakley
Archibald Oakley
A Paper writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of Thos Oakley dec`d was this day duly proven in Open Court by the Oaths of Jno Pollard, Zeph Roberts and James C Roberts the subscribing witnesses thereto

Where upon it is Ordered that the same recorded & Ruffin Oakley, the executor therein nominated and motioned, took the Oath prescribed by Law and Letters Testmentary issued to him accordingly

Thos Graves, Clk

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