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*denotes our line of descent

*Robert McGahey was born about 1800. He died between 1862 and 1864. McGAHEY? Robert 48 M TN Farmer 450 I 1011-827 Elizabeth 48 F TN I Matilda 16 F TN John 16 M TN Farmer S William 13 M TN S Joseph 12 M TN S Writhy 8 F TN Isaac 5 M TN Malcolm 3 M TN Sarah 1 F TN NORTON, Sarah 77 F VA I Parents: McGaughey and Elizabeth . He was married to Unknown ? Green about 1819. Children were: Margaret McGauhey, Rebecca McGauhey, *Samuel McGaha, Francis Green McGaha.

He was married to Elizabeth Campbell\Norton in 1831. Children were: Matilda McGaha, John McGaha, Joseph McGaha, William R. McGaha, Rita "Ritty" McGaha, Isaac McGaha , Malcom McGaha, Sarah Amanda McGaha.

*Samuel McGaha was born about 1825 in Cocke County, Tennessee. He died on 6 Apr 1864 in Nashville, Tenn. in Federal Hospital #2. 1850 census, housold # 22 Parents: Robert McGahey and Unknown ? Green. He was married to *Jane "Jennie" Lindsey about 1847 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Jane "Jennie" Lindsey was born about 1822 in Cocke County, Tennessee. She died on 18 Apr 1857 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Parents: Jesse Lindsey and Salina Ivey. *Jesse Lindsey was born on 22 Feb 1787 in North Carolina. He died on 15 May 1864 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Buried Emerts Cove Cemetery, Sevier County, Tennessee Parents: *William Lindsey and Rachel. He was married to *Salina Ivey about 1812 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Children were: William Lindsey, Hannah Lindsey, Jesse Lindsey, Lydia Lindsey, *Jane "Jennie" Lindsey, Rachel Lindsey , John Lindsey, Elizabeth Sarah Lindsey, Sherdon H. Lindsey, Martha A. Lindsey, Joel Lindsey, Eli R. Lindsey. Salina Ivey was born about 1797 in Tennessee. She died on 2 Nov 1874 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Parents: *Joel Ivey

Children of *Samuel McGaha and *Jane "Jennie" Lindsey

William McGaha, Mary Elizabeth McGaha, Margaret "Viney" McGaha, *Salina "Liney" McGaha.

He was married to Amanda Tucker after 12 May 1860. Children were: Rebecca Jane McGaha , Phoebe Ellen McGaha.

*Salina "Liney" McGaha was born on 9 Apr 1852 in Cocke County, Tennessee. She died on 15 Oct 1920 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Buried in Headrick Cemetery. Parents: Samuel McGaha and Jane "Jennie" Lindsey. She was married to Ephraim Ownby on 30 Mar 1867 in Sevier County, Tennessee. She was married to *Jesse H. Ramsey on 11 Dec 1877 in Sevier County, Tennessee.

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