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David Calvin Wood Sr., son of Thomas Vaude Wood and Lona Ramsey Wood
Lona Ramsey, born 22 October 1905, died 27 February 1989, dau. of William "Mansfield" Ramsey and Nancy Florence Oakley Ramsey, married Thomas Vaude Wood, born 6 July 1895, died 22 March 1939, son of Obediah Paul Wood and Annie L. Renfro

Step-Father James Oscar Bowerman

Sisters and Brothers of David Wood

1. Doris Lorrine Wood b. 9 June 1925
m. 1. George Richardson 2. Roger Smith 3. Sherman Clifton Bennett
2. Bobbie Jean Wood b. 9 Nov 1928 d. 26 Feb. 2002
m. 1. Robert Snow b. 31 Dec. 1919 2. Albert Suffredge
3. Pearl Vaudinia Wood b. 3 Feb 1930
m. Howard Tilson
4. Thomas Vaude Wood Jr. b. 22 Feb 1932
m. 1. Dee ? 2. Alice Pressley dau. of Dewey and Bane Pressley
5. Roy Raymond Wood b 20 Apr 1935
m. 1. Louise Haney 2. Shelby ? 3. Geneva Day
6. Vivian Marie Wood b 3 Feb 1937
m. David West
7. David Calvin Wood b 5 Feb 1939
m. 1. Linda Ann Godfrey 2. Doris Goddard
8. Mary Beatrice Bowerman b. 5 Sept 1941
m. ?
9. James Oscar Bowerman b. 6 June 1943
m. Linda Daniel b. 13 Sept. 1945
10. Clarence Wood son of Thomas Vaude Wood Sr. and Marie Sentell

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David Wood b 5 Feb 1939 m. 1. Linda Godfrey b 5 Mar 1942 d 28 Dec. 1991 and buried at Veterans Cemetery in Knoxville located at Northshore and Lyons View Drive marker # 5868. She re-dedicated her life to Jesus on 24 Apr. 1974. 2. Doris Goddard born 21 Sept. 1944

Children of David and Linda Wood


karen4.jpg 1.Karen Denise b. July 3 1958
Karen was born at Fort Sanders Hospital and brought home to 2911 Browning Ave.
photo 1 2001
photo 2

david pic 2.David Calvin Jr.b. 12 Dec. 1959
d August 4, 2007 age 47 from sudden Heart Attack David was born at Fort Sanders Hospital and brought home to 2006 Millard Beets Rd.
Wife: Andrea and sons-David and Dustin
Grandchildren: Alexis and Alex

photo 6


3.Kimberly Anne b. 1 Nov. 1961
Kim was born at Fort Sanders Hospital and brought home to 4400 High School Rd.

photo of Ashley, our Southern Belle!
photo of baby Kimberly.
photo of Kimberly age 8

bj4.jpg 4. Tracey Bea Jean b. 7 June 1966
Tracey was born at Fort Sanders Hospital and brought home to 4200 Lonas Rd.

photo Baby Shower Highlight!

More Family Photos

Photo (Mom as a teen )

Photo (Mom)

Photo (Mom)

Photo (The Woodsters)

photo Dad in the Army!

photo Tarzan 1

photo Tarzan 2

Photo (Our Aspiring Artist at work!)

Photo (Her First Masterpiece!)

Photo (Emily, Aunt Wilma, Doris)

Photo ( Kim, Karen, Tracey, Mom, David)

Photo (David, Kim, Tracy, Karen)

Photo (Rachel, Linda, Elsie, Natalie)

Photo (Emily, and Granny Elsie,

Photo (Karen, David Jr.)

Photo (David Sr. and David 111)

Photo (David Jr.)

Photo (Rachel and Natalie)


Wood Family Pictures

Wood Family Obituaries


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