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Samuel Conner born 1785 and died 1837 married Nancy Swearingen. It is believed that Samuel Conner was named for his grandfather Samuel Conner. Family tradition says 'Samuel Conner is said to be of red Irish ancestry while some of his younger generations is crossed with 'Black Dutch'.' Samuel Conner was listed in the 1790 Federal Census of Lincoln County, North Carolina.
On 24 September 1819, Samuel Conner bought 100 acres of land from John Hyde for $150.00. This land was located 'on South West side of Natahala Johns Fork of the Oconaluftee River...' in Haywood County, North Carolina, now part of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Samuel Conner was listed in the 1820 Federal Census of Haywood County, North Carolina. There was one male and two females born 1810/1820; one female born 1794/1804; one male born 1775/1794; and one male born before 1775 in the household.
Samuel Conner was listed in the 1830 Federal Census of Haywood County, North Carolina. There was one male and two females born 1825/1830; one female born 1820/1825; one male and one female bor 1815/1820; two females born 1810/1815; and one male and female born 1780/1790 in the household. Their eldest daughter, Susannah, was already married to John Watson and lived next door to Samuel Conner in the 1830 census. On 4 April 1834 Samuel Conner bought 84 acres of land from Jacob Couches for $120.00. This land was located 'on both sides of the North Fork of Oconaluftee River' and joined his land in Haywood County, North Carolina, now part of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Oconalufty Baptist Church was organized on 6 June 1836. Samuel Conner and his wife Nancy Swearingen joined the church as charter members.
The Oconalufty Baptist Church 'resolved that we have our Church meetings at Both Brothers Samuel Conners & Jacob Mignes (Seigor) Each one in their turn for conven[ience] of the Aged & infirm until we get a Regular meeting house and that we have a prayer meeting at Brother S. Conner & Brother Minges on each Fork of sd river Between Each Monthly meeting Each one in its turn.'
Samuel Conner died at his homeplace on the waters of Ocanalufty River. Exact date of death and burial site have not been located. It was indicated that one of Samuel Conner's heirs had not received their share in the estate. There is a Power of Attorney in Jackson County, North Carolina - it is given below: 'State of North Carlina) Henderson County ) 'Know all men by these presents that we Busrod Conner & wife Massee Conner heirs at law of the estate of Samuel Conner Deceased have this day constituted and appointed B. M. Enloe our legal and lawful attorney to settle with Joel Conner in all matters pertaining to our interest in the said estate of Samuel Conner Dec'd as full & as lawfully as if we were present at the settling thereof and we further authorzie the said B. M. Enloe to sell and dispose of all our interst in the land owned by sd Samuel Conner Dec'd as full as if we present doing thereof 'In testimony whereof we have set our hands and seals this the 12th June 1859 'Attest His Joseph Masewell Bushrod X Conner (Seal) James Masewell Mark Her Massee X Conner (Seal) Mark
'State of North Carolina) Jackson County ) 'Court of Pleas and Quarter Session - June Term 1859, the foregoing power of attorney was duly proven before me by the oath of James Maxwell subscribing witnesses thereto & recorded - let it be registered - certified the 22nd September 1859
A. M. Enloe, Clear' From the Abstract of Titles for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 'we do not find any conveyance from Samuel Conner for either of the tracts conveyed to him by the foregoing deeds. He was one of the earliest settlers on Ocona Lufty River and he and those under whom he claims have been in the continuous posession of these lands for nearly a century.' (This note was written in 1920's/1930's)
Source: 'Ownby-Watson Family History', Percival David Park, May 1985, p 66. 'Smoky Mountain Clans, Volume 2', 1983, Donald B. Reagan, p 183-184, 185, 217. 'Sevier County, Tennessee and Its Heritage', 1994, p 285.


1. Susannah 'Susie' Conner
2. Mary 'Polly' Conner
3. Massey Conner
4. Joel S. Conner
5. Jane 'Jennie' Conner
6. Nancy 'Nan' Conner
7. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Conner
8. Rebecca 'Becky' Conner
9. Robert R. 'Bob' Conner
10. Andrew J. 'Andy' Conner

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