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Aromatherapy Alive

Aromatherapy Alive

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Welcome to Aromatherapy Alive! Dedicated to bringing you the finest selection of pure essential oils, scented candles/crystals, potpourri, oil carriers, aromatherapy massage/body oils and more. Our products are imported from around the world. Whenever possible we buy oils distilled from plants that have been organically grown.

Aromatherapy is a way of improving our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Each and every one of us has emotional responses to certain scents, whether they be pleasant or not. Aromatherapy assists in individuals finding the natural fragrances that will release positive sensory feelings and emotions, enhancing life and well-being. Aromatherapy is an accepted form of alternative health care and a natural healing.

Pure essential oils are concentrated plant essences that are extracted from many different parts of the plants including the flowers, leaves, twigs, branches, roots, bark, seeds and fruit.

We are dedicated to providing you an excellent service - we will give you free advice via e-mail on applying essential oils and on aromatherapy in general. We aim to respond to your queries within two business days.

Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us at Aromatherapy Alive. We offer full refunds on all products guaranteed. We are affiliated with the e-commerce merchant trading organisation CCNow. Use our secure online service with CCNow to order any of the products. We have a fixed postage charge of just $2.00 whatever the order - We aim to dispatch products within two business days.


We are a UK based company, our Headquarters:
9a, Toronto Place, Leed LS7 4LJ, England UK.

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