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Ruth's Lifeboat

Ruth's Lifeboat was No. 13, it was lowered from the Starboard side at 1:40 a.m.. Stoker Fred Barrett was put in charge. It contained about 60 people in it. Lifeboat No. 13 had some trouble with lowering. As lifeboat 13 hit the water it was washed further astern by the nearby exhaust water, until its' ropes tightened. When the occupants looked up they saw lifeboat No. 15 being lowered right on top of them. They began to scream and yell up to the boat deck for them to stop lowering, but their cries were unheard. Stoker Fred Barrett got out his knife along with other men and began cutting the ropes which held Lifeboat No. 13 under No. 15. Lifeboat No. 15 got so close some men put their hands up to try to push away, at the last minute No. 13s ropes were cut and it floated out from under No. 15. It reached the Carpathia at 4:45a.m. April 15, 1912

First Class Passengers
Dodge, Dr. Washington

Second Class Passengers
Beane, Mr Edward
Beane, Mrs Ethel Clarke
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth
Beesley, Mr Lawrence
Caldwell, Mr Albert Francis
Caldwell, Mrs Sylvia Mae
Caldwell, Master Alden Gates
Davis, Miss Mary
Hewlett, Mrs Mary D.
Oxenham, Mr Percy Thomas
Ridsdale, Miss Lucy
Slayter, Miss Hilda Mary

Third Class Passengers
Aks, Mrs. Leah Rosen
Asplund, Mr Johan Charles
Bradley, Miss Bridget Delia
Buckley, Mr Daniel
Connolly, Miss Kate
DeMessemaeker, Mrs Anna
Dowdell, Miss Elizabeth
Emanuel, Miss Virginia Ethel
Glynn, Miss Mary Agatha
Johannessen, Mr Bernt Johannes
Karlsson, Mr Einar Gervasius
Landergren, Miss Aurora Adelia
Madsen, Mr Fridtjof
McDermott, Miss Bridget Delia
McGovern, Ms Mary
Nilsson, Miss Helmina Josefina
Nysten, Miss Anna Sofia
O'Leary, Miss Hanora
Olsen, Master Arthur Karl
Riordan, Miss Johanna
Sandström, Mrs Agnes Charlotta
Sandström, Miss Beatrice Irene
Sandström, Miss Marguerite Rut
Smyth, Miss Julia
Svensson, Mr Johan Cervin
Tenglin, Mr Gunnar Isidor*
Vartunian, Mr David*
Foo, Mr Choong*

Lookout: Lee, Mr Reginald Robinson
Able Bodied Seaman: Hopkins, Mr Robert John
Able Bodied Seaman: Vigott, Mr Philip Francis
Leading Fireman: Barrett, Mr Fredrick William [In Charge]
Fireman: Beauchamp, Mr George William
Fireman: Crimmins, Mr James
Fireman: Major, Mr William
Trimmer: Fryer, Mr A.E.
Saloon Steward: Knight, Mr George
Saloon Steward: Littlejohn, Mr Alexander James
Saloon Steward: Ray, Mr Frederick Dent
Assistant Steward: Williams, Mr Walter John
Third Class Steward: Foley, Mr William C.
Third Class Steward: Port, Mr Frank
Glory Hole Steward: Wright, Mr William
Sauce Cook: Windebank, Mr Alfred Edgar
Assistant Baker: Neale, Mr Henry
Scullion: Colgan, Mr Joseph*
Scullion: Martin, Mr F.*
Scullion: Ross, Mr Horace Leopold*
Kitchen Porter:Hardwick, Mr Reginald*
Plate Washer: Ball, Mr Percy*
Plate Washer: Burrage, Mr Alfred
Restaurant Clerk: Maugé, Mr. Paul

*Denotes persons who may have been in this Lifeboat

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