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Snake symbolism
by Lynda Archard
©: February 19th 2001

The snake has had a pretty hard time over the centuries and yet it is one of the most symbolic and awe-inspiring creatures ever to have lived. The Chinese year of the snake is an ideal time to find out more about this symbolic creature and why it is the counsellor's best friend.

Okay so snakes might bite or crush other creatures to death and the thought of having one slithering around my neck makes me wince. To be honest I have never been close enough to touch one so I'm not sure how I would react. Having said that, I love seeing snakes in my meditations and the forked tongue has a strong sense of honesty buried deep in ancient symbolism. When the snake was used as a thought provoking tool in the Garden of Eden story was it really interpreted properly?

The snake told Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge so that she could become as wise as the God who tried to run the place with his rules. After all, she was more vulnerable not knowing the answers and walking around in oblivion. Was he really telling Eve to betray her master or was it a challenge to find the truth for herself? Blind faith is more dangerous than having the wisdom gained through experience isn't it? Yet millions of people throughout the centuries have read ancient texts, including the bible, and followed without fully understanding the historical words and tales. The forked tongue tells me that wisdom is about knowing how and when to use the knowledge that we gain through life. If you gain knowledge and understanding then you can also have problems when you share it with others. Take the gossip syndrome for instance. It can be fun knowing what the woman down the road is doing but do you have the right to tell anyone else about what she is up to? Would you rather not have known or do you have one up on her if ever she learns something unsavoury about you? Sometimes forked tongues wag without thinking of the consequences; the gossip can get it wrong and cause all sorts of problems for an innocent person. Alternatively you might be in a situation that you need to talk about - married to an abusive partner, being bullied, threatened or blackmailed. We don't know if there is help available until we tell someone about our situation. Bullies try to control the situation by telling you that you deserve to be treated that way, you were born a sinner who needs to be punished. Sooner or later your confidence dwindles and you believe the abuse is good for you and some don't bother to seek help. The same can be applied to blind faith. We need to know the alternatives in order to make a choice. When someone tells me that the psychic world is a con I can't tell him or her they are wrong but I can certainly tell them that it does exist for me. I know because I have studied most religions, meditated and found what is right for me.

Knowledge and power have some good points don't they? Who loves the know-all that always has an answer? Is it wise to share everything that you know even if you know the person doesn't want your help or advice? It can be frustrating trying to achieve an answer and then your friend tells you that they knew it all along. The snake has a lovely curved mouth that almost looks as if the creature is smiling at us stupid humans and our limited ability to look deeper into things that we say and do. People who keep snakes as pets swear that they have personalities to match the sweetest pet cat or dog. The snake looks slimy but I am told they are smooth and warm to the touch. I will only find out the truth if I am close enough to touch one.

Is the snake a devil in disguise? Devil is spelled lived backwards. When we live we make mistakes, do stupid things, and learn important lessons. Do we all admit to our own mistakes? Do we need to? I think it depends on if it affects anyone else. I also think that some lessons are not to share but to help us become better people without others knowing why. Most counsellors, psychic or otherwise, have lived and learned lessons the hard way, through experience, and end up helping others to be strong and do something about their lives to make it better. They don't need to say how they can help as long as they do. Yes, I am comparing the snake to a psychic counsellor – some build self-esteem and promote independence while others don't bother to understand the symbolism of their own profession or meaning of life lessons and will crush people by saying stupid things such as ‘I can see an evil person around you because I saw a snake.' When I ‘see' a snake around someone I see wisdom, a person who has knowledge or understanding, and I will ask my guide if I should give advice to share or withhold what he or she knows. There is no point in blabbing if it will cause trouble.

Oh yes, a snake is wise enough to know what to do with his knowledge. He gained it through his own experiences and will share it as and when. There is a snake in all of us, the Kundalini. Click here to find out more - The Kundalini

What does the snake represent to you?

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© Lynda Archard