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Recipe for love
by Lynda Archard
©: 2000

This year I have a fun recipe that is practical, quick and visually as attractive as the person you love. It is adaptable for young or old, male or female, rich or poor and vegetarians too!

Ingredients Two large potatoes Two slices of bacon and/or vegetables such as cooked carrots, sweet corn or mushrooms Small amount of minced meat and sausage meat, or a meat substitute or nut loaf One egg Herbs Half a pint of milk, butter and plain flour for white sauce Cooking oil Wine Two red candles (to promote lasting love) And a date of your choice

First prepare yourself. Get your babysitter to take the kids home with them or bribe older kids to stay at a friends house. Take the phone of the hook and the battery out of the doorbell. Place a ‘do not dare knock’ poster on the front door.

Either you or your partner can do the following while the other makes a start in the kitchen: Lay the table, or a box, with a clean tablecloth, or sheet. Set two plates, two sets of cutlery, two glasses, condiments of your choice and two red candles into holders. Leave wine in the fridge until needed but you can remind your partner of your undying love with a kiss on the cheek.

Whoever is in the kitchen should have started the following: Peel and cut the potatoes into fairly thick slices. Cut the slices into heart shapes with a biscuit cutter or a small vegetable knife and put the extra pieces in a separate dish for the starter. The hearts can be fried or roasted in with the main course. Kiss partner on the cheek.


Place the spare bits of potato in a greased ovenproof dish and add a knob of butter. Place into a hot oven until golden. Make the basic white sauce from any recipe book. Stir the sauce continuously to stop lumps from forming over a gentle heat. Add chopped cooked bacon or/and chopped cooked root vegetables of your choice. Pour over crispy potato pieces. Kiss partner now.

Main course

Take two handfuls of sausage meat, mince or meat alternative and bind them with the beaten egg and half a teaspoon of your choice of herbs – Thyme, sage, parsley and a seasoned partner all go well together. Mould the mix into heart shapes and roll into a handful of breadcrumbs. If you are health conscious then you can dry-fry, if not then roast or deep fry until golden. Take partners hand and hold while reminding him/her of your undying love. Glance at food every now and then to prevent passion turning into a big fire in the oven.


Now cuddle up and have the best part of the meal. That’s your partner of course. Followed by his/her gift of a box of chocolates.

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© Lynda Archard