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The Kundalini
by Lynda Archard
©: July 1997

Kundalini is a Sanskrit or Eastern word meaning ‘that which is coiled.’ It can also translate to mean ‘Serpent power’ or ‘Serpent fire,’ and is the supreme spiritual power in the human body. It lies dormant, coiled asleep at the base of the spine until it is awakened. When it wakes through spiritual development, it rises and pierces the six external energy centres, known as chakras, along the spine rising to emerge out through the seventh chakra like a fountain, causing what people believe to be called ‘enlightenment,’ or ‘spiritual awakening.’ It can be subtle in its effect, and one day you wake up to literally ‘know’ what your spiritual path is going to be. Or it can be quite dramatic. Either way the experience of the fully awakened Kundalini will remain forever as a spiritual experience that changes your life, and values, dramatically and permanently.

Knowledge of the Kundalini is found in the teachings of most, if not all, spiritual communities and groups throughout the world. It awakens as an effect of certain meditation practises, and can be quite rapid if you meditate regularly. Kundalini energy can also wake up accidentally as a result of a fall, causing temporary clairvoyance and psychic ability. It can also happen by taking hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or alcohol, which eventually destroy the ability to close the pituitary gland known as the third eye centre. This leaves you open to clairvoyant sights that can frighten people who don’t understand the experiences of psychic ability.

At the crown chakra the kundalini reaches it’s apex, having pierced the six lower energy centres, to descend over the face or head, down through the throat, into the solar plexus and back to the root. Kundalini then begins to rise again to repeat its pattern.

As this force starts to wake, it begins to move up through an esoteric or non-physical nerve channel, which could be described as an air-tube located from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are two additional channels, called the ‘two fold tubes’ in which energy flows in a criss-cross pattern between the six interior spinal centres up to the crown of the head. It has the form of the symbol of Cadeus of Mercury, or Hermes, which you will recognise as the symbol of medicine and healing by physicians who are often unaware of its true meaning. Its wings are symbolic of the two rays experienced in the throat chakra, its staff symbolising the air tube, and the two snakes representing the Kundalini rising in the two channels on either side of the spine. The pinecone at the top represents the top of the pineal gland.

When the energy flows only through the side channels, a person does not transform spiritually. Only when the Kundalini journeys up through the central tube does the spiritual transformation occur.

Another aspect of the Kundalini is called ‘the descent of Grace’ in Western tradition. This descending aspect travels down from the crown of the head, over the face, continuing with lightning like speed through the larynx and going further down into the solar plexus. From here it descends all the way down to the root of the spine, where it triggers the ascending aspect into the Kundalini awakening. This seems a less noted occurrence than the ascending aspect, although both streams must flow for circulation of the energy in the tubes for the body system to be both balanced and complete. The ancient Egyptians used these two aspects of the Kundalini in the headdress of the pharaoh. The rising aspect is shown as the descending aspect of a vulture.

For the Kundalini to be experienced safely, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies must all be in balance. If any of the chakras are blocked, and marijuana is one of the greatest culprits of chakra blockage, or you smoke and or drink too much, medical symptoms sometimes occur as the energy coils and twists through the channels to dissolve the blockages in the energy centres. Some heart attacks, skin problems, muscle spasms, nervous disorders, strokes, mental disease, flu like symptoms and epidemics are thought to be the result of Kundalini energy waking in an imbalance of the body system.

In a person who is totally blocked, rigid, full of fear, paranoid or negative, the Kundalini is said by some people to produce the phenomena called ‘spontaneous human combustion.’ This is a peculiar kind of fire, which can totally consume a human body, leaving only ashes, but the clothing the person was wearing un-singed. This is the most extreme and rare affect of Kundalini energy.

If you are suffering the affects of Kundalini energy awaking inside you, a warm bath with one or two cups of baking soda can help by drawing out some of the energy to ground you and slow the process. Water activity like swimming, or keeping busy, gardening, working with nature or the earth can also help serve to ground you. Some people find it beneficial to wear a necklace made of a stone called Hermatite, which is a good grounding asset to your jewellery collection too!


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© Lynda Archard