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Creative visualisation and miserable people
by Lynda Archard
©: June 10th 2000

When you blow your birthday candles out and make a wish you are practising magic by ritual. Modern times have changed our need for ritual and all that is left are the habits of doing things over and over again and expecting it to fail. The down side is that we don't all realise that our thoughts easily influence our life every day of our lives.

If you think in a negative way, expecting things to go wrong then they most certainly will. What you are actually doing is called creative visualisation. I know it is difficult to suddenly start smiling while you are having a bad day but it really will change everything. Miserable people stay miserable and find it difficult to understand that they are the ones who created it in the first place. At least, after the initial situation that made them miserable they kept it going.

Energy feeds off energy and your body absorbs any energy that is surrounding you. The aura is a magnetic force field that swirls around you at all times. Some people can see it or sense it but the average person will say it doesn't exist. To prove it is easy, keep a diary and note the moon phases, colours that you wear that day and who you meet. If you log how you feel or the mood that you are in when you wake and again before bed then you will also notice that certain people affect you more than others. The same person will make you feel good while another person will always make you feel miserable.

Colour is extremely important. If we have a blue day then we are miserable, if we are in the pink we are happy. Red will make you feel strong, sometimes, if you don't need red, you could feel aggressive or angry. All of these colours are in your aura and change from day to day.

The best way to stay cheerful is to walk away from situations that upset your natural energy and sit quietly. Visualise a white light slowly fading into a golden light and make it swirl very slowly around you and smile. If you think it won't work then have a laugh instead, I bet you won't be miserable for long.

When you know it works and you want to know more read my articles on how people can zap your energy. Parts one and two are the history of vampirism to help you understand what is happening and part three tells you what to do about it using a visualisation technique called the seven breaths.

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© Lynda Archard