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Candle Magick--Colour magic - part 2
by Lynda Archard
©: Lynda Archard 2001

Part two of candle magic will help you to understand how important colour, seasons, and days of the week are in magical pursuits. The keywords are deliberate for you to use your own intuition and knowledge to create individual meaning to your endeavours.

White - Purity, truth, and sincerity.

Red - Strength, health, vigour, sexual love.

Light blue - Tranquillity, understanding, patience, health.

Dark blue - Impulsiveness, depression, change.

Green - Finance, luck, fertility.

Gold/Yellow - Attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence, learning.

Brown - Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality.

Pink - Honour, love, morality.

Black - Loss, discord, confusion, absorbing of negativity

Purple - Tension, ambition, business progress.

Silver/Grey - Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate.

Orange - Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction.

Greenish Yellow - Sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord.

Season magic (Tatvic tides)

Waxing Moon - Season, Spring - Inception & Expansion Of preparation, Maiden, Equinox for new beginnings and new thoughts

Full Moon - Summer - Maturity & Fulfilment Of outer development - Mother - Solstice for Learning Personality & Individuality

Waning Moon - Autumn - Teaching of wisdom Of inner development - Grandmother - Equinox for Giving out wisdom, Universal realities

Dark Moon - Winter - Potential & Repose Of death & preparation - Hag or old crone - Solstice for Rest & Reincarnation and preparation for re-birth

Day magic

Sunday - Yellow

Monday - White

Tuesday - Red

Wednesday - Purple

Thursday - Blue

Friday - Green

Saturday - Black

A sample of your diary may be as follows:-

Purpose: To attract a lover.

Time: Full moon in Aries (the sign ruled by Mars, the red planet), Tuesday.

Alter decorations: Red cloth, red roses in red vase, red candle, and picture of the person with qualities you want or list of qualities. Two white alter candles plus the symbols of the elements are always used. Elemental symbols (Earth: Pentacle, money or salt. Air: Feather or fan. Water: Chalice or dish of water. Fire: Incense).

Results: Met someone after two weeks. New moon visible.

Specific rituals

A candle ritual for healing of depression could include a blue cloth, dark blue candles, done at the waning moon. For a new venture: A green cloth and candle, at the new moon. Success in an established business would be preferable at the full moon in Virgo (harvest moon). For new friends: A new moon in Taurus, using pink candles.

To rid you of negative attitudes or people secure a black candle in a black cauldron or dish. Fill with water until about two inches of candle is showing. Dim the lights, or turn them off and have 5 white candles light at equal space around the room. Close your eyes and visualise the negative energy being absorbed into the flame of the black candle, while the white candles protect and empower you. Allow the candle to burn out naturally. As the water extinguishes the flame, so the negative energy also is extinguished.

Make sure you are in a draught free position. After setting up your altar, light your candles. Close your eyes and visualise or concentrate on your needs or desires coming to you as clearly as you can. It should be done for at least 10 minutes. The candles should either burn out naturally or snuffed out with a proper candlesnuffer, but never allow the candles to be blown out.

I have used these methods for more than fifteen years and have often adapted them slightly to suit my, or my client's individual needs. They do work well if you are sincere in your requests and reasons. Please keep in mind that the practitioner (you) must take full responsibility for each action that is for greed or desire.

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