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Candle magic - Part 1
by Lynda Archard
©: Lynda Archard 2001

Candle Magic is very powerful, do not underestimate it when used ritually. It is also the simplest form of magic to begin with. As with all esoteric arts it can be altered to suit the individual as you gain more experience but certain rules must always be adhered to at all times. The day, time, season, and moon will play a major role in whether magic works or not. Every book you read will vary slightly according to the author, such as the meanings of colour, stick with what you know as much as you can at first, it will be easier using your own knowledge added to the laws of nature.

Keeping a diary of your work will also ensure future transactions that will last and not backfire on you. The main reason for a failure is a lack of belief in either the power of nature or yourself to complete your task. Dabbling with universal energy without heeding the laws can carry a heavy price ticket, which you will pay for eventually, nothing is totally free in the universe.

You may also need to request your desire 3 times. This stems back to the old tradition in pagan ritual, and could be where the saying 'all good things come in threes' originated. On the first request the gods are alerted to your voice. On the second request your desire is heard. And on the third and final request it is fulfilled. If after your third request nothing happens, ask yourself if it is a genuine need, if the answer is still yes then try again with more sincerity!

Karmic law states that we get back 3-fold what we give, so you must only use magic when you need something, not for what you want. By this I mean don't ask for loads of money to get drunk with. Instead, ask for a pay-rise, over-time, or better job so that you will have money to spare after the bills are paid. Our spirit guides gods or goddesses will not waste their time on trivial matters. That which they help to provide, by putting you in the right situation at the right time, will only be kept by you if you are prepared to put in the hard work to maintain it, or it will fade after a short time. You will understand what I mean as you continue with your work, so there is no need for me to give more examples of what can happen if you are greedy, lazy or in-considerate.

First decide what it is you need, then collect the items you need for the ritual, (the right colour candle, table cloth etc. Decide if your work is to take away (such as illness) or bring to you (such as a job). Then wait for the right time. It helps to have something to associate with your desire. The following are some ideas for specific attention.


To travel or a holiday:- Feathers (for flight), A toy boat (for a cruise).

To find a lover: - A picture of a person who represents the characteristics of who you want.

To become pregnant: - A baby doll, baby clothes, rattle.

For a new car: - A toy car.

For healing: - Plaster, bandage or teddy bear/doll to represent the patient.

Moon magic

To bring something to you, or to gain creative inspiration, the ritual must take place in the three days before the full moon (waxing moon).

To take something away, the ritual must take place in the three days after the full moon (waning moon).

New moon magic is to plant positive ideas in our subconscious mind and to begin new projects or renew hope.

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