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Animal Spirit Guardians
by Lynda Archard
©: July 3rd 2000

Animal spirits are often around but we don't always see them. When we do they can bring comfort to those passing into spirit and to those who are left behind.

Some researchers, working in the field of psychic research, acknowledge that people have spirit guardians. They are sometimes seen when illness or old age approaches us, and can ‘collect’ us to take us into the realms of spirit in death. Giving much comfort to us before our final transgression from this life. Do our animals have these helpers too?

In my work as a psychic medium, I have seen many spirits, but usually the client or I have known them. The one who set my thoughts churning and eager to know more is a spirit cat I had never known in this lifetime. It greeted me for the first time as it nearly tripped me over!

It was Easter 1995. I pulled something for dinner from the freezer when a creepy feeling of being watched made me shudder. Aware of something behind me I turned and instinctively jumped at the same time. A misty cat figure greeted me and ran away as I jumped over it. I thought no more of it.

Everyone laughed, and told me I was seeing things, although friends and family are used to strange events occurring in our house. (Light bulbs frequently all blow out at the same time, and lights flicker, or turn on or off, when no one else is here.)

The following day Gary, my husband, was getting ready for work. While combing his hair, looking in the mirror, he clearly saw the outline of a cat preening itself on the back of the settee in the reflection.

He turned to see which of our cats it was. To his surprise, not only was nothing to be seen but all our cats were out at the time. He checked the whole house before exclaiming, “You’re not mad, I saw it too!” Much to everyone else’s relief.

The cat was soon forgotten, or not mentioned, until Jill, my sceptical friend babysat one hot summer night the following August. She didn’t believe in ghosts of any kind, even though she finds my house creepy at times. I came home on this occasion to find an ashen faced Jill waiting in panic.

I had managed to get the front door open, and one foot in the hall, when I heard her scream, “I watched this strange smoky grey cat walk up your stairs. Half way up it just disappeared!”

I managed to calm her down and explained that she wasn’t mad, we had seen it too. Then I tried to think of a possible reason for it to be here so often. I’ve never owned a grey cat, and it certainly made an appearance often over the following weeks. None of my cats, or the dog, seemed to care about it much. They just look at something on the odd occasion, which I am sure was the spirit cat. It was almost like it had decided to get to know us, with or without our consent.

Unfortunately, Suki, my eldest cat, was taken ill a few weeks later with an illness that couldn’t be treated. She had been a healthy 15-year-old, so I was not prepared to lose her to the spirit world just yet. Suki had to be put down in October of that year.

After Suki’s death the cat was not seen again until December, when it just re-appeared for no reason again. This time my 13-year-old dog was getting worse after 2 years of heart treatment. Rigsey had been brought up with cats, and often made people laugh by acting like one. He wouldn’t eat anything other than cat food, and was small enough to use the cat flap to take him into the garden. Over the next few weeks, he often behaved strangely, obviously watching something in the corner of the room. He would wag his tail, looking pleased, as if ‘seeing psychically’ an old friend.

The cat appeared to us on numerous occasions over the Christmas period, up until Rigsey died in January 1996. The cat was not seen again for the next 2 years.

Since this strange set of occurrences, I have been given many instances from other people that are very similar in nature. Not all spirit animals appeared before the deaths of beloved pets. Some were seen to accompany people too.

My mother had mentioned small shy fluffy animals, she said they ran under her bed when someone came into the room. Her doctor told me that it was hallucination causing it, due to the medication she was receiving. On another occasion, before my friend Angela’s dad past away, he talked of 2 Great Dane’s that sat on the end of his bed each night. He had refused all medicines!

Briefly, I caught a glimpse of our spirit cat at the beginning of July 98. Instantly, I knew I had to keep a close eye on my cats. It came as a shock when the next day I received a phone call from my brother. His dog had died the day before from a rare allergy to pollen after running through some long grass. His other dog was un-affected. It appeared that the cat was warning me of bad news about my brother's pet dog.

It seems the cat can appear as a warning to me, and give comfort to my pets in times of illness. We all have psychic ability, and when we choose to develop our natural second vision, we have all the creature comforts our soul needs. I personally have had overwhelming experience of animals in spirit, usually presenting themselves on stressful occasions of our lives. I do feel relieved that our spirit cat saw Rigsey and Suki safely on their transformation to ‘the other side.’ I now they are in good hands. Or should I say good paws!


Update 15th November 2002

The spirit cat visited me on November 14th 2002 and I was worried about one of my older cats, I had 6. Milly, my 3 year-old cat who has been often talked about in my 'Lynda's London' journal because of her amusing antics, was killed by a speeding car. I was not home at the time or she would have been in her usual place of sitting behind me in my chair while I was at my computer, leaving me balanced on the edge. I have posted a tribute to her, with pictures, at that section of my website.

Milly did let me know she was okay before I got home. I was at a tarot party and reading for 6 people. During the second reading (around 8pm) I told the woman I was vaguely picking up a small furry creature - a cat or a small dog - and that she was very upset about and she was sentimental about animals. I usually pick these things up clearly and could not give her more information than that. She told me that she did not have a cat or dog and did not like pets and certainly would not own one.

I telephoned the next day to tell her that my cat had died at around 8pm that night and that I could have picked up my own cat without realising it. If I had picked her up clearly then I don't think I could have carried on working that night and that is why it was a vague vision. Sometimes a vague warning numbs the shock and is helpful later when the full story becomes apparent. Spirit always work in the best way for the person that the message is for.

I do, however, feel reassured that Milly is in very good paws now and probably with my other animals in spirit.

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© Lynda Archard