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The 7 breaths is a visualisation to cleanse, protect and expand the electro-magnetic field known as the aura. It doesn't matter if you don't believe you have an aura, it's there anyway. It radiates colour and energy, which can be 'seen' 'sensed' or 'felt' by an aura reader. It can also show your state of mind, weaknesses or strengths, and illness long before it actually occurs in the body.

This exercise is used for several reasons: to remove unwanted or disruptive forces or energy around you. Or to relax you. Everyday you are absorbing negative energies from other people. Those who are angry, sad or miserable, can make you feel tired and worn out. They are called 'psychic vampires' and we all come into contact with them at some stage of our life. You are especially prone to 'vampirism' if you work with lots of people, or in counselling, or caring professions. Your aura will 'feel' cold over affected areas, or can be seen as grey patches.

Practising this exercise daily will help to re-build your aura, and help stop negative energy from penetrating it. It will give you more energy, and help you appear more attractive and vibrant. When 'repaired' it will enable you to help heal or 'deal' effectively with negative people. You can visualise them happy again, or calm them down if they have been angry, but without depleting your own energies. Vampires don't know they are 'taking' your energy, just as you don't delibrately 'take' it from others, so please don't accuse friends and/or colleagues of vampirism!

To perform this excercise, first sit or stand comfortably. Your toes should be pointing towards each other, tongue up to the top of your mouth just behind your top front teeth. Visualise a bright white light bubbling up beneath your feet. Now send it up the right side of your body, sweeping over your head, and down the left side 7 times. Breath in deeply as the light travels up, and breath out as it travels down.Then up behind you and over and down your front 7 times. See it as completely encasing you swirling in the directions mentioned. As it does so, it is cleansing and absorbing any negative energy around you. To finish send the energy back down, in the opposite direction to which it first travelled, to the earth beneath your feet. Thank the god/goddess for this action and ask that the negative energy be disposed of efficiently. It's done!

I performed the '7 breaths' before a 'kirlian aura' photograph was taken. My aura is usually yellow/orange with some green. After the 7 breaths it was a calm shade of blue. With the picture, a print out of it's meaning should have been printed, but it didn't work. The woman taking the picture, herself a medium, shouted 'Stop it Pat.' 'Oh! I wonder who Pat is?' She laughed. Well I had to tell her that 'Pat' was my mother who died 11 years ago, and she never liked her picture taken. As I said this, the print out worked. The lady decided to take another picture to make up for it, but by then I was thinking logically again. The next picture was yellow/orange with bits of green again. So please don't e-mail asking me if this works. I know it does! Now I use it before doing mediumship or meditation, and the results have since been so much stronger. Please e-mail with any other spiritual or psychic questions. I will be glad to help if I can!



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