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*points to Leo, then points out* Maybe you should join Kari upstairs on the roof...
Here goes nothing....*he said with bashful grin, then, going to the roof, came up behind Kari* Beautiful night, isn't it?
Yeah it is...*slightly leans her head back on his shoulder*
*he smiled at her* And what's more, we can finally get a moment.
Yeah....*smiling back*
*slightly nervous, he began* I think we're both kind of....well, aware....of the way we feel about each other...
*turns to face him* Let's tell each first.
*he mustered up some courage* Well, you know I love you Kari, but I think it's developed to beyond the point of friendship. I've started to love you in a different way...
Oh? Please don't hide it Leo....I want to know more.
What I've been trying to get around that....I feel more for you than I ever did a romantic way Kari. *he said, taking one of her hands in his, living on a prayer*
*smiled more* Leo......I've felt the same exact way, but we just haven't been able to tell each other with Roger intruding in all the time...
*he grinned bashfully and looked up at the stars a moment*
*looked up with them* What are you thinking of now?
I just want to take in the moment, to be able to remember what it felt like...
Oh.....what what felt like?
Hearing you admit your feelings, knowing it all for sure. *he answered softly*
*nodded, looked back up at the stars*
*then looked back at Kari and kissed her cheek softly* A beautiful night as a backdrop for a beautiful you.....what more could I ask for?
*blushed even more, looking into his blue eyes* Another kiss perhaps?
*he smiled a soft smile* May I?
You may...
I hope you don't mind an old-fashion romance... *his hand brushed her hair line and moved down to her cheek in a gentle caress, he leaned in slowly to kiss her lips dulcetly*
*leaned forward herself* I don't...*then brushed her lips slowly against his*
*he broke the kiss slowly, running his fingers back along her hairline again* I love you Kari.
I love you too Leo.....*slowly tracing his face with her finger*
It's nice to hear...*he admitted in a hushed tone*
Same with me....*turning back to face out, leans into him* I wonder what Roger will think of us?
So do I...but he'll just have to deal with things, because if anything takes you away from me, it won't be him. *he reassured.*
Oh? May I ask why?
I simply won't let him.
*started laughing* Are you afraid he'll try for me?
*he chuckled* No, no...but I don't know just what his reaction will be. I've got to be ready for anything. *he said with a wink*
*nodded* Twinkie?
*gives him one*
Thanks. *taking some cream on his finger, he dashed it on her nose and set about making a meal of his twinkie*
*looked at her nose, then back at him with a curious look*
*he grinned* Just because.
*doesn't touch the cream* Going to take it off? *before starting on hers*
*he angled his face to the left, looking at her from the right side of his eyes, grinning* Want me to?
If you want.
*he kissed it off her nose*
*smiled after he pulled back* Was the cream still tasty Leo?
Even sweeter. *he said with a wink*
*started to eat hers, slides to sit down* Oh...
*he sat next to her* You okay?
Yeah I am. *then looked up at the rooftop door, smearing cream across her mouth to her cheek, muffled she said* Oh great.......Mr. I don't want to go out anymore is here.
*glanced over in the direction in which Kari was looking.*
*appears in the doorway, holding it open*
*rolled her eyes and looked up* What now Roger?
*emotionless* It's cold. Come inside.
*looked over at Leo, shrugging*
*glances back at Roger, then at Kari and nods subtley to her*
I guess. Give us a few more minutes please?
*silently turns and goes back down the steps*
*started to wipe her face off while slowly moving to stand* Wonder why he wants us downstairs?
I don't know....*looks down*
Please, let's just obey his orders...
*sound of guitar being tuned*
*stands up* Allright then...
We tried. *heading down again* Wish I had a place of my own...
Hey, something is better than nothing. *follows*
*watches them come in from the back of the room with his guitar*
*waves sweetly* We're here Rog.......
Hey again...*greets Roger*
*sitting on a table with a jar of pickles wedged bewteen her legs* Hey, guys!
*raises brow* What did I say wrong?
Nothing. *takes a big bite out of a pickle* He's just in a mood.
Hi Maureen.
Hey honey. *shoves a pixie stix in his face* Want one?
No, no...that's quite allright, thanks.
*giggles from a corner*
*just kinda nods, looking at floor*
*hears a faint ringing from downstairs* Is that our phone? *then dashes out*
*mutters something incoherent*
QUIET EVERYBODY! *sighs* That may be important...and Roger stop muttering.
*wants to shrink into the floor*
Something wrong Leo?
*tilts his head back, resting it on the wall, watching everyone* course not.
*gurgles* Liar.
*looking up from his camera* Huh?
Right on the head.
*no response*
Roger shush!
*wanting to avoid conflict, he decided not to mention that it was Roger who was making him nervous/uncomfortable*
I was called?
*deep, throaty chuckle*
*comes back upstairs, turns and slowly heads towards rooftop stairs* I can't.......believe this...
You ran out of twinkies?
What's the matter?
*stops in middle of floor* No...I didn't run out of twinkies. My father died, he left me his.........his.......
*raises eyebrow*
*steps close to her, takes hold of her arm*
His estate. *shakes head* You guys want to move in?
I'm serious Mark.
*bites lip, not sure what to say*
*remains silent*
Say something.......anybody. *looking at Leo's eyes again* Please.
What, is this all up to me?
Well, a question. Where is it?
It's uptown. *shaking her head for a reply to Mark* Who wants to move in?
Uptown, eh? Doesn't sound half-bad to me.
Sounds nice...
Congratulations Kari!
It's more uptown than you think. Uptown meaning......above Central the ritzy part.
I say let's do it!
*raises brows* In the ritzy part? I can't afford to live up there...
You can now. Dad left his house to me. It's fully paid for...
Yes, but other expenses....
Fully paid for.
Leo, remember that I'm also in show business! I can help pay. Let's just do it.
*mulls it over a moment*
It sounds great!
Listen, there's no bills to pay at all. All we have to do is move in.......*walking away* We just have to let the servants know when we do.
*has trouble keeping jaw from dropping*
I suddenly feel spoiled.
Go ahead Leo......let your mouth drop from surprise.
*watches all silently, fingers plucking at the strings of his guitar softly*
*watches Roger still* We'll all have our own rooms.
*softly plucks out Musetta's Waltz, saying nothing*
*jaw returns to normal* I want to say yes?
I guess nobody wants to. Should I call the lawyer and refuse?
No! I mean....take me with you?
I won't if Leo doesn't want to guys...
No, it's not that I don't want to. It's just that little voice in the back of my mind...
Well honey, tell it to just shut up and move on!
What do you want Leonard? Angel......
*hits two cords that sound like they're mocking Leo*
Amen Angel!
*makes face upon hearing "Leonard"* Just Leo....not short for Leonard. *wants to thank Roger oh, so much, for his support*
Sorry. Roger please talk to them?
Well, come ON! Just spew it! You wanna go uptown with us!
*hits two other cords, mocking Collins*
Okay, I'm there. *nods resolutely*
Now, Roger...*skips over* Why so upset?
Great. All are going, Roger gets left behind. *goes to make call*
*doesn't respond verbally, yet musically*
*rolls the camera*
Before I do......may I talk to Roger alone?
*sticks camera in Kari's face, then leaves the room*
*pats Roger gently, then leaves*
*hesitates, but goes*
*glares* If you do that one more time Mark...that camera won't see the light of day next time you want to use it!
*pulling Mimi out with her* Toodle-pip!
*runs up, sticks it in her face again, then dashes out the door*
Mark, give me the camera now.
I'll fix it soon. *sits in chair in kitchen* Roger?
MY camera. Get yer own. *walks off*
*pulls him back* Behave around Kari. Why do you like to pick on her?
Roger please talk to me?
Because it's fun?
*strums out Musetta's Waltz*
*leans against hallway wall, then begins to pace*
Will you all stop and take a look at yourselves???
*mocking chord*
Do you want to have a broken camera Mark?
Roger, I'm sorry. *now stands beside him*
MY camera and no, but that doesn't matter. I have a lifetime supply of twinkies.
Collins honey, be easy...
I'm trying Angel.
And you Mark, there's a time and a've got to learn that honey. *pats his shoulder*
*plays with his strings*
*goes back to wall, slinks down against it*
*stops him* Roger look at me...
For this? *shoves the camera in Collins' face*
*eyes shift over at her face*
Yes, for the camera....please Mark...
*snatches it fast* Stop it. It's irritating!
What did I do wrong to make you hate me?
*mutters* I don't hate you.
If you can't respect other people's wishes, they won't respect get what you give, is all I'm trying to say....
Sorry Mark. *looks down at Leo*
You're what you own. *shrugs*
Then what is it Rog?
What happened to all the LOVE I used to feel between all of us? *puts hands on hips*
*shrugs, rests head in hands*
*shrugs* I dunno hun.
*listens inside*
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm willing to try and get it back.
*stares at him for a minute, then waltzes out* I couldn't get him to talk to me....
*slowly begins to play whatever comes to mind*
Kari, meet Roger.
*head perks* I want to go in there and give him a piece of my mind...
*smirks* You can try.. good luck.
*glances up at Kari for reassurance*
*nods* Be my guest Leo...
You're not gonna ... hit... him, are you? You wouldn't DARE hit the Moody One...would you?
Where would you get an idea like that? *taken aback*
Just looking at that fist at your side just gave it away.
And don't hit please.
Erm...oh.....*unclenches fist* Wish me luck.
You go boy!
Good luck. *standing beside each other*
*smiles faintly, goes in rather timidly* Roger???
Bring me back a tuft of his hair?
*listens at closed door*
*strums idily*
I think we need to talk...and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't strum while so.
*waltzes up* Why are you all out here in the hall?
*hits a nothing cord, then sets the instrument down*
We're all getting high.
Very funny.
Could I ask you what you're upset about?
I'm not upset.
I knew you'd enjoy it.
Well, lemme rephrase that: What's on your mind?
*tries to hear more* Quiet please.......*then looks at Angel*
*quiet* Nothing.
Quit listening! *Whispers harshly*
*sighs, backs away from door* Yes mother.....
Is it me? Is it Kari and I? There's got to be something...
*Grins, kisses his cheek* That's more like it.
*slyly* Want me to punish him, Angel?
That wasn't me, you told that to Kari...
May I please listen again? *making notice of Benny beside door*
You people are awful! Eavesdropping! *pauses, then prances over to the door*
*gets back into place, then slowly draws leg up some* Is Benny still here behind me?
Well then, why are you being so....I think childish would be the word that comes to mind. *standing more resolute, determined even*
Leo, you want me to be honest?
*nods* I'd appreciate it, yes.
*scolds all at door* Stop that!
*politely* Shhh! It's getting good! *giddy* This is like a soap opera...
*kicks Benny squarely, he falls down* Ok....
Would you like it? *warning brow*
*gets up, standing to his full height* I know about your relationship with Kari and I respect that. I've known of other relationships she's had and what she needs, you have.
*leans against wall beside Collins*
*presses ear to door*
Well, thanks...that's nice to hear...
*shaking head, goes on the other side of Kari*
What are they saying?
Not you too honey...
I was asking Mark.
But the thing is, other guys had it as well. *raises brow* I've seen a lot of others, Leo. I want to trust you with her, but I can't.
Can't hear much....Roger's talking.
He is?
Yeah....saying something....he sounds desperate.
Do I need to go inside?
Roger, I thought we were know I'd never go out to hurt Kari...
*shakes her head* No, we'd be able to hear them if you would.
How do I know that? How do I know that you won't do anything to hurt her? *runs hand through hair*
Ok. *goes downstairs to make call to lawyer*
But we WANT to hear them!
*shakes head* And all this time I thought you trusted me....*looks up* That's just a chance you'll have to take, I don't know what else to tell you.
Well, you'll just have to wait!
I don't know HOW to wait!
Can't trust many people these days Leo.
You could sure say that think you know a guy...
Well, we'll have to have ourselves a lesson!
Open the door just a little Mark...
*shoots glare at Collins* Right to privacy....
Y'know what Leo? A lot of people don't know me.
To protect, BUT we have to communicate.
It's hard to get to know someone who doesn't want to be...well, known. Not to ruffle your feathers, but sometimes you can ward people off.
*rolls eyes*
Sorry Angel.
No kidding.
So open the door!
I'll deal with you later. *winks*
No, leave the door closed.
*waggles finger* Naughty Angel!
*bats eyes innocently* You mean ME? It must've been some other drag queen...
Listen, I talked for you. What else do you want from me?
Thanks. I mean that, but there's one more thing I've got to ask. Could we work on this trust issue?
By doing what?
*comes back* I got the house! It has several rooms and full staff.....swimming pool. Two adjoining for me and one for Leo and Roger to share.....
Oh, they'll be THRILLED to hear that!
Along with Mark. It has like a loft thing......both suites cover two floors.
Look, we'll talk it over later.
*looks at feet* I'm not sure....never was sure about trust....*looks back to Roger* Well, I think we've got to get ourselves to the point where we'll let each other trust each other...
*smirk* That'll be the day.