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Tsk, tsk...why did you two fight Roger?
*keeps his head down, refusing to talk*
*pats Roger's shoulder*
Mark: *sighs* I don't know what to do..
*thinking* Got it.
You're fine Mark, but as soon as they get back, we'll try walking Roger through some sort of apology. What honey?
After Roger does apologize to Kari, he's to stop seeing Mimi.
*rubs the back of his neck, murmuring random things*
And Roger, stop burrowing into a hole!
We'll be here for you. *Keeps up patting*
*stands up suddenly* I'm not burrowing into a hole!
Looks to me like you are.
Easy does it boys....
You're leading my life! *backs up into a wall*
No I'm not. Mimi's ruining your life...
*murmurs* She's not ruining my life...*slides down the wall to sit on the ground*
She is Roger, I know it...*looking at l*
Roger, she's got you back to the dealers...that's just not good. We want you around for a good long while! *stands up, rubs his back*
*just goes limp, giving up*
We'd like Mimi around've both got to stop.
*nods slowly* Please stop Roger?
*begins to shake*
*hugs Roger*
*buries his face in Angel's shoulder, shaking getting stronger*
This isn't helping at all have to promise us.
Uhh....he's paling.
*rocks back and forth on her heels* It's allright....
I give up. If he wants to ruin his life, I won't stop him.
*curls himself up*
Now, now, don't be's hard getting out of things like this....addictions are dangerous and not easy to overcome.
*moans softly*
*rolls his camera*
We're here for you Roger, we love you. *disregards camera*
*stops him* Not yet...
*lowers the camera*
*mutters* Crack...
Kills, Roger. Crack kills.
*talking to Mark still* Tape the reunion instead!
*shakes again* Crack...need...crack...
When Kari and Roger make up.
One step at a time...when you apologize to Kari and be civil to her, you get crack.
Oh...*looks at his camera, then at l and Roger* I wonder just how long it's been since he had crack...
I don't want to know either.
For now, with your crack, we're on a motivational basis...and we get tougher from there.
Crack...crack...*jerks away*
When you apologize first, then you can have a taste.
You can do this Roger. Mind over matter honey.
This is almost like when he went through withdrawal...
*turns to Mark* It will be.
*nodded* Exactly...
*deep sigh* Not again.
*scoots away into a corner, hugging himself*
You've got your music, you've got us, you've got a roof over your'll be okay Roger. Not for a long while, but it will be.
*stares at the floor, pale*
*entering loft again, she sits down in opposite corner, staring at Roger*
*waves to Kari quickly, trots over to Roger* Come on...
*ollows behind Kari warily*
Yes Mark?
*tries to back up more into the wall, avoiding Angel's hand*
Glad you're here.
Now Mark is when you can tape.
*whispers* Now, now....just think, you get crack for this....
*bites lip, and hesitantly roles the film*
*attempts to curl into a ball*
*still sits staring at Roger, then gets to her feet* I see that he hates me...
*takes Roger by arm, turns him around gently* I won't have talk like that....there's no hate here. *announces resolutely*
*remains silent*
*zooms in on Kari*
*rises to his feet, takes a few steps, then snaps back*
It's the truth Angel. He only sees Mimi in his eyes. I'm not important and GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!
*follows, whispers in his ear* Come on now....I can only push so much.
Eek! *moves away*
*assumes a spot next to Mark, hoping it may be a safe zone*
*looks over at Kari, eyes wide*
*bites lip, lowers head quickly trying to hide* Yes I have a voice.
*films silently*
But none of us are using our voices for the right reasons....*sighs, shrugging, moving away from Roger, she'd made her effort and couldn't push more until at least another few hours*
*moves back and forth in Kari's direction, as if suddenly changing his mind to go to her, then back away* Kari...
*lifts head again* My voice isn't meant to be heard from anger, my voice may not be much, but what my voice is meant to be heard for is of friendship that I have with all, not just one soul. True I may not like the interruptions that occur, but I've grown to live with them, as I'm sure you can live without crack.
Kari...Kari, sorry...hit all you want, sorry...
*Is quite taken aback by both the mini-speech and the response*
No Roger. I won't hit you. I care far too much to do that. *then going into kitchen to sit alone*
*stands beside Collins, grasping his hand*
No, Kari! Kari, please...
*nodding* She's good...
*looks out at him* Hm?
Please what? Sorry? I'm not hearing what you're trying to say. *wants him to be open more*
*nods to Roger*
Hit me...Kari, please...
Why should I hit you? That's just bringing me more anger towards you, I don't want that...
*bites lip*
Kari! Kari, Kari...
If you insist...*getting up and walking over to him*
*bites lip*
*hides head in Collins' shoulder*
*doesn't hit him at all, surprises all with a kiss to Roger's cheek* You're like a big brother to me.
*brings head up, smiling*
*stands there, stunned* Kari...
Yes Roger?
*face palms*
*sigh of relief*
Why? Because I don't hit my friends. I never have hit them. As for big brother, that's what you are to me.
*squeezes Collins' hand*
*starts applauding Kari's bravery*
*looks around, eyeing everything, head snaps over at Collins*
*smiles half-heartedly*
*immediately stops* Sorry...
*backs away some* What do you mean?
*backs up against wall* Closing, run...closing! *throws head to the side* RUN!
What? What's wrong?
Roger, what is it?
Uh oh...
*tries to grip the wall* Colours!
What's happening Mark? Did I cause it? *keeping eyes on Roger*
You caused's withdrawal.
Should I call someone? *looks rather helpless* A doctor?
MIMI! *tries to run for it*
Grab him! *grabs Roger's arm*
*grabs the other*
Oh. *then runs out again, heads downstairs*
He wants Mimi because she has his stash...
*lurches forward, then struggles*
I'll see if I can get in touch with Gordon....*leaves*
*shortly comes back* ROGER STOP! *holds some up* Please stop. Is this what you're looking for?
I hope that's not what I think that is...
*wild-eyed* Crack...
*hides it in her hands* Promise me one thing...
*hisses in his ear* Promise, Roger!
Promise me that you will knock when you see that I'm not downstairs?
What...what do
*looks at Mark at that*
Listen to Leo, Rog...
*then nodding* That's it.
*looks to the corner, then at Kari* Y...yes...
*shows hand* You can have *hasn't told what is really in it*
*looks at it and slowly takes it in his hand, flipping it over and feeling it*
*watches and hopes he sees what friendship really is*
*lets go of Roger*
*lets go of his arm* Is that...?
*coming in* Guys?
*whispers in Mark's ear so Roger can't hear anything* Confectioner's sugar.
*nods* That's what I thought.
Yes Mimi?
Hey Mimi...
*looks up at Mimi, throws the bag on the floor*
What's going on here? *looks at the 'stash', then at Roger, then at everyone else* I saw Angel near the support group.
A helluva lot...
*looks down at it, then back at him* Roger just showed me that he can live without crack...I think.
What...what did you guys do?
Want it from the beginning?
It's lengthy.
*sits down on a chair, head in hands*
I wanna know.
*returns, Gordonless* Oh hi Mimi! *brightly, seeing Roger "contained"*
*first shows her cheek* Roger did this during a fight...then I left...
Angel! Roger hit you?
*looks around warily, then takes off his coat, standing up*
*nods* I returned however and Roger was begging me to hit him. I didn't though.
Why did he want you to hit him? *glances over at Rog*
Where's Gordon?
I don't know why, he wouldn't tell.
Maybe he realized a few things. Gordon wasn't there, his mother's in the hospital.
*looking actually 'normal' for a minute* I'm sorry...for everything...everything...
*has been silent for awhile* Does anybody else think it's time for Leo and Kari to be ALONE?
*raises hand* I.
To do what? *smirk*
*blushes, face palms*
*rolls eyes at Mimi, heads out and goes upstairs to roof of building*