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*enters the Life Cafe, spots them and saunters over* Hey dude and dudette! What's with the ice pack?
*turns head* Roger's hit...
*nods* Be glad you missed it.
Are you kidding??? It must've been the fight of the century! *sits down* People would pay money to see that!
Not you too? *hiding eyes* I wasn't expecting a hard hit, but he started this to begin with!
Anything I can do for you? *asks, quite obviously concerned after all, this is the chick he digs*
My psychic friend told me something like this would happen! Crack kills.
No, just try to keep psycho away from me from now on until he gets off drugs...
Allright....but if you think of anything else, let me know. *sitting back*
Twinkies. This has to have something to do with TWINKIES! *after strange looks* It was in the cards, allright?
*glances up at Maureen* Twinkies? *then at Leo* Actually...I would like a night out with our friends...
Out-out or here-out?
Here's fine...unless Maureen has a place?
Uh....not really?
Then here.
When do you want to eat?
Whenever, I guess.
*looks at Maureen* Where's Joanne?
I guess now. *motions for waiter*
Works for me.
*gets menus from waiter, hands Leo one* I'm not that hungry so I'll just have something light...
I'm not gonna have anything. I just ate with my psychic friend. I came here because I knew you guys would be here.
*gives Maureen a sidelong glance* Allright....I'm buying.
Ooohhhhhh, Twilight Zone time again Leo...
It never ends. *grins, flips open menu*
*looks over hers, looks at Maureen again for help*
The miso soup is really good, or pasta with meatless balls.
*makes face, then busies self with menu once again* I'll have...fries.Yeah, fries.
Tempting yes, but I want a hamburger. Haven't eaten in days...
Go for it.
I'll share mine......
Or the classic hamburger is the way to go.
Nah, wrap up and take home what you don't eat.
That's what I was want. Classic. You sure? I know you don't have much...
*nods* You know I don't eat much, even when presented a feasting opportunity. If I start now, I'll get myself sick.
*nods* Allright. *orders food*
Aren't you going to get a drink? I'll pay for it if it's a problem.
*chimes in after waiter* Water for me and....
No, I'll pass this time.
And water for me...
Two glasses of water Leo?
*looks pityingly at Leo* Maybe I should go...
No, stay. *whispering* Maybe you can help us?
*in her way of understanding, she nods*
*smiles her thanks*
*looks from one to the other, shrugs as waiter comes bearing food* Ah, nourishment
*sits back* You'll see later Leo.
Fried sustenance.....*takes fries, passes burger, and takes water*
*starts eating* Sure you don't want half?
*pats fry-carton*
*nodding again, eats only half, saves other half for later*
*picks at fries like bird*
*to Leo* Are you just going to sit there and pick at them, or are you actually going to eat them? Just curious.
This is how I eat....
If you really want to call it that...
Maureen, please tell me how you and Joanne manage to be alone without intrusions?
*ears perk*
Quite frankly, we only get to see each other at night. That's what makes our relationship work.
But at night is when I'm home alone...I quit dancing cause I can't do that and write at the same time.
This way, we're anxious to see each other, and we don't have time to fight....though we find it. We're too busy catching up and....
*interjects* We don't want to know Maureen.
Just because I do with a girl what you would do with a girl doesn't make it wrong, because we're both doing it to girls.
I'm not saying it's wrong, but it's not perfect dinner conversation.
It's not like you're eating anyway
*sighs having caused another fight, gets up to leave again*
We're not fighting...just arguing. Right?
It's what we do. You didn't cause it.
Yeah, but no matter where I am, it's starts as an argument, ends up a fight. I'll just go home and isolate myself.
Don't. If Joanne and I don't have it out and just leave each other, it gets worse than it would've been if we just screamed at each other.
I promise, my hands'll be kept to myself...please, sit down?
*does that, staying quiet*
Look, you guys obviously have some issues that are apparent to both of you but aren't out in the open...why don't you tell each other now? Get it out and over with and maybe you two will actually be able to love each other like you mean to.
*looks back and forth from one to the other, then settles his eyes on Kari*
Everytime we do try, Roger comes in...
*nods, not quite sure what to say*
*eyes turn to Leo* What is it you want to tell me? I can tell you've had something to say for awhile...
*glances at Maureen and gives Kari a look as if to say, Not now*
*nods in understanding* Let's all go back to the loft?
Come on you guys, it's really theraputic.
D'you think it's safe?
Well, I have to go, anyway
Yeah. *grabbing icepack again*
I have to work out something with Benny, bye
Okay. We're off then....
*heading out, bumps into Joanne by accident*
*gets up, follows*