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*pokes Leo*
*snaps out of his daze/lack-of-being-played-induced coma*
*raises brow* What's wrong?
Who me??? *he asks drowsily*
*sits typing at comp still*
*shrugs, begins to sift through negatives on desk*
*glances over, breaks from typing*
I'm trying to figure out what these are from....*he explains, holding one up to the light and tilting his head back*
Oh? *watching still* Take your time...
*turns head to her a moment.* Am I distracting you? *quickly goes back to negatives, fiddling with the neck of his desk lamp so as to shine it on the negative and perhaps get a better view*
No...*then spots Roger walk in, bites lip, thinking* Another moment ruined. *turns back to finish typing*
Hey there....*he greets, tossing the negative down on the desk, frustrated with it*
*sighing to herself* Hi Roger...
*flashes a smile, sinking into a chair, grabbing his guitar*
*shakes head, still types, pulls headphones on*
How're things? *asks, glancing quickly at Kari, shrugging and turning attention back to Roger*
Could be better. *tunes it*
*screaming over Roger's guitar* DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!
How very true...*mutters to self, and then gives a thumbs-up sign to Kari*
*raises brow*
*turns* What?
She faces the trials of author-dom. *he explains*
Oh. *checks the strings*
*nods, turns back to comp, hits button* No...........oh no!
*head perks up* What?
My book............lost!
*smirk* Deleted another novel by accident? *murmurs, strumming* Never fails.
It's not funny Mr. I broke up with Mimi again!
*rude gesture*
*decides it best to busy self with negatives again* Hm...
*sighs rather loudly, trudges to kitchen for food* Sorry Roger...
*mutters something rude*
Really sorry.
Do you know what these are from? *passes Roger a negative, trying to change subject* Can't remember what belonged to what roll....
Sorry 'bout what? *takes the negative, putting it up to whatever light there is* Uhmm...
*goes over* Sorry about what I called you. May I see?
Be my guest. They're trying to kick me out of the film lab again, but now they're futzing around in the darkroom.
*squints at it before handing it to Kari* I think it's some kind of party...
*shrugs, twists desk lamp, takes up more negatives*
*goes back to trying to come up with a tune*
Could be that firm party I did a few months back...*muses aloud*
*takes negative, gasps*'s...a bathroom shot? How did you manage to take it?
*looks almost bewildered* Hm?
*shows him* Got a pic of Roger in the shower...
*head snaps up* WHAT?!
*comes up behind Kari* Hm....
*holds it up still* Nice view too I must say...
*grabs it*
Why did you do that Roger?
*goes back to desk, sifting through desk drawer*
No way in hell are you developing that.
I won't let him. *then innocently looks at Leo*
*makes a noise similar to a growl and turns around*
*looks from one to the other and playing the naive one, gives a* What?
*shrugs, goes back to comp, turns it off* Ask him.
*gets up, setting his guitar aside*
*thinks* Uh-oh...he's getting up....NOT GOOD.
*watches* Where are you going?
*goes back to drawer, flipping through folders*
*stuffs his hands deep into his pockets* Nowhere, right now.
*thinks* He is going somewhere, but where? Ok. Want a Twinkie?
*praying* Don't let him beat me Lord....don't let him beat me.....
*raises eyebrow* They still make those?
*nods* Take your AZT.
*grabs pill container from the desk, checking the label, seeing it's some kind of pill that's bad*
Eureka! *gathers negatives, puts rubber band around them, stuffs them in labeled envelope*
*hands twinkie over to Roger after* Good boy.
*takes the twinkie* Thanks....*breaks it in half, offering one half*
I feel accomplished.
No, have a full box. *going to stand beside Leo* Oh?
*shrugs, setting it down, then grabs his duster* I'm going out for awhile.
Where to? *curious*
Negatives from July, some office party I did. Dunno why people want pictures of this stuff. *shrugs*
*shrugs* Just...out. *leaves*
Bye Roger......*turning* That's good. *shuffles feet*
*charges right in, throwing her coat to the side*
G'morning or afternoon or whatever it may be.
*raises brow at that, sits down on couch*
S'the afternoon. *sits on the edge of the table*
What happened now?
Gotta question for you. *chair swivels to face her* I found a mysterious picture of Roger...
*sneaky grin* Yes?
Did you ever give me film to develop? Perhaps...with....a....picutre of him? *bites lip*
*quietly reads to herself*
What....sort of picture are you talking about?
We found a negative of a picture of Roger... *pauses* bathroom shot....*has been brave for the day, is now allowed to be cowardly for the next 24 hours*
*grins widely* In what position?
Front shot, no curtain...
*face palms*
*grin* Did you get it developed?
Roger grabbed the negative first.
Yeah....though if you really want a copy, I can raid the film lab.
Yeah, get me a copy! *sighs* Roger can really ruin things like that.
*shrugs* Sometimes I manage to play around with negatives...
Don't feel so bad. Why do you think I erased half my book?
Was that on purpose? *cocks head*
No, Roger made me do it with his strumming.
Ah. Allrighty, then. *nods*
*pats Kari's back* If it'll make you feel better, I'll hunt down the druggie and beat him silly.
No......just wish he'd pop in at other times...
Man plans, God laughs. What can we do? *winks*
When you guys are hittin' on each other? *claps hand to mouth, looking around* I guess it's time for me to go.
Who told you that? *dropping book*
*looks from one gal to another, wondering if he could somehow trigger spontaneous combustion*
*stands up, grabbing her coat* Nobody. S'obvious. *looks over to the only male in the room* Trying to spontaneously combust there? Gotta get crack to do that.
*slides down onto floor, groaning softly*
Darn...*snaps fingers in mock disappointment*
*throws a bag of white powder onto the table* Gotta run, I'm Roger-hunting. *leaves*
*looks over at it*
*it sits there*
You really want to try that stuff?
*shakes head.* Nah, it's a rather unattractive habit if you ask me.
I agree. *gets up, goes for another twinkie*
*glances at Kari first* Might as well? At least this one knocks.
Why do you knock when it's your place? Just come in like Mimi and Roger do.
*opens the door* I never know what's going on in here that's why.
Yeah, people could be wild and high in here....*gets up and removes crack from the table, pinching the bag between his thumb and pointer fingers*
*grabs twinkie box* I'll be downstairs if you need me. *starts towards door*
*carrying his ever-present camera* Mimi was here?
Yeah. *exits place*
*comes in, shrugging past Kari*
*then decides to go after him* What was that for?
*nods, peering at drug* How do I get this out of here?
*peers at it* Crack. *holds out hand* Can I have it?
No! *grabs it first, then hiding it* I'll take it.
Good move.
Augh...*stuffs hand into pocket*
*to Roger* Bad junkie....crack is bad.
What were you going to do with it anyway?
No, good junkie. Crack is good. I'm gonna cook with it. *smirk*
Close up on Roger's psychotic face...
Roger no junkie. Roger pain in the butt. *heading to bathroom*
I thought they were supposed to fix this stuff in re-hab....*waits for flush*
Zoom in on Leo...
*yells after her* I'm not a pain in the butt! I'm just a guy!
*shakes head* I like to stay behind my own, thanks.
*does that, then comes back out* All times you'd think he'd stop Mimi doing this, then Mimi starts him on it...
*shrugs* Life has it's ups and downs.
You expected these children to learn?
Hey, it was worth a shot.
*rolls eyes, whispers in Mark's ear* When will I have time alone with Leo?
*looks around for the bag*
*whispers* I'll get Roger outta here for ya.
No, I'm going. *leaves again*
*shrugs, slumps down in chair*
*eyes her as she leaves* Women. *looks down at the table* Crack.
*chuckles* Your two problem areas.
*looks up at Leo* Annoying bastard.
*from downstairs through heating vent* I HEARD THAT!
Whoa! Zoom in on possessed heating vent...
*chuckles* She's good.
Damn! *takes the twinkie half, scoops the filling out and throws it down the vent*
*races upstairs after that, fights with Roger*
Whoa! Get out the camera Leo!
Hey, hey! We don't need blood stains!
*stuffs the rest of the twinkie in her face*
SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! *keeps fighting*
*watches, feeling rather helpless*
*slaps her hard*
*stops, runs out, never to return to that place again*
*cursing violently, follows her, dealing some choice words to Roger as he passes*
*stands there stunned*
*has left note on table downstairs about moving to another place away from Roger*
*reads it, stands there a moment, ends up slamming fist on table, still cursing*
*comes down warily, dragging Roger behind him*
*knocks* What just happened?
Crack kills....*he mutters* Come on in.
Would someone tell me what's going on?
Roger and Kari got into a fight, Roger slapped her, she ran out.
Smart move Roger.
*he sits down, quite ignorant to the rest of the world, pondering*
Now guess who has to find her?
*tries to get out of Mark's grasp, violently*
*lifts head, stands up, shoots look at Roger*
Roger, start your search now and apologize.
I don't think she wants to see him. After all, he smacked her.
*curses* I might just do that to you as well photo-boy.
Then you go and assure her wherever she may be.
*how he wanted to hit him, but he knew that Roger would strike back and that it wouldn't help matters*
Just go find Kari, I'll deal with Roger.
Thanks...*he said quickly, grabbing a sweatshirt and pulling it over his head as he left*
*curses loudly*
Why did you hit Kari?
Why does that matter? *rams his fist into a garbage can*
Because it's not like you.
*trots in* Hey, what's all this racket I hear? Whattsamatter boys?
Kari was hit...
*turns back*
Roger's being himself.
*stops short, glances from one to the other and then to the next* Well, there's no need for that....*he said, coming over and putting a gentle hand on Roger's shoulder* You just cool off now...allright honey?
Roger tell me please? Why did you hit her?
*sits at cafe with icepack to her cheek*
*shudders violently, close to tears*
*manages to find her.* Hey there...
*turns to Mark* Who started it?
*takes Roger by the arms and sits him down, then sitting himself next to him.*
*looks up, waves*
It's okay sweetie, we all get a little worked up sometimes....
Are you okay? *slides into seat across from her.*
Tell me more.
*ducks his head down, putting hands behind his neck, trying to keep everyone from seeing his face*
*pulls icepack down* Look like I'm ok?
From what I heard, Roger was saying something, then flung twinkie goop down the heating vent at Kar and they fought.