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It's Official!

*RENT-A New American Musical: The official site. If you ask me (Leo), it's rather gaudy. I guess that's the look they were going for.

*RENT in the UK: The official UK site. If anyone can find a way in, because all that comes up for me is a white screen stating that it was last updated on May 1st, 2001, let Leo know!

*RENT Phillipines: The official site of the Manila production which took place from 10/1-11/20, 1999.

Fan Sites

Personally, I, Leo, am quite dissatisfied with the fan sites out there; half-decent ones are scarce. It's not just the information on a page that should make it stand out, but the site as a whole: formatting, layout, easy navigation, etc. If a site isn't user-friendly, then no one is going to want to look at it! All right, now that I've blown my top, here are the links:

*You Might Be A Renthead if...: This is a portion of a site called "The Lot". I haven't linked to the whole site because it's not exactly my favorite place. If you're dying to see it, there's a link to it on the bottom of the page (not this one, the Renthead site).

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