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Okay, let's set the record straight. "Leo" here. My name is not Leo. I don't know anyone named Leo. This Leo we speak of is not a real person! He's just a character run wild in the imagiation of one of the boardmasters (also known as the whacked-out one writing this paragraph). That funky drawing of him on his page, it's done by me! Don't take it! Hehe. The character and the pic are copyright moi!

The pictures on the picture page are actually from the program, when "Leo" saw the show on Broadway. They've just been slightly touched up, again, by "Leo". We do not claim to own them!

The links that are provided on this site are not all put here with permission.

We do not make any money or profit of any sort by running and maintaining this site. We're just two rabid fans of RENT who want to show our dedication to the musical. We don't claim in any way to own any part of the show.