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You are involved in business, but are having trouble making your business stand out amongst your competitors.

You have tried everything you can think of, and yet, folks just don't realize how special your business is and everything you have to offer.


  H & J Productions is a production company located in Ely, Nevada.  The staff consists of professionals with experience in radio broadcasting, production, and computer enhancement.  The staff utilizes a very creative mindset and talent to produce radio advertisements that grab the attention of a passive listener.

  The U. S. at this time is in an economic boom, and we at H & J Productions realize that business can still be lean in some areas compared to the overall Nation.  Production of radio advertisements can cost big bucks.  New and small businesses sometimes sacrifice radio advertising to save money, but lose customers to competitors in the long run.
Let H & J Productions  produce an ad for you at the fraction of the normal cost of other production companies.

  Our primary goal is to get your business noticed.  We give your business the attention that it deserves, at a cost you can afford. We will produce your advertisement at a quality that will set your business way above the competition.


30 Second Spot =  $99.00
60 Second Spot = $135.00

(This includes multiple voices, as needed;  music background;  multiple FX;  all studio time;   and placement onto a CD).

Of course there are reduced rates if multiple spots are requested.

All productions are buy out deals.  This means you can use your commercial as much as you want on as many formats as you want:

The only restriction placed on productions is that H & J Productions retains the copyright and neither the production or parts contained therein can be resold by the purchaser.


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For more information E-Mail us at

Last updated on 11-11-2000