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Anime Timeline

Dragonball Z/GT

Welcome to the Dragonball/Gundam HQ, here you will find information on the two biggest anime of all time, Dragonball and Gundam... This is for all you new people, there is going to be a dedicated section for newbies, as for all you diehard fans, you will not be dissappointed by this site, there will be constant updates, and new pics will be added just about all the time... .

For you newbies to anime, here's a breif explination... Anime is a japaneese slang word for animation, the first anime series was "AstroBoy", which aired in 1953... Since then anime has becom one of the most popular forms of animation of all-time, and is most know for their martial arts, and giant robots... To find out more, click on the NEWBIES link....

I hope you people enjoy the new look to the page, I just thought that the page looked too plain, so I changed it...


well i'm sorry haven't been working lately i've gotten a job too and i'm getting tired of not being mentioned it juast seems to be all heero this and heero that dude like i said take a break from it and let me add stuff ok? oh and my icq is broken i'll try and get it fixed.



Well, the GundamWing section has had a few updates, first of all I added a quotes section under the Heero Yuy bio, and I'm adding a few more bios as we speak, I hope to have a few more scripts up in a couple of days, and to make a Gundam info section, I'm going to try and get some of my own art put up on this page, There will be pics of Quatre, Duo, Wufei, Trowa, and a ton of Heero (lol) Well, that's it for now...

Heero update: Well don't really know what to say right now, not much is goin on here, I'm just busy bein bored, well guess yall can email me if ya want, my email addy is .... later- Heero_Yuy_gundam_pilot_01

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please tell your friends aboiut this site, and come back soon... please... thank you

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