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The Festival of Womyn's Spirituality
June , 2002
    We who gather yearly to create Womongathering, invite you to join us so that we may re-vision and manifest a feminine concept of wholeness. Womongathering creates a "wild zone" where we can envision shedding our imposed self-defeating beliefs, and uncover for ourselves, and in each other, the complex designs of our wild whole-selves that have been hidden from view.
 We believe that the cycles of womyns, bodies personify the regenerative power of the Universal Feminine, in the same manner the seasons change and the moon has phases. Therefore, in order to open ourselves to our whole-self, each year we explore the aspects of a specific Direction and Element as it affects our lives. In 2002 we will be looking to the direction of South, the element Fire.
    Intertwined with that exploration we celebrate, through community ritual, the triplet aspect of the Goddess which corresponds to the stages of our lives. The concept of the Triple Goddess is found in many cultures and belief systems. As a Maiden (whole unto herself-symbolized by the moon), Saturn appears in our astrological chart for the first time. Saturn returns to our natal chart when we are around thirty-two years old to signal the commencement of the second season, Mother (creatix-full moon). And like the waning of the moon, the third Saturn return occurs around the age of fifty-five, ushering in the time of the Crone (knower of mysteries).
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