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Dusk Valley

Yay! A new fic for you all! This one was submitted by Wolfess. She drew the picture for it too. Pretty cool, ne? ^_^

Crash Bang Moo

Desiray Toms wiped her sweaty brow and looked at the sun which at the moment was sinking behind the mountains in the western sky. The day had been hot and dry. Her eyes lowered to the loading corral where thirty cattle milled.

Desiray had spent her entire day from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM gathering those cattle, rebuilding the knocked down corral fencing, re-gathering the cattle, riding around on Myst looking for strays, and making sure the lazy hands actually did what they were paid to do. In other words she was beat.

"Come on Myst," she called to her horse, "I think we both deserve a nice meal and a bath." The horse came and rubbed her head onto her mistress shoulder. †



"Huh??" Duo looked at the screen then tried the controls; nothing. Oh shit, he thought, come on deathscythe! Donít do this to me!


The screen flicked and went black.

"This canít be happening," the terrible truth was laid out before him, deathscythe was going down and there wasnít anything he could do to stop it. "This majorly sucks," Duo tried once more and prayed.


"Please let this workÖ."


A small screen popped up and showed a pasture of sorts with a corral in the upper left corner. Thisíll have to do, he silently told himself. He hit the confirmation button and braced for impact.


Desiray heard the whine of something falling from the sky at tremendous speed and turned around. What she saw was a speeding mobile suit zooming toward the cursed corral. Her first thoughts were if that corral busts I donít care who the pilot is Iím gonna rip out his throat. She jumped onto Mystís back, pulled her antique rifle out of the saddle sheath, and raced toward the plummeting deathscythe.


Duo looked at the small visual screen and saw a figure moving towards him, then the dull "tink" of a bullet hitting deathscythe. The figure was gesturing wildly and oddly enough on horseback.


Deathscythe hit the ground and skidded, barely slowing.

Desiray was livid. Myst was nervous. The cattle were running in circles terrified. Duo saw that if he didnít stop soon he would plow right into the crazy girl with the horse and the cattle. He hit a few controls (the ones that would respond) and dug his scythe into the ground to anchor him. It didnít help much.

Myst, being much smatter than her mistress, leapt out of the path of the gundam taking an unwilling Desiray with her.

Desiray reined in Myst and prayed the pilot would somehow miss the corral. Deathscythe was slowing to a stop. Please, she prayed. It slowed further but was considerably closer to the corral, then it stopped. Desiray felt relief flood her, and then the dust settled. There were no cattle, and the fence was flattened.

Looking northward she saw her cattle high tailing it to the hills. Once she was past her initial shock she grabbed her rifle and stomped towards the hatch. She picked up a rock and heaved it at the suit. The hatch opened and there Duo stood.

Desiray raised the rifle, "Do you know what you just did?" venom in her every word.

"Yeah, I just emergency landed my gundam," Duo looked around, "wasnít there a pen here with a lot of cattle a while ago?"

This set Desiray over the edge. She dropped the gun and charged the pilot.

"Desiray! Stop!" an old voice yelled, "this isnít how we treat company here."

Desiray spun on her heel and looked toward an old stooped man flanked by five young men all looking to be in their late teens and early twenties.

"John, thisÖ this pilot," she stammered in her rage, "just destroyed a full days work. How are we going to get all those cattle back before the shipment time?"

"Kyle and Jim will help you round up and Steven, Matt, and Bret will rebuild the corral," he looked at Duo, "You must be Duo. Howardís told me all about you! Come on in the house and clean up. And donít worry about Des, her bark is worse than her bite." John walked past Desiray who was practically growling. Duo cast her an uneasy look and followed John into the house.

"Oh, boys why donít you drag that suit into the East barn? I do believe itís big enough," Johnís attention returned to Duo, "So tell me howís old Howard been?"

Desirayís head was spinning, John knew this pilot, and invited him into the ranch house with all the hospitality of an honored guestÖ it was too much. Her black mare walked up to the gundam, pressed her velvet mussel against it, then she turned around and kicked it with all her might. Desiray laughed and led Myst to the stable.

That night Desiray dreamed of vanishing cows, falling gundams (you know like in the cartoons with the anvils?), and braided demons.

ah yes... and that concludes this segment of dusk valley...† what will happen next time?† Will Desiray seek revenge?† Will Myst beat the crap out of Deathscythe?† Only time will tell...

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