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Coven Updates

Summer went by alot quicker than I thought it was gonna...... @.@

Well, if you have seen my page before, you can see that I have made some drastic changes! I am taking my little Gundam page and turning it into a multi-page, mostly because I am too lazy to make a separate sight for each and they gave me 50 MB to use, so I might as well! ^_^ Watch as slowly but surely, the Witch Girl's Coven expands!

9-8-01 In the next few days, I will be adding some long held fanart that deserves to be seen by the world, and guess what, A NEW SIXTH GUNDAM PAGE!!! YES!!!!!!! I finally got a little written. Wufei lovers beware!!

9-3-01 The about me page has been redone, AGAIN. Silly me, can't make up my mind.

Watch for more!