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Guest Fiction

This fic was submitted by Ravon W. and Shannon Lamb. Thank you for letting me post this! Hope everyone out there enjoys it as much as I did! ^_^ Witchgirl
Fanfic: Gundam Wing By: Ravon W. and Shannon Lamb

A bright hole burned in dark night as two figures emerged from it, tumbling on the ground.

“Ouch….”, Shannon whined as she rubbed her head.

“We have to find out where we are”, Tamika commanded, her voice monotone.

Stumbling to get up they noticed four figures standing in front of them, shadows in the moonlight, a gleam of a gun.

“Who are you?” a voice called from the shadows.

The two girls strained their eyes to see, then looked at each other.  Tamika swiftly pulled a gun from her jacket.

“Who are you?” Tamika asked back, her gun in hand.

Stepping out from the shadows, four young men, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, and Quatre Winner emerged.

“We’re in Gundam Wing!” Shannon cried out, “Yah! This will be so fun!”  The petit girl ran up jumping into Duo’s arms and rubbed her head into his shoulder affectionately. “DUO!  DUO! DUO!”

“Wow!  Calm down!  Have we met?” Duo spat out.

Tamika introduced herself, her gun still not lowered, “I’m Tamika Horuri and this is Shannon Ome.  We are here to stop Von Ebiru.  I will ask for you to put your gun away.”

Quatre pushed Heero’s gun down looking embarrassed. “Sorry about that, we thought you could be enemies.  Von Ebiru, that’s who we have been fighting! What was that…?” Quatre asked looking where the bright hole had been, “Where did you come from?”

“We are from another dimension.  Our mission is to keep Von Ebiru from gaining 4 leader souls, which will result in his immortality and ruling of all the dimensions.  He has taken our Queen, Lady Jomia.  We have followed him for two damn years and he brings us here.  We will stop him from collecting the souls and from carrying out the spell”, Tamika answered, her eyebrow raising in boredom for having to explain her mission.

“How do you know who we are, though?” Quatre asked still unable to believe.

“Where we originally come from you are nothing but a television show.”

“But…. That’s impossible, we’re real!” Duo replied looking angry, Shannon still nuzzling into his shoulder.

“You are real…. As real as we are.”

“Do you honestly think that we would believe you came from an other dimension?” Heero questioned.

“No, I think they’re telling the truth….  You saw it for yourself Heero; they came out of no where.   They could be help to us, Heero.  They know this man better than we do….” “Besides now that Wufei is no longer with us we’re one man short” Trowa added. “Do you know how to pilot a mobile suit?”

“We know how to pilot mobile suits and Gundams…. We have been trained to operate all weapons”, Tamika stopped and turned her gaze at Heero who still had a gun in hand. She smiled, her eyes wild and cold yet some how vulnerable.  Her arm flew through the air, her hand steady, gun now targeted on Heero, she pulled the trigger.  “Click”, the safety was on, which she realized Heero had known since she first pulled the gun from her jacket.

“Okay lady, I’m flattered and all but enough is enough….”, Duo casually said, dropping her.

“Shannon come”, Tamika called, Shannon came to her side.  “You don’t need to worry about us getting in your way.  We’ll take care of this situation our selves, and you will never have to lay eyes on us again.”

“But Tamika….!” Shannon whined, “I want to stay with Duo!”

“Stop your whining.”

“Wait!  We could be of some help, Wufei is a great fighter!  You said yourself that you have failed on your mission to capture this Von before?” Quatre asked panicked. Tamika bowed her head in shame, “We will not fail again, we need no help.”

“Tamika, he has a point!  We should get all the help we need!  Please Tamika, please!  Von’s so strong, and….  Its not like getting help is gonna kill us!” Shannon agreed.

Tamika sighed.  “I suppose you are right Shannon, I will trust your judgment.”

“What do you think Heero?” Duo asked. Heero’s eyes narrowed.  “It makes no difference to me.”

The two girls were around maybe the ages of 15 to 17 and were entirely different from each other.  Tamika had dark blonde hair and blue eyes, which occasionally changed to green.  Her hair reached close to her knees, but two strands on each side of her head matched up with the length of her face.  Her face was coated with make-up, and her eyes stayed focused and alert.  She wore a skin tight black leather tank top with spaghetti straps, and a black leather skirt that was loose down to a little above her knees.  Her shoes were black heeled boots hovering over her ankles.  A leather jacket with red faux fur trimming the rim hung over her outfit, ending at the bottom of her skirt.  Her body structure was feminine, but also showed her many hours of training, as she was muscular.

Shannon on the other hand wore tight worn out jean bell-bottoms that clung to her small hips.  A blue belly shirt that strap’s tied around her neck, it loosely fell over her chest.   Her stomach revealed a small silver ring on her belly.  She wasn’t as muscular as Tamika, which showed her to be more agile.  Her eyes were pure blue.  Her eyes showed no restraint as Tamika’s had; instead her eyes seemed free.  Her bee-stung lips displayed a smile.  Her hair was the color of tar with streaks of blonde highlighting it.  Her sneakers fit her perfectly, making happy squeaks as she walked.

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