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Witch Girl's Take On The Gundam Boys

Well, this page is dedicated to my veiws, oppinions, rants, and psycho-babble concerning all the characters of Gundam Wing, as it comes to mind. I will add to it whenever I have a new descrepancy with something. Warning: This is exteremely random. I also don't expect to get flamed over these veiws. They're OPPINIONS, for God's sake, it's ok for people to disagree. If I rant on one of your favorite charaters, well, that's life. If you want to send me your own rant to express the opposite veiw, please send it to me and I will post it here so that people can see there are two sides to the story! But you MUST include a screen name to be posted with it! Rants that do nothing more than reem me for offending you with something I WARNED you might be offensive to read will NOT be posted!

Ok, here it goes…

I am making a formal apology to all Wufei fans. Contrary to how it seems, I do NOT hate Wufei. I admit, he's not my favorite pilot, but I don't HATE him. I understand that he has been through a rough life just like the rest of the pilots and this is why he behaves the way he does concerning justice, weakness, and women. I have actually read a lot about his history and I know his wife died and he feels responcible. That doesn't mean that some of the stuff he says and/or does doesn't rub me the wrong way. But I'm sorry if you all leave here with the impression that I dislike the little bugger. I was also informed that Sally is 19, and not 24. I didn't know that at the time I wrote that particular rant, so let me stand corrected. I'm still not fond of them together, but that's JUST ME!!! And I am NOT apologizing for my rant about Relena!! I realize that the girl has a good side too, since she is striving for peace and all, but I DON'T like her! I don't HAVE to! So don't flame me, cuz I warned you I would bash her!!!

Trowa: Okay. To clarify things, I'm watching the uncut Gundam Wing on the Cartoon Network. Now, I know that Trowa doesn't ramble on about his past or his emotions or anything, but he talks just as much as any of the other pilots, well except maybe for Duo, but Duo talks more than all of the other pilots put together. (Not that I don't love him for it. ^_^) So anyways, if you really think about it, Trowa is not this mute guy that it seems everyone is making him out to be. I mean, he talks just as much as Heero, and he's usually in a more pleasant demeanor to boot. If anyone is the silent one, I'd cast my vote with Wufei. All he ever does is infrequenty rant about justice and integrity for a scene or two (when he's not insulting someone, namey a woman.) But my origional point, which I seem to have lost somewhere in here, is that Trowa does talk. So there :P

Relena: I know I shouldn't get started, but here I go anyways. If you like Relena, I wouldn't recommend reading much further. This girl is nuts. She's just crazy. The wheel is turning but the hamster is DEAD. Not all the time, I admit, but so frequently that you just have to gag. Episode one: In the spaceship with her dad, no problems so far. Walking on the beach or peir or whatever, still okay, even though she's talking to herself. Finds body, calls 911 or the AC195 equvilant, still not bothering me much other than the average prep. Ok, here's where it begins: Heero drives off like a MADMAN, and she does this whole introductory thing. She goes downhill from there. She's spoiled. And her fanclub?!?!?!? Gag me with a dull spoon. Please. Then she get's started on this *Heero* kick, and worse, he gets caught up in it. Seriously, they stare off into space and say nothing but each other's names.
COME ON! Aren't you sick of it?! THEN she wants him to kill her! Repeatedly! Why doesn't he just DO it already? Grrrrrr. Moving on, then she does the first this I really respected her for, which was try to bump off Lady Une, and she's standing like 5 feet away from this woman, aims at her at point blank and she misses! AT POINT BLANK! Only Relena. The only thing this girl has going for her is her increadibly hot older brother who just happens to be one of the bad guys, in a manner of speaking. Sigh… The one time I really did like Relena was episode 49 where she ripped the card from Heero in half. Now that had meaning to it. I haven't seen Endless Waltz yet, but I'm told she is more bearable. Even after all that, I still like her with Heero, though. Strange. They pop up together in my After The Endless Walz Fic still in the process of formenting an actual plot intead of random scenes tied loosely together by not much. Here I go again, off subject. That will happen alot here. Relena bugs me, the end.

This next bit o' info was submitted by Rose. Thank you, Rose! *sweet innocent Duo smile*
Ok, here's an interesting fact on Quatre: his name is the French word for 4. He hails from the L4 colony, and he is pilot 04. Cool, eh?

Pairings: Ok, this dabbles in a little bit of Yaoi, so be warned. It also is a bit of a spoiler for one of my upcoming fics. This was origionally going to be about Sally and Wufei, bt I decided to drag everyone in. My problem with Wufei and Sally is the age difference. He's 15, and she's like, 24 or so, as far as I can tell. Isn't that sagitory rape or something? I just don't like it. I don't deny they have some sort of bond, I think that deep down, he really respects her. I see her as more of a maternal figure for him. I can she her taking him in as a foster mother (ooh, fic idea…) But not as his girlfriend. Duo and Hilde: I don't have anything to say. They could be a couple, they could be family. Either one could work as far as I'm concerned. But personally, can't you just see her with Quatre? Bear with me for a moment here. Just think about it. They're both upbeat people, and how could anyone not get along with Quatre? I think they'd be cute! I just see a relationship between them working out well. I want to repeat, I have nothing against Yaoi, but I do not like Duo and Heero together. Not because they are both guys, but because it's *Heero* and *Duo*. I just don't see how that works. Seriously, if you were going to pair Heero with any of the Gundam boys, I could maybe see him with Wufei, or possibly (actually, most likely) with Trowa. Those two would have personalities that could mesh. But Duo? Duo just doesn't seem like his type, I guess. He's too upbeat, too flirty. I admit, I'm a Relena basher and this might make me a hypocrite, but I like her and Heero together. Not because I think they're this sweet cheerly couple but because I see their relationship having alot of strife, and that makes good fic plots. Can't you see Relena desperate to make her and Heero the perfect pair and how it wouldn't work out? Heero moves out, they make up, then they fight again. Good sub plot. And I like Zechs and Noin together.

A few random comments from Chibi Lurrel:
Maybe you'd like to know that the fact that Quatre's name means 4 and he's pilot 4 isn't just a coinkidink. Heero's name means the one and only in some language, Duo's name of course means two, Trowa's name is 3 because Tro is the base root for 3 in some language, and Wufei is 5 because Wu is Chinese for five. Also, Zechs is six and Treize is 13 in French. This all goes into the numerous yaoi and non-yaoi pairing codes for fan fic. Noin is nine in German, and many other charecter's names mean numbers. I'm sure you probably have heard this all before and I'm boring you to death, but jus t in case you haven't, it's useful to know. only mentioned the yaoi couple Heero and Duo. Trowa nad Quatre are so kawaii together! I just hafta say here that there is almost nill possibility that Quatre & Dorothy are romantically involved (*gags on her pocky*).

In Rebuttel-Submited by WufeiDragon
I just wanted to say that sally is 19 not 24 and that while being correct that trowa speaks more than people say, you said that wufei only talks about justice and integrity which is one of the steriotypes i really hate. He has that whole sexist thing going on but it's because of his upbringing. I'll go a little farther to rant a bit. He doesn't always think he's weak he talks about weakness just as much as the rest of them. They say that kind of stuff too. He feels guilty about his wife dying, he calls his gundam nataku after her and the guilt builds up. He feels like he let her die.
Yeah relena is annoying but she takes on a lot of responsiblity in ruling a nation and the world. Dorothy has some good speeches that i love and catherine is a strong woman, she looks out for the well being of others and as a pacifist hates war.

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with Gundam Wing, but Goku from DBZ is NOT Ashe from Pokémon! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! There is a very large difference! If one more person asks me if every anime I draw, including the Gundam Wing characers, if I am drawing Pokémon, I am going to throw a Wing Zero! So be warned!

In Rebuttel~ A rant submitted by Zeero Yuy
Hmmm, very intresting thingys about GW you have here. I see your point on Duo and Heero. Even though they're my fav coupling I think that some people don't understand how people see Duo and Heero together. But let start with the basics.....
Heero and Relena:
Fair enough, you see them threw out the series and it's the whole
GOD DAMN! Will they please stop! But that's why non-yaoiists and some seni-yaoists see it. Because they always talk about eachother or at least the names. That is somthing I truly understand about people. See to others I'm known as Zeero and to some Heero. Now you were saying .......(quote time)
"Can't you see Relena desperate to make her and Heero the perfect pair and how it wouldn't work out? Heero moves out, they make up, then they fight again. Good sub plot. "
Funny thing is, that plot is used in a lot of Heero and Duo fanfics. In a way, DUo is the alternitive Relena, the one people don't hate. Get it? I mean, i have watched the Japanese and American one, and even the midnight run lied to the people, pathetic,ne? But in their own way, there is a deeper reason people see it.
Heero and Duo:
They feel that instead of Relena (the obbsessed bitch) the cool Duo Maxwell would be the one to bring Heero out of the dark, not only that, i think the American one makes Duo TOO peppy, becasue he is, but not as bad as the American one, not only that, I'm sure you've heard most Japanese GW fans say...
" OH MY GOD! The american Duo voice SUCKS!"
And it's true, his voice was much smother in Japanese. But geting back to the point, in it's own way, people are like
" Oh can't you see it? The Cool, swave, Duo Maxwell after the cold hearted Heero Yuy, can he win his love? OF COURSE HE CAN! HE'S DUO MAXWELL! GEEZ! No brainer........"
That's kinda how it is from the 2x1 for 1x2.......
" Oh can't you see it? (I know I know...) The cold, unfeeling Perfect Soldier after the heart of the light bouncy Duo Maxwell, can he win THAT love? WELL DUH!......................with some time.....AND TRIANING! The perfect soldier."
And I'm sure it's not QUITE the same with R x H because everyone already THINKS Relena is in love with Heero.
But the mian reason people like the coupling is............
In almost EVERY way, you can do so much with that! It's just too cute to think Duo Maxwell can love Heero, not only that, in it's own way it's just like Relena because the only difference between the way people see Relena and Duo's love for Heero is that Relena stalks Heero and Duo watches over Heero. Relena says Heero ALL the FRIGGIN' time and Duo makes refernces to him like......
" ....I wonder how he's doing....."
" Trowa (when he lost his memory), have you seen Heero?"
That was the first person he asked for, showing his concern. Not only that, Heero and Duo have this WIERD (tottaly) relationship.
Heero points his gun at Duo and he points his shield, Duo slips and Heero shoots enemy behind. Saves Duo and says thet're even. Later on he saves Duo again but they keep helping eachother out without even knowing it.
I think that is why people see it, because they are such opposites, it makes it cute to think Heero has a little soft spot for one of his comrades. HELL i have a Ni-chan Ai (brothers Love) story  just with Heero finally leting some feelings be shown. Of course the second chapter is Shonen Ai but the first chapter can stand on it's own, cept there are things I have called friends, and they were like.......
" OH MY GOD! This is so cute! where's the second part?!"
" There isn't one..."
Of course I respect your opinion and I'm just plain GLAD you're not against Yaoi, because some people are REALLY rude about it, not only that but it seems you are Wiccan.
One more thing.....
Q AND T! Yeah baby! They're are SO CUTE! Anyone that's like ....
" I don't see where people get it" (yes, there are people like this) are blind!!!! It's in PLAIN view for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ahem) Go Q-sama and Tro-kun. And yeah! Chibi L, you have SUCH a point! COME ON!!!!! Do and Q? Please, there's like NOTHING there, there's more between Quatre's sister and him than Dorothy and him, spare the sweet arab! Give him some that cares deeply about him! TROWA BARTON! i'm done for now, Ja ne
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More random thoughts, this time submitted by White Dove
Okay here I go… First I am going to discuss Duo and Heero. I have one word to say about the two….that word is NO. I am sorry for all the yaoi lovers out there but I don’t see it. I read yaoi and I don’t see that ever happening. Those two together just doesn’t work for me. I mean Heero is interested in Relena obviously! Everytime he is in some kind of distress who does he think of? RELENA! We all know Relena is crazy about Heero, and if you don’t….well…figure it out. Heero and Relena would have a bit of a hard time, because they are both stubborn people and Heero’s a warrior and Relena being a passifist. But I think it could just work. Relena needs someone strong, Heero needs someone with a lot of love and patience.…Relena has that. Anyways, I will say this before I go on with Duo, Duo COULD like Heero in that way, I mean its possible. But I see Duo and Hilde together, they are plain cute together! Duo has to care for Hilde, he did save her and all, and Hilde must like him because she takes care of him….buying him food and things like that. The two are both happy people and they both seem to care for eachother.
Alright now on to Trowa and Quatre…..I’ll admit it….I find the two cute together. Whenever I seem to read yaoi about them I find it believable. (NOTE: I like non-yaoi better, but I still read yaoi) I don’t see Trowa with Catherine…because EW! They are brother and sister! Quatre and Dorothy? NO WAY! I do not see that at all! Trowa and Quatre are so sweet together, you have Trowa kind a like the protective big brother type and Quatre being more of the submisive one. Quatre would be able to help Trowa learnt to umm how do I say this? He’d teach him how to be human, you know be more sociable. I know this offends a lot of people, actually just a month ago I hated yaoi, but decided to give it a chance.
Now for Wufei and Sally. Okay the age difference never bothered me because my mother and father are like 20 years apart so I’m used to it. I don’t think Wufei would really want to jump into a relationship though, I think he would be in his like 20’s before he actually wanted to be with anyone. That’s just what I was thinking though. But the two wouldn’t be too bad together. Wufei needs a strong woman, like Sally. Though I’d feel sorry for Sally being with Wufei…sorry all Wufei lover’s but he annoys me A LOT!
Okay now here is Noin and Zechs. I see the two together, end of story. Zechs cares for Noin, and Noin cares for Zechs.
And that’s that. I am truly sorry if my rant upset you. It is just my opinion, and hey there is a big chance half of them aren’t close to the truth. So go ahead and think what you want to think! Alright I’ll let you go on to whatever you were gonna do before you read this…. -White Dove

More to come, stay tuned… ^-^ (as if I haven't offended you all enough yet.)