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These are a few poems submitted by Angelique. (Thank you, Angelique!) See if you can guess who they're about! ^_^ Hint: look at the eys beneath each poem! (If you have to know for certain, you'll just have to email the author!)


Every one bears one, every one wears one.
Mine is always in place.
It's my protector, my guardian from reality.
It helps me to be safe from all of the things that want to hurt me.
All the things that are inside of me tearing and prying, trying to escape, when I wear it, it helps keep them in place.
No one knows the real me, the one I hide or should I say hides deep with in me.
There it is kept safe, no one can hurt it and can't hurt any one.
For if it was to climb out from within my self, I wouldn't know what to expect.
I have never let it that far.
I know it tries so hard to get free, the real me that hides so cowardly.
It climbs the low walls, inside of me, but can never surpass the one thing that protects me.
This thing inside of me takes a toll on my body, and especially my mind.
It taunts me, teases me, but I am strong.
My walls have been building for some time now.
I won't be weak, won't allow any one to no the real me.
For no one will ever hurt me again, no more crying, no more trying, no one will ever hurt me.
If I keep my protector in place, no own will ever see my true face.
Because I hide, hide behind my guardian, my savior, my mask.
A different one every day, the strongest one leads the way.
Always there for me, it will never leave me for now it is a part of me, it makes me whole and helps to keep every thing in place.
My mask, my savior, my mask


Eyes closed, what do I see?
I see the darkness that lives inside of me.
Coldness, emptiness, but most of all darkness.
When my eyes are closed, I also feel these things.
It's a feeling of weakness.
How could I let myself become so weak?
Some times I feel that if one person could just see the real me, the one behind the mask, they could help me.
But no one cares, no one tries, every one just lies.
I believe eyes are the path to ones soul, when I look into someone's eyes, they never lie.
Someone once said to me, that when they look into my eyes they don't like what they see.
Hatred, betrayal, but most of all the ever so present darkness.
These are the thing they see inside of me.
I don't argue, I don't disagree, for I know these are the things that live inside of me.
They are not unwelcome guests, just things that seem to find a way to thrive with in me.
What would I do if they left me, I can never find happiness with or without them.
No one will ever love me.
I open my eyes and what do I see?
The world of lies that lives around me.


Worthless, miserable, cheap, these are the words that represent my life.
The perfect soldier that is what they call me.
But they don't know me, no one does.
I have feelings, I feel just like they do.
I just keep my feelings inside, so I can never hurt my pride.
I am disposable, just a tool of war, of destruction.
But I have dreams I have hopes.
Don't I deserve a real life, one without war and hating?
My comrades and I fight for peace but what is peace?
Just a word; there is no real peace.
If this is the way to peace, ruining so many lives I don't know if I want peace any more.
What do I fight for?
I fight for.
I fight for a real life one without war; I fight for peace, and for the end of wars and death.
My life is expandable, just a tool of war.

Email the author: Angelique

If I hadn't found you, would you have found me?
If I was in agony, would you release me?
If I cried , would you comfort me?
If I scream, would you come to see what's wrong?
If I kiss you, would you kiss back?
If I hated you, would you love me?
If I were to die, would you moarn for me?
Do you hate me, or is it a coverup?
Heero come kill me!

Email the Author: step12hy