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About Me

Welcome to the Witch Girl's page! I'm in college right now, (my third year!!!) so it's a miricle when anything gets done on this poor webbie. Well, you're here to learn a little about me, eh? Hmmm....

#1 I am a PROCRASTINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE PROCRASTINATOR. So don't be surprized if I don't update alot. I am trying ^_^

This site was origionally just Gundam Wing, but as my interests and obessions grew, so did my page. Now I fear it will never be done because I have added so many new things!!!! This also is not helped by fact #1.

*Does a little happy dance* I have a new boyfriend! He's such a doll. See his webbie at Fuzzy McWicked. Here is a recent picture of us.

I dabbling in Werewolf: The Apocolypse, a roleplaying game by the White Wolf company. But they have rules for making fansites, so I have to go back to their homepage and get some legal stuff worked out before that part of my webbie goes up. Also, I am a member of the cult following for Invader Zim. GIR ROCKS!

I was surprized by how many people asked me this, so I thought I would add a blurb about it: I am not a real witch, as in Wiccan. I chose the name because of my interest in fantasy and the occult, and though I study many different aspects and religions within witchcraft, I am not really any of them. Sorry if this disappoints you.

So that was all I could think of, hope it was enough to satisfy your curiousity! ^_^

Peace, Love, and Happiness! Witchgirl