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Choose Your Destination

A new look for a new page. The Witch Girl's Coven is suffering some magor rennovations. It is no longer a Gundam Wing Fansite, though it still retains most of it's Gundam Wing related items, and is now Witch Girl's Fanfiction Page. It will hopefully include all of my fanfictions of the various ideas running around in my head inspried by different games/books/movies/ shows, with maybe a small portion of origional works as well. Hope you come frenquently to see thje process!

NOTICE!!! My Listbot Mailing List has closed down for good! *sobs* I am desparately searching for a new update mailing service that is FREE, but who knows when or if I will find one. Until then, If you really truly want updates, Just send me an email with SEND ME UPDATES as the title and I will do it the hard way. ^_^