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Short Stories

This page is dedicated to all my submissions that are only short stories, not full novels. Thank you to everyone who donated! If you would like to donate your own short story, just email me! Any Questions, Comments, or Compliments on these may be sent to the authors' emails included at the bottem of their story. Thanks!
*Standard Disclaimer Applies* Gundam Wing isn't ours, we're not making money off this and it's useless to sue cuz we're all broke. Flames will be passed around to the general populance to be laughed at and generally made fun of. Remember, you didn't HAVE to read it!

This is a short story sumitted by Katja Kizer. Hope you all enjoy!


Once there was a young man, about 16 or so. His name Trowa. He worked in a circus as an acrobat and a target for a dagger thrower.

One day Trowa received a package frome someone on a space colony. With curiosity beating his good judgement he opened the package.

Inside was a half face mask and a note.      

**Wear this mask in good health, it will         change your life.                              
-a friend.            
P.S.- NEVER let anyone else wear it.**

Trowa, a little taken back by the message, just shrugged it off and got ready for the show.

Just as he was about to go on he dropped the mask he usually used and it got stepped on by and elephant walking by.

In an instant Trowa ran and got the new mask, and walked into the spotlight putting on the half mask.

When he was onthe target he felt no fear and looked as if he was begging for his death.

After the show he set the mask down on a crate. A small kid walking by stopped, picked up the mask and put it on. Even though Trowa told hime not to.

The little kid ran around for about 30 seconds when he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to face Trowa.

His lips and cheeks had taken on a blue gray color. The boy was suffocating.

Before Trowa could get to him the boy dropped dead.

Trowa took the mask back to his trailer. And with shaking hands placed the mask on his face.

Nothing happened. He could still breath fine.

So with the mask on he looked inthe mirror. And as he looked at himself he noticed that his skin didn't look right, and that his uncovered eye looked like a black hole.

Scared to death by what he saw he panicked andtried to take the mask off, but it wouldn't come.

He tore at his face and flailed arond trying to remove the mask. Then with one jerk the mask came off...along with the right half of his face.

From the shock of the sight of the mask, he died.

From that day on the mask had been passed on, like a chain letter whose fate doesn't come in the form of luck and always with the warning against sharing the mask with the curious of heart.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^:::::::: Not Trowa! Ok, I'm better. He comes back to life for my story, after all. ^_^

Email: Katja, the auther of "The Mask"

Life After War: An account as seen by Duo Maxwell

    So it’s over. Finally, after a year, we’re all getting a chance to have normal lives. I yawned and grinned. Mornings never seemed so beautiful. It’s been so long since I last had time to truly admire life; to admire every morning, afternoon, and night. I wonder if the others appreciate waking up in the morning for themselves, for their own personal reasons and not wake up for a new mission.

I walked to the grassy lawn and lie down, watching as the sun slowly rose. I never thought it could be so peaceful. I closed my eyes and soaked in the sun’s warmth. It felt good to really relax. A lot of the guys would probably think I’m sick to get up this early in the morning, but I wasn’t always a sleepyhead.     

My mind began to wander and I think of how the others may be doing.They all seem happy with the choices they made; happy with their paths. I guess it’s typical for Heero to remain in the shadows, watching over Relena. If he doesn’t want to kill her, he wants to protect her. I grinned, remembering all the times Heero set off for Ojousan. But either way, he loves her. I wonder if either of them have realized that yet. I wonder if she sometimes knows that Heero watches her from the shadows. Heero keeps good watch over that girl, but he oughta just BE there with her and not just stand afar… but that’s Heero I guess.  Everyone knows that Relena loves the guy (not quite sure what she sees in him). Maybe at first it was curiosity, awe, excitement, and it eventually turned into love. The girl got really annoying sometimes. Even now she can be naïve, but, she’s getting better. She’s good at what she does… she has the charisma to be a politician-a straight one! Heero - well, he’s the ‘Perfect Soldier.’ But I know Heero. He IS good, but he’s not all that perfect. He still makes mistakes. Rarely, but he is still human. We all admire him, but, I feel sorry for the guy sometimes. I wonder if he ever felt happiness. Hopefully, now he can. And now that the war is over, I guess he’s the ‘Perfect guard’ I snickered, I wonder if he’ll be the perfect lover. I know if I said that aloud with one of the other guys around, I’d either get a stare, a scolding, or a whack.    

Will we ever get together again like that without a war. I think. Despite how ravaging and painful wars can be, it has brought us together, almost like a family. I only see Heero because we sometimes keep on watch for disturbances; as peaceful as everything is, anything can easily break it. Sometimes I see Quatre cause of business, but I don’t see the others. That’s to be expected, I guess. Wufei was always flying solo and has his own agenda in life and Trowa wants to move on in a new life without fighting and I can’t blame the poor guy. He’s been through a lot and deserves more than a break.    

When I saw Trowa for the first time, I was really disturbed at his impassive face and silent ways. There’s no telling anything about him. He’s good too. Really good. I hate to say it, but with the discipline he’s got, he could almost be better than me, almost. I grinned. Still arrogant, Maxwell? Okay, so he probably is better. Then again, he’s been fighting since he was a little kid. We still don’t know much about his true identity, and sadly, neither does he. My face falls a little, remembering him when he had amnesia. I think also of the thought that he was “Nanashi.” I only hope this peace and that girl, Catherine, will help him leave that past behind. I saw how vulnerable he was… how much he meant to Catherine and he loved her too, like brother and sister… It scared me to think he could be so frail like that. I felt the fear and the pain too, but I just covered it up differently. Trowa and Heero kept silent about their struggles, their torture… I masked mine with laughter. Personally, I think I went through less trauma in my life than they… Not that mine wasn’t hard at all. I lost my real family, lost Solo, then lost the Maxwell Church and all, too. I guess that’s why it’s easier to go through with all this. I’m thankful I know how to laugh; Id’ rather hide things through laughter than bottle it up in silence. I hope Trowa’s happy with Catherine; she’s made a difference in his life. I saw that when he went in Wing Zero to protect the colony she was in. He’s a good guy at heart though, that’s why he does so well with the animals. Hilde and I should go watch the circus again when it’s in town. It’ll give us an excuse to see how well he’s doing.    

I took a deep breath. I love the smell of life, I thought. I look up at the blue sky. Every day just gets better and better. I wonder if I would appreciate life this much if I hadn’t gotten involved with the war or if it didn’t exist at all. Wars and fighting suck. It’s too costly in too many ways, but I can understand that it contributes to many things. I would never have gotten Deathscythe without the war. That was a beautiful piece of machinery. And of course, wars help the development of technology, keep the population from going overboard, and all that blah. I turned to look at the hangar that held Deathscythe. In a few days I’ll be shipping it off to space and to the sun along with Quatre’s, maybe even the others’. I don’t expect Wufei to turn in his precious Nataku. I shrugged, but who knows, anything’s possible. I mean, the war finally ended. There were many times I’d lost hope… especially when the colonies turned on us, but I think that the others helped keep me going. Knowing there were others fighting for the same cause really helped. I wonder if they feel the same way. I’m sure Quatre does, he’s the most charismatic of us. He’s a good guy, a good leader. I’ll be seeing him in a few days. Our line of work let’s us see each other often. Unlike the others, the kid actually talks. I rolled my eyes, remembering the silence of the other pilots. I think we’ve all changed… Quatre’s still a big soft heart, but he’s tougher and he understands things more. Sometimes I wish HE was running things, not Ojousan and those other guys. There was always something about him too. He could reach out to us some how… he had brought us together he kept rambling about the ‘Heart of Space.’ He said it was Heero, but it could be him just the same. But man, 29 sisters?! How insane! If I didn’t have Hilde, I’d probably go visit Quatre more often and make it a point to meet his sisters.

I smirked, so who cares if they’re a few years older? But… I have Hilde and I do love her… I wonder if there’s any other romance going on… Okay, I’ve got my Hilde (we haven’t really made formal announcements that we’re together, but I love being with her.) Her spirit is so full of energy and I admire her courage and strength. I thought about her smile and I realized now that I really appreciated all those times she stayed with me and helped me out. She sacrificed a lot for me, even the guys. And I love her smile. I pictured her face and began to thin of how beautiful she was. The first time I met her, I thought she was pretty dumb to side with Oz, but I understood her. I was glad that she became an ally, now more than a friend. We should have a talk about this. I made up my mind. I want to know what she thought about us. Well, enough about me… let’s see… We’ve got Heero and Relena… that’s obvious for Ojousan, but Heero’s love is a bit subtle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hmm… Trowa… I grinned, well, he gets a lot of attention through the circus… But the guy’s so quiet! A girl’d have to go to HIM, and not vice-versa. I sighed, he can get boring too… maybe Catherine’ll help him out with his love life. I tried to picture Trowa on a date but I only burst out laughing. He’s a good guy, but he needs to work on his social skills. I could say the same for Heero and Wufei. I laughed again. Wufei just didn’t like women and Heero’s pick up line’ll probably be “Omae o korosu.” I shook my head. Oh those guys. Both of them, hell all of us, were good looking guys, not that I’m being conceited or that I was thinking of them in THAT way, the bunch of girls at those schools we sometimes enroll in are enough testimony. Let’s see, Quatre… well sometimes I figure he’s too busy to go out, but I know a lot of girls’d like him. He’s sweet, understanding, a gentleman even. But he gets timid sometimes. I’m sure he’ll find a nice girl, someone like himself… maybe someone through his work. He’s grown a lot so I think there’s no chance he’ll get used or anything like that. Then a sweat drop formed and my face fell. Oh brother, what about Rashid? He’s gonna play overprotective bodyguard! He’ll probably put a guard on poor Quatre or spy on him when he goes on a date. I shook my head, glad I didn’t have those problems. Heh. I’m happy with my path in life.

I stretched out and put my hands behind my head. I watched the clouds float by and I could tell it was gonna be a nice day. It’s just so nice to stop and enjoy life. Hmmm, I wonder what Wufei’s been up to without fighting… I mean he’s really bent up on justice. And boy, he can get awfully defensive! Not to mention sexist. He’s gotten on a lot on girls’ nerves. Sally doesn’t seem to mind; she really admires him sometimes. I guess part of it is cause she understands his way of thinking considering they had similar upbringings in a Chinese culture. The way she looks at him sometimes… maybe it’s more than admiration. I couldn’t hide a snicker. I wonder if Wufei even realizes it… He can be pretty dense… I wonder what he IS up to… well not really, but wherever he may be, I hope he’s happy. I know I am. Once we get rid of our Gundams, then I think a lot of us will be relieved. It’ll be really official that the war is over. Ah... I still can’t believe it: no more fighting, no more dying… I guess Shinigami is turning in his robe and scythe. I grinned. I’ll miss it, but I’m glad… I like my salvage business-it’s fun and no one has to suffer. Just then, I hear someone calling my name and realize it’s Hilde saying breakfast is ready. It’s nice to know that she’s an early riser sometimes. Her cooking is great- better than mine at least. I get up and look at the blue sky again. It feels good to be alive. I felt proud of my self, that I had survived through the war and helped to bring about a wonderful new world.

Email: Terra, the auther of "Life After War, Duo's POV"

"Because I love you so much."
By Sailor Dragonstar

Konichiwa minna- san! Well, I've got another fic out, I bet you're all jumping for joy ^*sweat drops when she hears no jumping, or moving for that matter*^! Heh, heh… Well, I guess I'll just cut to the chase. I DO NOT own any of the Gundam boys ^*sob*^. I know, we all wish other wise. This little no- name character, on the other hand, does belong to me. Well, that's about it, for now… Mwahahahah!!! - Sailor Dragonstar

"Don't please…"

She stood there before him again, she was older now, but the expression on her face never changed when she saw him. Her lengthy light- brown hair was astray, whipping around her. Her face tear stained, her deep blue eyes searching. "Searching for what?" he wondered. He always wondered this when he saw her.

Her lip trembled. There was fear in her, fear and determination. There always was, every time.

He smiled at her and walked closer to her, brushing a lock of hair away from her face. "Don't what?" he asked, as he did every time.

She swallowed and fought to stay calm, she always did when this happened. "Don't take her away, it's not her time."

"Oh, but it is, it is."

She balled her fists and silently cursed him, like she always did. "No, it's not- she's too young!"

He looked beyond her to the small child lying in the wreckage.

"Even the young die." "I won't let you take her!" the young woman said.

He looked her over; the corners of his mouth tugged up- ward slightly. He cocked an eyebrow in amusement. "Oh, really?"

She was almost as tall as he was now, no longer the child she'd been when he'd first met her. A tear slid down her cheek. Hopelessness now radiated from her, it always did after that.

He pulled her closer. "What're you going to do to stop me?" She looked down at the ground, the blacked soil. She began to shake.

He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes, looked into the endless blue sapphires that were her eyes. She glared into his violet orbs, trembling.

"You've become so beautiful," he said.

"Stop it." She tried to pull away. He held her still. Slowly he lowered his lips onto hers. She jerked in protest. He deepened the kiss, feeling her. It had been so long since he'd felt another living person under his hands, too long. He ran his fingers through her hair. Her struggling began to ease. Slowly, he pulled away from her.

She stood there, a look of confusion played on her features. "Wha-"

He put a finger to her lips. He then looked into her gaze of fear and confusion. "I have watched you grow from a small child into a young woman. I have loved you forever."

She looked at him in horror and began to back away from him. "No," she said, "No, it's not true-"

"Yes it is." He looked past her to see the small child, their small child.

"You bastard!" She slapped him, screwing his head to the side. "How dare you?!?"

He turned his head back to face her again. She stood there, shaking with rage and fear. Tears poured from her eyes, streaming down her face.

His voice was quiet. "Because I love you so much."

She looked at him in disbelief. "You love me so much yet you've taken away everyone I've ever loved?" She remembered her family, her brothers and sisters, her parents, her aunts and uncles. Everyone, gone. She whipped her sleeve across her eyes. "You've even taken my child." She sobbed. " *Our* child."

He carefully brought her up to look into her eyes. "Please," he said. "Please come with me. You will see them all again. Please come and be with me."

There was a silence.

"Why?" she questioned quietly, "Why should I come with you?"

He sighed and looked away. "Because I'm lonely." He said, barely above a whisper.

She gaped at him. "You're what? Lonely?!? You have so many people to keep you happy down there? Why the hell are you lonely?" She asked him, anger surging through her words.

He looked at her again; his voice became strained and bitter. "Do you really think anyone wants to be with me? I took their lives. I brought them to my realm. I gave them death. Why would they give a damn about me?" He croaked out.

Her features eased. She blinked at him. "I… I…" She stood there in disbelief. Was this actually happening? Was she dreaming? Was this all a sick joke? Tears had welled- up in his eyes. He was trying hard to keep them at bay but to no avail. They streamed out of his violet eyes and down his pale skin. He looked away from her, looked away from those accusing blue eyes.

She was taken aback. Slowly she drew a hand up to his face. Lightly she brushed a tear from his cheek.

He turned back toward her.

She traced a finger down the trail of tears.  He stood there, unmoving to her touch.

Her eyes searched his. A small breeze came and pulled at their hair. He closed he eyes.

He, too, was scared. Terrified. She leaned up to him. He opened his eyes and let out a surprised cry as she kissed him. She then wrapped her arms around him.

She stopped and looked up at him, breathless. He stood there, a look of shock on his face. "Wha-"

She put a finger to his lips. "Shh," she told him quietly.

"Why?" he asked in bewilderment.

She smiled slightly. "Because I love you so much Duo Maxwell, God of Death."

Authors Note:  Well, you like it? Um… well, if you have any opinions, flames, comments ~*~*FEED BACK OF ANY KIND*~*~ just e- mail 'em to me Sayonara minna- san!


Later that night…

Sailor Dragonstar: Ack ^*ducks behind computer chair as a bullet whizzes past her head*^!!! Jesus Christ Heero!

Heero: ^*cocks gun*^ Omae o korosu Dragonstar.

Sailor Dragonstar: ^*ducks as another bullet whizzes by*^ Heero, calm down! Geez, you're so overprotective! It's okay… um… ^* sees a strange gleam in Heero's eyes*^ Shit! No it's not! ^*quickly types in a bunch 'a things on her computer. Suddenly Relena appears*^

Relena: ^*starts hanging off Hero's arm*^ Oh Heero! I missed you soooo much! ^*starts rubbing up against him much like a cat during heat*^

^*Suddenly a large bed appears inside the cramped little room*^

Heero: ^*looking horrified*^ You wouldn't.

Sailor Dragonstar: ^*appears to be thinking it over*^ Maybe. Probably not. But if that black metallic object stays in your hand much longer I will. ^*evil grin*^

Relena: ^*starts tugging at Heero's cloths*^

Heero: ^*pulls away and starts backing up toward the wall. drops gun*^ Alright, please, call her off! I'll do anything! I'm begging you, please!

Relena: ^*starts advancing toward him*^

Sailor Dragonstar: Ooo, begging? I like that! ^*psycho grin. Starts to type a bunch 'a things on the computer*^

Relena: ^*starts to vaporize*^ Wha- you can't do this to me! I'm Relena Peacecraft, Princess of the Sank Kingdom! You can't do this to me! Help, Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo…!!!

Sailor Dragonstar: ^* smiles happily*^ And look, no dust to sweep up afterwards! Amazing! God, I love this job! So, what was that about you'd do anything for me?

Heero: ^* starts to walk towards her at a fast pace*^

Sailor Dragonstar: ^*doesn't like the looks of this. Starts to back against the opposite wall*^ Uh, Heero? ^*trips and falls on bed. A worried expression crosses her face*^ He'sgonnakillme, he'sgonnakillme…

Heero: ^*climbs over her and onto the bed. he grins slyly*^ Lets just say that this is anything and Duo doesn't need to know about this.