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Stats on Brekke

Hey, I saw this on another site and so I thought it might be a good idea if you like my new character. This is a spoiler for part of my fic though, so if you don't want to ruin it, don't read this just yet.


Name: Brekke Anne (Last name unknown)
Mech: Gundam Guardian Angel Custom
Age: 15
Hair: Calf length dark brown curls
Eyes: bright green
Clothes: small white halter top, faded bootcut (Mudd flares for those of you who know what those are) jeans, occasionally black cargo vest.
Weapons: double bladed light saber (like the one the bad guy in Phantom Menace had, only green)
From: Earth (USA)
Extra: Brekke is a very deep person. She can be as quiet as Trowa, as playful as Duo, or as dangerous and intimidating as Heero. She never mentions her past and she fervently remains true to her mission. She is open minded and wise before her time, and her temper, though slowburning, is dangerous.
History: Brekke was the youngest child of a wheat farmer in Washington state. Too poor to continue farming, her parents decided to take the government’s offer to move to the colonies and attempt to start a farming community there. However, their shuttle never made it. Oz destroyed it to kill one of the officials on board, a man intent on betraying Oz to the Earth Sphere Alliance and to the colonies. They were within 15 minutes of the colony. Realizing the shuttle would be destroyed, Brekke’s father took his youngest child (8 at the time) and secreted her away in an escape pod, knowing that they were close enough to the colony for her to be found. She watched from the small window in the pod as the shuttle with her entire family; father, mother, 3 brothers and 4 sisters, exploded. No one on the shuttle survived. The impact of the explosion sent her closer to the colony, where she was discovered by the scientists. They had gathered there to meet with the man Oz had killed. They took the young orphan in and decided to use her for their new project. Feeling guilty for sending the 5 young boys off to battle, together they build a stronger Gundam, faster and more powerful than the ones built independently. It was to be used to protect them. They taught the girl every type of fighting technique they could think of, from boxing to tae kwan doe (spelling??), to guerrilla warfare and the Zero system. They genetically altered her, like Dr. J had with Heero, strengthening her immune system, her bones, and her overall healing abilities. They improved her senses of touch, sight, smell, and hearing. They expanded her endurance. She trained daily, becoming thin and muscular and unusually strong. When the Gundams were sent to earth, she was given her Gundam and her mission: to keep the 5 Gundam pilots alive at all costs, even if her life was forfeit. It eased their consciences to send only one to die, not 5. With nothing left to live for and given the opportunity to destroy Oz, she readily accepted. She would keep the other Gundams alive or die trying. Her mission was top secret, and she was to let no one, not even the other pilots, know of her existence, unless it was the difference between life or death. Then she was sent to Earth, and has been protecting them ever since.