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The Lexicon of Names

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The following is a descriptive list of campaign specific names of people, places, and things. I will be updating this as frequently as new names are added. For now the list is small, but I am converting my own archives to html nightly, so it should grow a fair amount as time permits.


The title and name of an Acriun Y'dren Wizard whose sole purpose is to stand juxtiposed to the force of the ancient practitioners of the school of Arbalett. Many Acriun Kingdoms,(those who are becoming most strongly allied to the Imperial throne) have come to reject the ancient practice of Arbalett, in favor of this innovative new school. (The Abakzor is essentially the Acriun version of the Elven Bladesinger Kit). They are considered a dangerous element on any battlefield as they blend the arts martial and arcane into songs of carnage incarnate.


Named in myths as the Great Grandfather of Planets, also called the shunned husband of Yhrniia, Abavis is the sixth planet in distance of orbit from the Sun
Abavis is a class "F" water based world, believed to have once been warm like Matris, but suffered some great calamity which ended it's ability to sustain a constant fluid temperate.
Scholars today would readily point to Abavis as being an early victim of a missle attack from the Calxi. No one can be certain of this as yet however.
There remains a school of thought which places Abavis not in the role of a dead world, but rather as one waiting patiently to be born. Whatever magics have made Matris the potential aquatic paradise it must be could be employed to bring life to this frigid wasteland.
Still other scholars point to the great wide cracks in the surface of Abavis and cite them as proof of a liquid sub-surface protected from the hungry void of space by a hot semi-molten core.
Most sage folk would argue that the cracks are merely radiating from impact craters or by impacts whose effects could be felt all the way around this huge planets girth.
I believe that no one shall know the true nature of Abavis, until someone braves landfall there.
A title describing Acriun professional scholars and seers. They are said to be adept in plumbing the depths of the most ancient of historical facts. It is the ultimate duty of each Alanzyr to devote his or her life to a particular area of study, memorizing word for word the hundreds of texts concerning their chosen research subject. In later years following the consumption of all material concerning their area of interest, Alanzyr will devote the remainder of their lives to furthering research in their field academically, and in extreme cases, may even conduct field experiments or expeditions.


This main watershed of mainland Dohrya runs right beside it's capitol of Guada. The river strecthes out at Tolte's Ferry a mile wide before the startled eyes of first time onlookers. Broad rivers often move ponderously and this one does indeed. As the Gnomish Gypsies,(Guence as they are called in Acrius) would say,'Angtana is in no particular rush to get anywhere. She knows where she's going and getting there is nothing that needs hurried up.' Atelos;
Supreme unchallenged Emperor of Acrius. It is rumored he is a War Wizard of the 30th level. Most famous of Acriun Emperor’s Atelos has been responsible for radical changes in the laws governing his many people. He is a most unpopular ruler amongst the lesser races of Acrius, for it was through his legislation that many of the restrictive and segregating practices of present society came to be the norm.
This has been said of the Emperor by one of his least subjects, a sargent Ensley of Ironholme Keep,"Along the way to greatness, around 800 years hence, Acrius received her greatest Emperor to date. Or worst, depending on your perspective. He immediately began to suppress all religions save that of Knavas. He restricted the use of and ownership of weapons by non-Y'dren folks. He banned certain schools of magic, and thus gained a monopoly over these powerful schools,(Necromancy, Illusion, Enchantment) and he hopes to ban Divination soon. This will close the minds of enemies within his borders, so that they see, hear, and know, only what Atelos and the Priesthood of Knavas tell them and show them.”

Avachrode, Andrea Marie;

Cousin to Chandler. A known outlawed Priest of Imoel. Her present whereabouts are unknown. A reward of 800 gold soveriegn has been placed upon her, and any information leading to her arrest and conviction will be honored by the Offices of the Royal Magistrate of Dohrya. If you have any information, please contact the authorities immediately.

Avachrode, Sir Chandler;

Sir Chandler has been abroad in military service to his Holiness Emperor Atelos for twenty seven years. He has not, until now, returned to his home during the entire course of his military career. His family owns title and land to the west of Dohrya a few hours ride. The Avachrode ancestral home is a manor house of respectable size, but as far as we have been able to ascertain, no servants from the city work within this place now, nor have for many decades.


The title and name of an Acriun Y'dren Wizard trained in strategic and tactical arts of war,(War Wizard Kit). They are considered amongst the most formidible forces on a battlefield, as their areas of study consist primarily of Invokation based magics. The Arbalett has long been the standard mobile artillery of the Acriun legion.

Asp Hotel;

A five story, three star establishment. The Asp overlooks South Cobbler’s Square.

Bezel Mountains;

The high sharply defined mostly impassable range separates the Acriun Empire from the no-mans-land of Chaladry in the north and the immense Eastern desert known as the Unending Burn in the center and southern portions of its reaches. Clinging to the feet of these imposing giants are pine and cedar woods in which the Sylvan folk of Acrius make their home. Though Acrius counts these wild deep woods denizens as their citizens, they are not fools enough to attempt to make good on their claim, and the Sylvan folk ignore the Acriun Empire as if it were not there.

Blessed One's, the;
The Dwarves choose to exist deeper than most of the Races of Ossval. Amongst Dwarves, the sub-race of,"Duer" delved the deepest.
Living thinking sane beings were never meant to live so close to the cold heart of Ossval and so far from the loving warmth of the Sun. Primordial secrets remain in the dark caverns beneath the World. Some of these ancient obscenities require stewards to placate them...

A myth brought up from greater depths by adventurous or foolish souls, speaks of a sect of Holy Caste Duer Priests and Priestesses called,"Bhy'Tchel" or Blessed One's.
The Blessed One’s were said to wear a tattoo upon the whole of their naked leathery backs from the neck to the tip of the spine. The tattoo depicted with uncanny perfection the likeness of the God they feared and hoped to placate. The tattoo was used both as a weapon and a warning for anyone who cast their reckless gaze upon it for too long would know the curse of Ghatanathoa in fullness for themselves.
Only the Blessed Ones were able to exist within self-cocoon of the cursed state without completely losing their minds. They could use their mental powers to move about in close proximity to the God, offering it sacrifices freely and without much to loose. Others who became cursed, but who did not also undergo the rigorous psionic training, the tattooing, and the initiation into the forbidden rites of Ghatanathoa could not hope to survive, let alone remain sane for any length of time. Ovina’s folk had long ago learned to turn a curse into a Blessing, and use it to provide continued salvation to a World which knew naught of the price paid for it’s freedom.
Now the Blessed had come for her. Her Mother must have finally passed on. Ovina’s turn to serve was now upon her. The Blessed One came to claim her as their own. It sat there in the center of the room facing her, shedding a ruddy purple light from it’s chitinous carapace, silent and waiting for a response/surrender from Ovina.
The Blessed One's were powerful Psionicist’s who,(by virtue of their close proximity to Divinity no matter how vile it may be) had become privy to mysteries of the universe unknown to others. This made them the equal to any four adept Psychic’s who might have previously been considered their peers before receiving the Blessing.

Bjorbhodensia Hotel;

*A description of the Hotel at a glance and its surroundings* It is a six story building whose windows do not begin to open their lovely eyes upon the world until the third floor. The outer surface of the building on each side is graced at the fourth floor with flying buttresses which serve double duty as enclosed sky-walks just as in the hotel where you had spoken with Arales.
The windows themselves are undoubtably glass-steel. They are of a thickness and a strength which would make them resistant to all but the most violent attempts to penetrate them. Most are set into the mortar of the building in such a way that they may not be opened at all. Fourth floor and above suites may be opened from within. Picking them from without would penalize the rogue severely,(-30 to -35%) or worse. Many of the wide balconies of the fourth floor and above come equipt with their own defense mechanisms. The least and perhaps most overlooked of these would be the small spider-shaped, fist sized Golems which, during their mundane hours, serve to clean windows and ledges, might serve to attack unwary would-be thieves.
The building to the South is very interesting and it is joined to the Bjorbhodensia by no less than three skywalks, all on the fourth floor. It houses five floors of eating establishments of the finest sort for your dining pleasures. The top three floors of the entire building serves only dinner, nothing else, but someone seeking an unusual dinner will find dishes from all over the face of Ossval,(the world). The lower floors are sealed from the upper at the third floor to disallow the lower caste folk from mingling with their betters.
The building to the West across the street is joined to the Bjorbhodensia by a very narrow, very ancient sky-walk,(said to be among the very first ever to have been built in Guada). The West building houses the Dohryan State Astrological Observatory. It houses the largest optical telescope in the Acriun Empire, perhaps the World. The entire building is closed from the lower public, but open to tours for the upper caste.
The building to the North is The Grand Library of Guada, and it is connected with the Bjorbhodensia by two fourth floor skywalks. It houses six floors of rare texts, scrolls, volumes, tablets, disks, etc from as far back as the establishment of the first Acriun colonies in the Gamaeloch Archipelago. Some foreign scripts are said to be even older, though none of the rarer fragments are accessible to the lower public.
Lastly, to the East are the High Gardens of Guada. The entire building is a seven story hot-house, filled with rare plants from around the World, brought here for study by the Guadan Royal Academy of Alanzyr. The entire building, save for the floors themselves and selected structures, such as flying buttresses and supporting systems of the building, are composed of glass-steel. A tremendous expenditure of magic, money, and sweat was expended upon this magnificent structure.
The outer surface of the stone is dressed with thousands of tiny pictographs. Each pictograph was self-contained within a separating border which resembled rope or braided cord. Whether the pictographs were telling a distant story, a joke, or quietly insulting any who took the time to view them was unknown. All was writ in a language far beyond your ability to decipher without the aide of a scholar. No matter the meaning, the pictographs were deeply carven into the stone face of the building and they so festooned the building that they should provide even an average climber with some surface to work with.


A term used to define a group of thieves assigned to work under a single Handler.


The no-mans-land existing between the Kingdom of Dorganthun, the Fuedal States of Vooreez, and the Empire of Acrius. The last standing active temple of Zolek is said to reside there, as well as the site of an acient ruin which predates the Kingdom of Olgkesgor.


Named for it's coloration and for the ashes of the cloak of Matris which had wrapped the Orphaned Child, Niveus, then burned and whose ashes were hidden in ancient myths by Cinerus when she claimed Niveus as having been birthed as her own child. Cinerus is the Half-Forgotten Sister of Matris. She is said to tend lovingly to the Orphaned Child and grooms him for a future role of greatness which she aspires for him.
In fact and stark contrast to it's nearest neighbor, Cinerus is a world cloaked in perpetual shadows. The reflective quality of the planet is a poor 13% at best.
Cinerus is believed to be an "Earth" classed heavenly body with an unusually thick robust atmospheric layer surrounding it. The composition of this cloud layer defys all modern attempts at analysis.
With the recent advent of the use of the telescope, it has been possible for astronomers to view Cinerus under the visible light color spectrum, infrared, and also ultravisual spectrums.
The most recent findings of those involved in studies of Cinerus conclude that the planet itself produces enough heat to maintain an even 55 degrees farenheit globally all year round.
Speculations about this unusual phenomenon range widely and wildly and are not worth mentioning at this stage of the research being conducted by each of several reputable competing organizations.
One factor which many point to in their arguements against the existence of Cinerus' habitability is it's suggested size. It's gravity is thought to be crushing beyond the scope of what might accommodate Life.

Crimson Brotherhood, the;

An international syndicate whose primary sources of income are comprised of the following ventures, Assassinations, Treasury Heists, Kidnaping, Gambling, Prostitution, Slavery, and Smuggling.
These are beside the common sort of petty crimes the members of such an organization invariably commit between jobs.

Dacoit, Hilum;

Quartermaster of Arms and Equipment of the Ghet-Qua-Zui. A description of his appearqance follows; He is a red-headed Human, standing average height,(6 foot roughly) and is of solid build. He wears no facial hair and that which is upon his head is close-cropped in the manner of a military man or former one. His right forearm,(now folded across his left and chest) displays the top half of a fading blue line-drawing tattoo now that his shirt sleeve has been drawn up by the action. It shows the upper torso of a scantily clad amply buxom woman. He wears no weapons openly, but who can say what may lie further up the sleeve of his shirt?


A Sylvan Elven word which means,"Mortal/He/She who is most beloved of the God's". An ancient myth concerning the Daishad is recalled by the wandering minstrel, Shy Taog,"The “Beloved” are mentioned in misty tales of my nearly forgotten youth, told to me by my Grandmother Yhanna, long ago. One such tale I remember well enough had to do with an Elven Wanderer. He was marked with the eyes of the Blessed, and thus traveled throughout Acrius with the grace of the Forgotten Lords. He traveled from his hidden forest Land seeking wisdom in the cities of the Avariel Lords. He found them lacking not only wisdom, but he saw that they had no souls. They were the lost children of their Forgotten God’s, preyed upon by Demons and Devils who led them by the hand through their lives, and tortured them in their endless deaths. He sought to save them from themselves with words of peace, love, faith, and understanding. He was slain by them, in the Arena of Kurnahaen, for his failure to recognize Knavas as supreme, even under extreme duress... In so doing, they sealed their fate for a thousand years, for to kill one of the Beloved, is to bring upon you and your childrens children the wrath of the Forgotten Gods or so they say..."

Derimeedl, King;

Lord of the all of the Dwarven Holdings of Dorganthun, he is a patient enemy of Acrius. It was from his folk that the famed Ironholme Keep was wrested some few thousands of years ago, and the Dwarves would have it back again in time. As Acrius crumbles from within, the Dwarves count the years between themselves and revenge.


Ruled by Queen Michelaine Maragalen of the House of the Burning Rose.
From the central Isvik Mountain range to the shores of the Southern sea's.


The Dwarven nation which sits to the northeast of Acrius, far beyond the Bezel Mountains, and north of,"The Burn".


This race of enigmatic aquatic beings ruled both the islands of the Gamaloch archipeligo and the seas surrounding them for tens of thousands of years before the upstart Ydrenn of Acrius arrived in Illyandyr. The Dzeroth and Acriun fought a long and costly war of attrition from isle to isle with first Lorad falling to the Acriuns, then Chanchellis and the northern islands, then south into the heart of Dzeroth territory.
After almost a century of sporadic warfare, the Dzeroth and Acriuns made peace. By the terms of the Armarenth Treaty of 4,963 D.E. all of the surface land of the Gamaloch Archipeligo became the rightful territory of the Acriuns and the Dzeroth ruled the seas surrounding them with full rights to shipping tolls and tarriffs on all sea traffic. Acrius was obliged to enforce the collection of the tarriffs and tolls, and Dzeroth was charged with policing the waters.
Recently, rumor has it that Dzeroth has broken the treaty and invaded Lorad, sacked Kurnahaen, and slain or captured Emperor Atelos. This reports cannot be sustantiated presently.


This peninsula was recently liberated by the Kingdom of Dohrya during their war with the Hobgoblins of Jogan.
It was to be used as a buffer zone between the Goblin Kingdoms and the nation of Dohrya. Recently it was declared a potential Duchy, with five non-Avariel Knights being named to tame it’s vast wild reaches in order to make of it one.
Should they succeed, they will not only safeguard the soft under-belly of Dohrya once and for all, but they will have proven that folk of lesser birth are worthy of Noble Title as well.


Translates to,"the Order of the Ebon Orchid". An international syndicate of unguessable strength and proportion.
It is believed by some few who are aware of their existence that their's is an extensive organization which combines the structure of a world-wide rogue's network and the moral fiber of a fear inspired religion devoted to dark unmentionable ancient deities.
Their primary sources of income are thought to be derived from Assassinations, Protection Rackets, weapons/drug Smuggling, and Extortion.
So able has this organization been at keeping their presense unknown to local authorities,(or anyone for that matter) wherever they may be operating, that little in the way of information concerning them is available.
The Syndicate enjoys a rather high profile in Guada at the moment making it’s members prime targets of local law enforcement, rival syndicates, and merchants.
It was their leaders insistence upon working the city so harshly that led to their quick rise to power here in Guada.
Their vigorous attempts to squeeze the local citizenry have also caused a slow smouldering street war between itself and every powerful organization within the city.


The Gnomes of Illyander know niether King nor country of their own. They wander about as they will, doing what they want wherever and whenever they think it is best to do so. Safety is a major motive force behind their wanderlust but adventure too is important. If it becomes too hot somewhere, they hit the bricks and avoid it in their fast little house wagons. Mostly no one even knows they were there unless they pay close attention, have the acute senses of a dog, or the Guence's want you to see them. Guence cover their wagons in Permanent Illusions which mask sound and sight, plus tactile sensations and smells. Unless they run you over it's rather difficult to know they were there at all, and then the Guence will probably just make you think you were flipping your nut. These illusions are not all powerful and the too often better-than-adept Ydren can make them out if they exert themselves. The truth is, most Ydren pointedly ignore the Guence even if they do see them cloaked and they do so with such an air of arrogance befitting their high station that they can not help displaying their preference to the illusions over the ability to see them!

Hammet's Highway;

The main road leading East out of Guada which connects the city with her Northeastern province. It leads from Tolte's Ferry, Eastward across the province and on to the the base of the Endoso Penninsula where it divides quickly into a small network of dirt tracks. The road was commissioned by General Hammet Roekul in 12,882 following the aftermath of the first wave of Jhogun raids. General Roekul used the road to place his troops on a fast route to reinforce the frontier and resupply them efficiently. His road took a little over one year to complete and cost several hundreds of thousands of gold coins but it is considered wel worth the price. Jhogun possessed no major roads of their own which could compete with the quality of Hammet's Highway, and thus they were slowly forced out of the penninsula over the course of the next fews years following it's completetion.
The construction of the Highway is credited with saving Dohrya from losing the Northeastern province, and with the recent aquisition of the fifth province of Dohrya, Endoso.


A small farming village, about two hours ride to the East of Guada.


The roads of Acrius are it's arteries and veins. They transport the lifeblood of the Empire and her nations to and from every constituent part right down to the last set of muddy ox cart ruts leading to a tiny three house hamlet in the hills. The most vital avenues of this vast network of roads are composed of twenty foot long ten foot wide, five foot thick slabs of granite or basalt cut from the foothills of the nearest range. The surface is left rough enough for good traction, and when it is worn smooth by the passage of commerce, industry, and individual dreams, it is roughed again with chisel bars, sledge, and pick.
The roads are maintained by the Bureau of Transportation. They employ a vast series of chain gangs composed of humans, gnomes, and elves whose sole purpose is to chip the road, cut the brush in the ditches, gather the wastes which are deposited at roadside, sweeping the roads clean, etc. The gangs are composed of a score of men chained ankle to ankle, dressed only in red loincloths with red turbans upon their heads. They remain bare chested and unshod in all weather, rain, snow, or shine. The overseers are mostly human regular troops, armed with repeating crossbows, gladius, and clubs. The ratio is 2 guards per chain and one Ydren in the air per chain watching the guards and everything else.

A Hegemony of Kuo Toan's on the continent of Erdel. They were defeated in their attempt to invade the continent of Ulvoyn at the battle of the Leth Lohn Archipelago on the Isle of Ouik. The ruler of this Kingdom is said to be the living Avatar of the wretched Goddess Blibdoolploop. The Hrabbakans were once believed to be in league with the Titans of Naerth but it is unclear whether they still maintain ties to them or not following the disasterous war with the Thirteen Kingdoms of Western Ulvoyn.

Drow Elven name for the race known as,"Bugbears" by humans. It directly translates to "filthy spawn of Hruggek". Imoel;

God of Chance, change, and free will. Recently it was discovered that his potent chaotic powers had been artificially inflated by a dark,"better-remained-nameless" deity. He has since been renounced by many of his formerly loyal worshippers though some fanatcially faithful few hold his name as sacred yet. His powers are now considerably diminished but may one day be renewed as the faithful work to pave a way for his return to greatness.
Despite the loss of his supernatural crutch, Imoel remains a force to be rekoned with in Ossval. He retains pockets of utterly loyal follwers throughout the world.

Isvik Mountains;

The range which separates Dohrya form Norendel and Mundheim. There are many passes to be found through this Sylvan Elven infested land, though most might cost the traveler a hefty bounty for passage. Numerous burial sites of the Sylvan folk are to be found here as rock piles overlooking deep valleys and seemingly endless woods.


Grand Druid of Ossval. A lady of Sylvan Elven descent, Ithos has figured largely in balancing several precarious events of recent history. Like a dancer spinning too fast, reality has leaned too far one way, been corrected, then leaned to far in the opposite direction. Now the dancer can barely stand, and still Ithos is sent to correct her missteps...


As Ithos is to the way of Balance, Jared is to path of absolute Chaos. A now possibly martyred but ever a controversial figure, Jared is a devoted Priest-Mage and Saint of the God Imoel.
He has been sought by the authorities of Acrius for centuries. This mysterious figure has been known to appear in odd places, generate great discontent in the common folk inhabitants of a place, and leave costly rebellions brewing in his wake.
Though it is scantly rumored that he perished in the no-mans-land separating Acrius from Dorganthun on some world shaking mission, this remains but a rumor. No witnesses have come forth as yet...


The Kingdom immediately to the East of Dohrya, past the Endoso Pennisisula. Jogan ruled the Endoso Peninsula until recently, when it was lost in a 6 year campaign for domination of this strategic land.
The population of this Kingdom is estimated to number well above 4 million, and is comprised of a variety of Goblinoid breeds, Ogres, Trolls, and rogue Giants.
At present news from the region has it that the Kingdom is unoffically supporting military engagements, primarily small raiding attacks, upon a newly built Keep located at the center of the Endoso Penninsula.
The five Dohyrian Knights of this Keep are the first non-Avariel to be granted noble title in the history of Acrius. Should these Knights fail to seize control of the penninsula and make of it a Duchy in time, it is feared that Jogan will regain their former holdings and renew their practice of atritive warfare in Dohrya's more profitable outer provinces.

Khalamshan of Mohorhator;

A Vooreez Ninja, tutor to ha'Tsell. A quote from Khalamsham to ha'Tsell went something like this,"If they bleed, no matter the color or form of humor, then they can surely be made to die. And if they do not bleed they may yet be slain. With constructs, artifices, and configurations of manipulative force, there is always the signature of the sender. A certain something with which the creator endows his beloved arcane offspring. It is telling, and can signal the waning life of the invocation as surely as a fountain of mortal blood." With the caster in question above the signature was darkness, hue, color, all of the varying shades of night...


A small farming village to the West of Haugen. Recently, the sleepy village has suffered a fierce terrorist attack in the name of the Cult of some ancient unspeakable Deity. A crazed fireball hurling Wizard was responsible for the whole affair, according to the reports given by villagers to the Sherrif of Calidorn County. Half of the town was burned to the ground, and the other half was barely saved from the same fate by two unknown bowmen who are still being sought for questioning.

Knavas, the Justice-bringer;

Knavas is the state religion of Acrius. Open worship of any God other than Knavas is harshly suppressed by the Empire. This faith sprang up some 1,280 years ago, and was first introduced to the Empire by Atelos himself. It's most powerful center of control is on the Isle of Lorad.
Several of the member Kingdoms of the Empire have refused openly to support the spread of the worship of Knavas in their lands. They prefer instead to remain openly Goddless while some might be covertly supporting pet religions under the table. The rulers of Awhles, Norendel, and Dohrya have been the most adamant and outspoken opponents of this relatively new religion.


Priest Psionicists of the Sky God Knavas. They remain but a rumor, though a potent enough one to create a great deal of superstition with regards to them. They are thought to worm their way into the thoughts of the faithless and turn their minds eyes to "Him". If they do exist, no one has survived an encounter with one to speak of it.


Priest Mages of the Sky God, Knavas. They are called the keen hawkish eyes of Knavas. They seek to learn all things which might have otherwise remained secret with regards to the citizenry of Acrius, namely their comings, goings, and doings.
They dress in brown silk robes tied with a red sash about the waist. They are marked by a figurative eye shaped pendant, usually gold set with a single piece of clear flat cut quartz.
They are known to favor poisoned weapons,(often hallucinagens or paralyzing nerve agents) these being hollow glass/steel daggers with handles which act as plungers, much like a modern syringe gone horribly wrong.
They are rumored to own and maintain vast repositiorys of arcane lore dealing with the arts of Necromancy, Charm, and Illusion. Only these virtuous few of Acrius' citizens may use such banned magics. This ultimately being the will of Knavas.


Warrior Priest’s of the Sky God Knavas. They are called the blessed wings of Knavas. They strive ceaselessly to carry "His" wisdom to all corners of the Empire, whether it is welcome there or not.


The Priest Thieves of the Sky God, Knavas. They are the acute owlish ears of Knavas. Always non-descript, these devilishly cunning individuals have been the death of many a Thieves Guild or Rebellious cult and faction.
Their tireless mission being to seek out the enemies of the state, enter the body of their many foe's organization, and destroy it from within.


Capitol of the Acriun Empire. Located on the Isle of Lorad. This is the largest and wealthiest center of trade in all of Western Illyander. Trade has been established through this mighty sea-port with four neighboring continents and the fabulous riches of these distant lands pours into Kurnahaen daily.
Being the center of government for one of the most powerful Empires in the world, Kurnahaen's streets are choked with people seeking the means to gain the ear of some official or another. The National Arballet Academy and the Empire's first Abakzor Academy are both located here.
The steps leading to the Grand Temple of Knavas,(a huge complex of basalt constructed on the Eastern face of Mount K'Taern) are to be found by pious seekers of truth and justice beginning on the Western edge of the city.
This broad set of stairs is set at a forty degree angle, and the steps themselves are deliberately constructed in such a way that only a person of truly gigantic proportion might hope to mount them in a comfortable stride. Each step is three feet deep and three feet high, forcing the pious to scramble as they climb the mile long,"Path of Justice..." in order to reach the Temple itself.
The majestic Adros Colleseum sits very near to the Eastern side of the city. It's arena is said to be 360 feet in diameter, and the seating capacity of the stands was once counted to hold 40,000 + spectators. It enjoys regular daily attendance, as two shows per day are offered freely for the public. Three paid shows are offered on weekdays and these general draw crowds of 75 to 80% of the capacity of the colleseum.
The city itself is all of brown basalt. The center of the city itself shows the typical 5 and six story tall buildings with their businesses and shops at the top and bottom floors and each floor in between serving as crammed living quarters.
In the misty dew-dappled distance, out of reach of the common lower caste Human, Elven, and Gnomish peasants are hundreds of Y'dren villas cut into the surrounding hillsides.

Lorad, Isle of;

The Isle of Lorad is located off of the West coast of the continent of Illyander. It is of volcanic origin and relatively young in geologic terms. Black sand beaches frame in the tropic palm forests covering the majority of the island. On the East coast of the Isle is the capitol of the Acriun Empire itself, Kurnahaen.
With the exception of Kurnahaen itself, the remainder of the Isle is the private preserve of His Imperial Lordship, Atelos. It is said that any person fool enough to be caught tresspassing or poaching within the pristine forests of the Emperor quickly find themselves cast into the arena slave pits there to fight for the entertainment of the capitol's sycophantic populace.

Marcovi, Anthloitus;

Guildmaster of the Ghet-Qua-Zui.

Marcovi, Hurichul;

Younger brother of Anthloitus and Chief Luetenant of the Ghet-Qua-Zui guild.

Margalen, Michelaine;

Queen of the Kingdom of Dohrya. She young among her royal peers, but all would agree that she is considered fair, kind, wise, and shrewed.


A Human name for the Y'dren which is of ancient origin and showing less than due respect to them as a race. It is a word closely related in pronunciation to the Human word for Vulture, Moh’Sharir. It is a considerably impolite and derogitory racial slur to refer to a Y'dren as a Moh'Shahr. Some Y'dren would consider being called this a dishonor worth killing over.

Nahyor, Arales;

Suspected Cell commander of the Ghet-Qua-Zui. The following a brief description of his appearance; His gray and black hair is cropped short in a military style which might also be convenient for someone accustomed to wearing wigs often. Not tall, he is only 5 foot six inches in height. His build is medium. He wears dark grey cotton or silk robes common of the folk of the city, tied with a black sash. A two foot long black lacquered club is often wedged loosely between this sash and the man. Recently he has acquired a drug habit, and one might find him smoking a fair amount of Opium on any given day.


Sylvan term describing those who are the,"Stewards of the Land" or "Druids" for lack of a better word. The much respected and revered Y'dren Alanzyr, Chorlys, was heard to utter this name once, and the assistant who observed him doing so said of Chorlys,"...that he spoke this last name with a great deal of superstitious excitement was quite evident, and cautious was he also, as if the Nech’Thys were possessed of forces which would make even the mightiest and most learned of Y'dren tremble with fear..."

Night Shades;

The primary areas of income for this international syndicate include Forgery, Fencing, Drugs, and Protection Rackets.
The ongoing street war has cost them a good portion of their former territory within the city and smaller unaffiliated Guilds have sprung up to fill the voids thus created. They are thought to be in the process of reconsolidating their former holdings in favor of open fighting with their opposition. This has cost them some dearly in the way of respect.


It's name is derived from it's appearance, snowy white. It is also known loosely as the Orphaned Child of Planets. The myths of ancients describe Niveus as being abandoned by Matris and set adrift in the sea of stars after she was raped by her evil insane half-brother, Mactabilis.
These same myths state that Niveus was adopted by Cinerus as her own birthed child. The duty assigned Niveus by Abbatis is that of defending the frontiers of the Shell System, and of tending and maintaining the integrity of the Crystal Shell itself.
Most distant and remote of worlds, Niveus is yet bright and visible throughout the Shell System from the surface of the other worlds with a few obvious exception. It's reflective quality approaches an amazing 90% and this accounts for it's outstanding clarity.
Nearly any astronomer worth his salt would agree that Niveus is a lifeless ball of ice, most probably methane hydrates. Only a few scholars,(widely considered the leading crack-pots in their chosen fields) would attempt to posit that Niveus might support some form of bizarre life.
Niveus is a Class "F" planet, but there is some arguement as to whether it is classified an Earth or Water based Planet, with Mages of both schools claiming away the other. The estimated average daily temperature of the surface of the planet is believed to be at least 280 degrees below zero F.


An infamous Zardanian Noble International-Playboy Wizard. His race is Drow.


The name of the Nation which once,(2,000+ years hence) commanded the Basin of the same name prior to Acriun invasion. Acrius bloodlessly overthrew Olgkesgor following centuries of engendering increasing dependance upon Acriun mercenarys to fend off her neighbors; Soglil, Dorganthun, and Vooreez. The alliance eroded gradually over 2 centuries, leaving the former Human rulers of Olgkesgor to serve as virtual serfs in service to their former allies and mercenaries, the Avariel of Acrius from that time til present. Recently, rumors have surfaced that the God's of Olgkesgor have been reawakened by the woeful pagen Priests who still faithfully revere them in dread secret places throughout the Empire. These Priests believe that the time has come for realization of a legend concerning "the" heir to the throne of Olgkesgor returning from beyond the ages to reclaim Olgkesgor from the thieves,(Acriun's) who stole her. The family name of the old Kings of Olgkesgor has long since been forgotten, or so it is thought, and has not been mentioned in any version of the legends surrounding this heir. According to the legend/myth, the heir will come up from the lowliest caste of Acrius, seizing the Heart of the "People/darkness/Souless-One", then he/she will employ it to raise a vast army of unliving things and demons/unclean-beings/soul-devourers to scorge "His" lands clean of Elven filth. 200 years of war will follow his rise to power. The Elven Kingdoms of Acrius are first broken apart and turned one against the other. Following this relatively brief time of self-destructive introspection and isolation what remains of the Elven Kingdoms will band together for one last,(presumably fated to fail) attempt to hold their ground against an overwhelming tide of Evil. Some place this last stand on the Isle of Lorad. Others name Ironholme Keep, high in the Bezel Mountains east of Arkemenos. Some say the battleground has no name. What follows this doomed stand are a series of hopeless battles by the nations of the rest of the World as they each in their turn fall prey to the swollen hungry hordes of Olgkesgor. The different versions of the myth begin to diverge at this point. Some say it is the beginning of the end of the World, others hold that it is but one battle in three before the "End". All make liberal mention of something known as,"The Heart of Nhv'de'Tydyn". When translated, the ancient word means heart of darkness/souless-one/people or true/unwatered-blooded-men for a layman to get much closer to the correct usage, and scholars of Olgkesgor would likely find difficulty in determining it's true meaning.

Prismatic Moth;

A small golem-like automaton, highly magical, extremely deadly, rare, and ironically beautiful. They are used to set the chaotic stage for a full blown Demonic mating ritual, held on the Prime Material Plane. Mortals are often unaware that this is the purpose of the bloody carnage left in the wake of this small devices passage, but there you have it. At completely random intervals of 4 to 12 segments, the device releases a flash of blinding prismatic vorpal light beams which cut to shreds any living beings caught in the ten yard diameter kill-zone radius, save at -4. Demon's are immune to the effect, of course.
The following is a small excerpt from an eyewitness account of one such ritual,"...a brilliant blue-white light flashed blinding everyone who was looking in the direction of the butterfly. At the same instant the true effect of the light was shone. Everyone in the 10 yards diameter field of destruction had been cut by beams of Vorpal Light into six inch thick or thinner slabs of quivering bleeding flesh. There were no survivors.
Blood fountained into the air following the brilliant flash. It was as if in this 30 foot diameter sphere that it were snowing blood like some fierce blizzard from the Abyss. And truly, anyone surviving to witness this gory display would mark the origin of the device to be none other than from the very vilest depths of the Planes of Evil Chaos".


A member of a religious order devoted to the firsthand personal defense of the person of Royalty.

Sybryn Inn;

A four-star inn near the corner of Latham Street and the Grand Processional Way. It's owner is Tobius Bickford. The place is known for it's clean and economically priced rooms. It boasts a banquet hall capable of accommodating up to 160, an adjoining quaint tavern at it's rear, and has a modest number of rooms,(80).


An Alchemist of middling ability selling reasonably effective wares. He is thought to have ties with the Ghet-Qua-Zui though this remains unproven for a fact.

Tolte's Ferry;

Tolte's Ferry is the primary approach to Guada from the East. Arrving there from the East one would witness a great spectacle of stone pillars set attop with great cog-wheels through which is drawn a huge length of superiorly strong alloyed steel chain. Upon arrival a passenger would be required to present their papers and if all were in order they'd be towed across the river on barges linked together in a continuous circling line of chains powered by the God's only knew what motive force. The massive chain itself is alloyed ever so slightly with some of the abundant dread black mithril which has been circulating in Northern Dohrya these days.
The ground begins to slope slightly before it reaches the great bare grassy earthen cliff which serves as an approach to Tolte's Ferry from the East. Here and there great brows of limestone jut from the face of the cliff at angry angles creating perches for falcons. The road adjusts, see sawing back and forth across the face of the cliff to lessen the effort of surmounting this sudden obstacle.
The river beyond strecthes out a mile wide before your startled eyes. Broad rivers often move ponderously and this one does indeed. As the Gnomish Gypsies,(Guence as they are called in Acrius) would say,'Angtana is in no particular rush to get anywhere. She knows where she's going and getting there is nothing that needs hurried up.'
Arriving at the river bank one witnesses the wide stone pier landing. It is set about five feet above the flood waters, and is composed mostly of a series of slabs set like balconies over looking one another and all in their turn over Angtana.'
Each balcony could support three wagons end to end or a long wagon and a team of twelve good horses before it. The magic of the landing is that as the Ferry's come and go, the balconies slide themselves down the face of the cliff and rotate in front of it, allowing the people aboard them to enter and exit as they wish. There is a definite order to the procession of the morphing stone balconies and it is all dependant upon where the waiting would-be ferried would fit aboard the barges most efficiently.
Restricting access to the escalating balconies is a great tall and wide stone archway of locally quarried limestone. 60 feet tall and broad, carved copiously with excessively redundant yet artful warnings about the neccessity of promptly presently the proper paperwork to the policing people prior to requesting permission to pass:) Attop the whole affair is a parapet upon which is perched a well shaded pompous political prop. The minor lordling only rarely looks down upon the ants who plod beneath him most days, but today he is scanning the crowd of potential passers with a percision bordering on paranoia...
The truest Human pronunciation of the ancient word, Olgkesgor. Olgkesgor is the pronunciation used by Y'dren today when referring to the Udkesgor Basin. Olgkesgor, when translated properly, means conquered-land. Udkesgor means prideful-land. The change in usuage is not lost on either the Y'dren or their virtual slaves.


A rather seedy pawn broker whose business is located in the lower central district of the city of Guada.


The Human lands to the north of the Khoronhel Mountains. according to the common knowledge of Acrius, the Voor's are said to be extremely xenophobic people and practice ritual slayings or ethnic purges which are said to cleanse the blood-lines of lesser and impure strains of the Human race.
In fact the Voors are very ethnocentric and xenophobic. They do purge their gene stock frequently. They limit trade with the outside world to an absolute trickle. Occassionally one might meet a traveler or mercenary from Vooreez but it is a rare occurance and not openly advertised by the individual if they know what is best for them.

Wanted Posters;

As a side note, wanted posters in Acrius are used frequently. They often display a hand-rendered likeness of the individual and/or a written discription of them. They are glued to walls, posts, trees, etc, with a glue made from fish.

Xayns, Duchy of;
It is the southeastern Duchy of the Kingdom of Awhles, which is ruled by the House of the Golden Lion. It is just to the south of the Duchy of Gyron, and East of the Duchy of Enhing.

The species known generally as plasmoids. There are several different races among the plasmoid species including Ontalak's, Del'Noric, De'Gleash, Shoggoth, and others less well known and far less pleasant beings. The Xexis as a whole revere Juiblex as their supreme deity. He in turn answers their beseeching with unusual frequency.

The World Emperor of the twenty-eighth dynasty of Naerth, and the Drow Lord responsible for the enslavement of Sorvalion and his army of exiled Demons. Xiltyn is the last Emperor of the,"Susoloth Ultr'qu'ellar",(Stellar Dynasty).
Xiltyn was assassinated by rivals shortly after his personal armada of ships arrived on Ossval. All agreed that he had brought upon the Drow a doom from which they would be hard pressed to survive. Here at least on Ossval, amongst backward savage tribes and in the luxurious company of their eternal slaves, the Drow might know some measure of peace in which to rebuild the,"Susoloth Ultr'qu'ellar".


Is the name commonly used when describing any member of the Avariel or winged Elven Race. They are they upper caste of Acrius, and all other races comprise the lower caste.


The title refers to a person who is an Acriun Royal Investigator. In most cases they will be Y'dren, but there are some few un-pure-blooded who've earned the title. Y'Tyn, like most officers of the Law, are equipt with a badge, a pair of shackles for restraint, and sometimes even a warrant if they are particularly interested in being thorough.

A long dead culture of primitive Fire Giant tribes once ruling the entirity of the Eaz Valley some 20,000 odd years ago. They were slowly bred out by Trolls until both races merged and became the Giant Trolls of Mrogyt today.

Zeck, Schoon;
The reigning King of the Kingdom of Nank. Nank is located in Western Ulvoyn and is a member state of the Zardanian Empire.
Schoon Zeck is both dull witted and easily controlled. His temper is weak. The last three Emperors of Zardan have ruled him easily and absolutely as if Schoon were a mere formality. And that is exactly what he is to the Zardanians.


Lord and God of Law, Justice, and Human Purity. He believes in the purity and supremity of mankind as a race above all others, particularly over Y'dren Elves. He is a God of War and encourages his worshippers to undertake holy jihad in his name frequently. Much as Zolek professes to be a God of Justice and Law, his willingness to use crime and other injustices in order to reinstate himself in the Land's of Udkesgor,(Olgkesgor) has drawn great and damaging scepticism from many quarters,(even from within the ranks of his own worshippers). Faith in Zolek continues to increase daily despite his many detractors as he holds the promise of a new beginning and waves the banner of ancient glory with a frightful enthusiasm.